7 Fresh Innovative Examples of Single Page Web Design

By Melissa Mauro
 on March 22, 2021
Last modified on January 9th, 2022

7 Fresh Innovative Examples of Single Page Web Design

By Melissa Mauro
 on March 22, 2021
Last modified on January 9th, 2022

Single-page website design has long ceased to be simple. If earlier such sites looked like a usual business card, today the design surpasses ordinary sites in its originality. What features are trendy this year in SPA development?

To learn about trends, it will be better to look at everything in action. To do this, you will get acquainted with 7 sites that demonstrate innovative single-page design solutions.

Single Page Site: What Is It and Its Benefits

As the name implies, such a site consists of one page and does not have a branched structure. Information on such sites can be viewed by scrolling up, down, or right and left. The advantages of such sites are:

  • Low cost of creation.
  • Mobile-friendliness and ease of use from mobiles.
  • The ability to create a unique design.
  • The more accurate concentration of the user's attention.

Initially, the purpose of creating such sites was to promote and sell a specific product or service. But the design world does not stand still, and today you can find delightful one-page sites that surpass the usual. If you need proof, then look at 7 sites that will not leave your creative nature indifferent.

Top 7 Fresh and Innovative Examples of Single Page Design

The trends in web design of the next year are gaining momentum very quickly and it is possible to reveal an outdated design with the naked eye. Today it is trendy to use rich and bright color schemes. Also, the duplex technique, which is especially relevant for rebranding is welcome this year. Despite the use of bright colors, soft, multi-tone gradients can be traced as well. With all this, the beloved minimalism is also appropriate.

More and more emphasis is being placed on extraordinary photography with a touch of brutalism. And even retro style is gaining momentum today. All this seems to be not very compatible in theory, but it looks very harmonious in the finished picture. Can't imagine all that? The following examples will demonstrate the main directions that are relevant this year.


The main trend of 2021 is undoubtedly the use of 3D. The popularity is explained by the fact that there are easy-to-use and even free tools (Figma) for creating 3D. If you look at this site of a Spanish company, the emphasis is on the graphic design of the site. Bright colors, animations, and 3D make the design of this site stylish and not trivial in the post-era of minimalism.

BLDR Boards

Integrating 90s style into web design is a real contender for the most creative use of retro style. This is a combination of something familiar to many but alien to young people. Will this trend become mainstream? Most likely in certain niches, yes.

The design of this site above perfectly reflects the fact that retro style can be applied to anything. By the way, in addition to the old-school accent, pay attention to the animation. We can safely say that this site demonstrates many trends that do not immediately catch the eye due to the bright emphasis on retro style.

Les Snoros

This site is an excellent example of “hand-made style web design”. Something is alluring about this mix of contradictions. Here the computer-style overlaps with the effect of handwork. This will help to create a kind of coziness for the site, but not to deprive it of its modernity.

This design looks freer and less formal. Perhaps this design is so popular with modern users because of the pandemic. Look for fonts that are very carefully crafted to give the impression that they are drawn by hand. As mentioned, this site is an example of a mix of contradictions.

Upstate Laundromat

This site is a perfect example for those who prefer simplicity. The use of blue, white, and red colors looks great in the context of this solution. The accuracy of the illustrations leads users to the arsenal of services.

Also notice that there is a clear call to action that helps the visitor know where the company is located. The simplified design looks very interesting and undoubtedly a must-do for sites of on-demand services niche.

We Ain’t Plastic

The design of this site is a great example of minimalism and a cool combination of a full-screen image and a hamburger menu. Pay attention to the color scheme, which is striking in its simplicity of perception and how it complements the integrity of the entire design.

When scrolling, site visitors receive all the necessary information, which is perceived as an acquaintance with a cup of coffee in a cozy atmosphere. This presentation of their services is not intrusive but very impressive.

Weinbau Strenger

This site is proof that a one-page site is suitable for any niche. This wine site features excellent typography, but it also follows business style. Personal content is never too much for brand presentation and this site perfectly demonstrates that.

Also, pay attention to the ease of website usage. To get more content, the user just needs to scroll the page. But there is also the menu at the top of the screen for those who like to click.


Perhaps this is one of the best examples of websites for the restaurant industry. The design here is relatively simple, but everything looks very stylish, without fuss and frills. But the design of the site copes with its task, namely, it makes the user want to book a table.

A clean background makes it easy for users to navigate the site. Also, this site is a great example of how you can take orders on a one-page site. Therefore, be sure to take on board the design insights from this business.

The Bottom Line

Today is not the time to stand still and this is directly related to the single-page site design. Modern web design blurs every line between art, user experience, functionality, and engagement. And all this applies to a site that consists of one page. It may not be an easy task to use new trends, but it is very exciting!

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3 years ago

Hello, to me 3 of them are beautiful designs. My question is why do you call them one-page website when they have menus with a lot of links to other pages? Thanks

2 years ago

Thank u for the innovations u provided here. The page design is simple but nice .

Nelly Cook
Nelly Cook
2 years ago
Reply to  NellyCook

Thank u for the innovations u provided here. The page design is simple but nice . I foubd here lots of great tips advice which will make my page more adorable

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