A Look At JetMenu, The Best Way Add Mega Menus To Elementor

By James LePage
 on January 25, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

A Look At JetMenu, The Best Way Add Mega Menus To Elementor

By James LePage
 on January 25, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

JetMenu is the best and most powerful way to add a mega menu to your yellow website. Created by Crocoblock, this integrates with a massive ecosystem of plugins created specifically to extend Elementor. In this article, we're going to take a look at the features, pricing, competing plugins, and more to give you a good overview of what JetMenu has to offer.


JetMenu is one of 18 standalone plugins that are offered by Crocoblock, and can be purchased by itself or within a larger bundle pack. Because its premium, one has to expect that it offers a ton of features when it comes to creating menus with the Elementor and Elementor pro page builder. And, from our testing, this is exactly the case. If you're looking for a solid way to create incredible mega menus, desktop versions, standalone mobile versions, and essentially anything to do with the yellow menu management system (and displaying it to your front end visitors), JetMenu was created specifically for you. Let's take a look at the specific features that JetMenu has to offer.


TLDR: Easily Make Mega Menus In Elementor

The main feature here is that it allows you to create nice dropdown menus that you can then populate with any content accessible to you in the read page builder. So, if you're trying to create a mega menu with custom content in Elementor, JetMenu is the plugin that enables you to do that.

A few ideas spring to mind:

  • Easily display WooCommerce products in a dropdown menu
  • Show recent blog posts on any page that has a mega menu created by JetMenu
  • Have a drop down contact form , meaning visitors don't need to Click to another page to get in touch (this may help increase your websites conversions)
  • Have multi level mega menus that have a ton of content. You see this type of implementation on many larger news websites, and now you can do it on your own Elementor website
  • of course, there are a ton of other things that you can do with JetMenu and Elementor together, as it essentially allows you to create a page within a page, dropping down from your main WordPress menu.

Another major feature in selling point of the JetMenu plugin is the responsive aspect of things. You can create a beautiful desktop mega menu, but if it isn't responsive, Google will penalize you for that and your users will have a bad time on your site. Luckily, JetMenu takes this into account and easily creates responsive versions of the mega menu for you. You can then edit them as need be, creating hamburger toggles, full screen overlays, and more.

In addition to creation, there are other widgets that the JetMenu plugin adds to Elementor. These are perfect if you want to extend the functionality of your headers and footers. For example, there are several search bar widgets, Bread crumbs, social media icons, and more.

There are a ton of presets and 120 styling options, though this is made easy to use via a well designed back end interface.

Let's now take a look at how you actually use JetMenu to create mega menus in Elementor.

This is a unique tool in that it integrates specifically with the yellow menu creation system, and uses a stripped down version of the Elementor page builder to create the specific dropdown menus. So, you are utilizing a familiar drag and drop builder, while also having a central place to manage your menus (which happens to be the native yellow menu tab). The design and workflow of this JetMenu plugin is actually ingenious, and works very well for somebody who has no experience in WordPress, and Agencies and experts alike.

Enabling JetMenu settings

First, you enable the functionality in the back end WordPress menu system.

Content block

Then, you have access to the various settings that JetMenu has to offer. The main thing here is that we enable the mega sub menu, and then edit the mega menu content by clicking on the big “edit” button.

This will initialize a pop-up of the Elementor builder directly on your screen, where you can create the structure of the mega menu dropdown. Because you're utilizing an already familiar tool, creating a mega menu with JetMenu is very easy.

Vertical Menu block

Once that's done, we can then just make a few additional changes by cycling through the tabs that JetMenu has to offer, and then publish our megamenu live on the Elementor website.


For the features that JetMenu brings to your Elementor website, pricing is very reasonable. It starts at $24.00 for this single plugin, that's a yearly single site license, or $49.00 per year for unlimited sites. There's also the option to purchase it in the plugin set, which we will discuss more when talking about the Crocoblock ecosystem.

Our favorite aspect of working with Crocoblock is that there is a 30 day money back guarantee, meaning that you can try the plugin out for yourself, and if it doesn't work out you can simply get a refund.


There's no secret that there are many different megamenu creation plugins for yellow, but the JetMenu offering is the only one specifically created for ready users. It allows you to utilize the Elementor builder to create the specific dropdowns, giving you complete flexibility over what you create.

It's also one of the cheapest out there, and requires absolutely no knowledge of code, which all of the other alternatives do. If you would like to see the complete comparison between JetMenu and the four major competitors, click this button:

The Crocoblock Ecosystem

As we discussed in the pricing section of the JetMenu plugin, you can purchase this as a standalone offering or in a larger pack of all of the plugins. This is what we call the Crocoblock ecosystem, and it's designed to work together with additional elements to create the best editing experience possible. Essentially, when you get a bundle from Crocoblock, and install all of their various plugins on your Elementor website, the only limitation in terms of what you can create is whatever is technically possible with JavaScript, CSS, and PHP in 2021.

So, when reviewing any plugin created by Crocoblock, we definitely need to mention this ecosystem effect, as it multiplies the power as well as the value of your purchase.

Should You Buy?

We wholeheartedly recommend going for this plugin if you need to add mega menus to your Elementor website. This is the best method possible (in terms of functionality, pricing, and ease of use) if you need to offer this complex but helpful functionality to your customers.

JetMenu is well designed, well supported, and created by a reputable plugin development company that is specifically focused on Elementor. We’ve used JetMenu for many of our agency projects, and always had a good time in terms of workflow efficiency and creating what needed to be made.

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3 months ago

On paper it is a really nice plugin, but it's filled with bugs and most of the time it's completly broken.

So do you want to have a menu that breaks every other week? Use this!

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