3 Steps To Resolve 99% Of Problems With Oxygen Builder

Authored By: James LePage
Published On: July 31, 2020

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OK, we're not being exactly truthful with our title, but these three steps will resolve most of the problems that you encounter with Oxygen Builder.

You're probably ending up on this article because we've linked to it in Facebook or Reddit. If that's your case, chances are running through these three steps will resolve your issue. If it doesn't, reach out to us via our contact form or in the comments section (this helps SEO) of this post and we'll try our best to help you out.

Pro tip: If you're in a time crunch, skip to Step 1 using the table of contents to the left, and then skip to Step 3 as that is the most common way to resolve problems on Oxygen Builder.

The Problems That These Steps Fix

These steps fixes many common problems with the Oxygen Builder:

  • Sections, content, and other components not showing up on the front end of your Oxygen website.
  • Layouts and structures appearing broken or unstyled on the front end of your website.
  • Anything having to do with a broken appearance on the front end of an Oxygen Builder website.

Step 1: Back Everything Up

Before messing around with any of these steps, we recommend backing up your entire website, files and database included. To do this, we will backup our database using a plugin like WP Database Backup and our site using a plugin like All in One Migrate or Updraft.

DO NOT skip this step. If you ruin your database, and there's no backup you'll be left with nothing, and need to rebuild your website from scratch.

If you have a backup of your database/website and something goes wrong, you can just restore the old version.

Step 2: Clear the Oxygen CSS Cache

First, we're going to clear the Oxygen CSS cache and see if that resolves your issue. In our experience, it doesn't, but it's an officially recommended method, so we're including it in this article.

Oxygen has a CSS cache to speed up your initial page rendering times, and sometimes this can cause styling issues.

You can easily regenerate this cache by going to the page at: Oxygen > Settings > CSS Cache.

Then just click the big “regenerate” button.

After clearing your browser cache (or just use a private browser window), navigate to the front end of your site and see if your issue has been resolved. If not, and that's usually the case for us, you'll need to re sign your Oxygen short codes.

Step 3: Resign Oxygen Shortcodes

This too is very easy, but it comes with a warning:

Re signing your Oxygen shortcodes can corrupt the database, which is why you must follow Step 1, which is back up your entire website, database included, before doing anything like this.

Once the website is backed up, navigate to Oxygen > Settings > Security.

Under “Save changes”, click the sign all shortcodes link.

On this page, first check off that you have made a complete backup of the site, and then select the post types that you would like to resign shortcodes for.

Typically, you only need to select page or posts for this process, as those are the content types that are impacted by migrations and other things that cause structural problems with the Oxygen site.

Click the start short code signing process, and you'll be greeted with a log of all the posts that have had their shortcodes resigned. Once the process is finished, navigate to the front end version of the content type, and your problem should be resolved.

This step is the one that fixes the majority of these type of issues with the Oxygen Builder.

Step 4: Bonus!

There are three additional bonus steps that we're going to add to this article as they have helped us out of a couple situations in the past.

First, clearing your general WordPress cache if you have one is a great way to fix many common issues, such as updated content not showing on the front end of your website.

You can read this article about clearing your cache for more information: https://isotropic.co/what-does-reset-your-cache-actually-mean/

Second, updating all pages and posts has resolved several issues with Oxygen Builder content not applying to the front end of our website in the past. You could do this by manually opening every single page and clicking the Big Blue update button in the Gutenberg editor, or you could save yourself a lot of time and:

  1. Go to screen options at the top of the posts/pages admin page.
  2. Set it to as many posts as you’ve got (or as many as your server can handle).
  3. Bulk select all content items.
  4. Select “edit” under the bulk actions dropdown.
  5. Making no changes, click “update” under the “quick edit” interface.
Managing Content Easily With Quick Edit – GenerateWP

Third, flushing permalinks can also help with common issues that you'll face. This is done by going to the Settings permalinks page, and clicking the blue save button.

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