About Isotropic

Hey, this is James from Isotropic.

Isotropic is an online resource for Digital Creators, offering courses on web design, a well followed and growing blog, and a growing YouTube channel.

We cover all topics regarding WordPress, WooCommerce, Oxygen Builder, Elementor and many other plugins, alongside Digital Business and other web technologies. Content is produced by myself, alongside a team of dedicated, experienced creators, all striving to bring you the most value possible.

We have communities, both private and on Facebook Groups where our followers can ask questions and interact with the creators behind Isotropic.

The current form of Isotropic, a leading WordPress education platform, comes from several years of building professional WordPress websites as a digital agency.

In fact, the Isotropic Agency still exists and operates to this day, building industry leading WooCommerce experiences and WordPress websites.

Many people ask me – James, why did you found a company called Isotropic? What does that even mean?

Well, Isotropic is a term based in chemistry, referring to an object that has the same properties in all directions. The element Carbon is a good example of this.

We took the term, and adapted it to our mission statement. Isotropic is here to offer our followers value, quality, and resources in all directions – whether you’re here to watch a detailed technical tutorial, read an unbiased review on a WordPress plugin, or take an in-depth course taught by experienced individuals.

We’re so glad that you’re here and invite you to dive in to what we have to offer!

Oh, and if you think of something that we don’t have, be it a tutorial, review, course, video, or anything else – feel free to get in touch and suggest it! We’re a company that loves feedback and strives to improve… in all directions.

What We Do

  • We make high quality educational content pertaining to WordPress, Web Design and Development.
  • Our content consists of reviews, tutorials, videos, courses, workshops and more. We're working every day to increase the amount of content on this platform.
  • We also facilitate masterminds, private communities, and our public Facebook Group, where digital creatives can network, ask questions, and learn.

How We Do It

The majority of articles on this blog are written by Employees and Contractors at the Isotropic Agency - this is not their full time gig. Instead, they leverage the experience that they've gained from building website professionally to offer you a legitimate opinion, valuable insight, or detailed tutorial.

Our reviews go into detail, talking about the things we love, the teams behind the products, and our experience using the tool. Many of the products discussed here have been used by our Agency in real projects. If they haven’t we take the time to install/use the item ourselves until we feel comfortable giving it a detailed review.

Some of our reviews include affiliate links – these support our authors and allow them to take the time needed to test out the items in depth. They do not bias our reviews, and some simply don’t have links. Most of the content on the blog is user requested and for us, an affiliate program is a nice benefit (we always have a disclaimer on the content that includes these links)! This also allows us to be an ad-free site. We ran them in the past, but they destroy the UX, so we’ve removed them. This sets us apart from many other competitors out there.

There are a couple things to note here:
  • If the product is terrible, we’ll figure that out pretty quickly, and simply don’t invest any more time into it. You’ll find that our reviews are generally positive because of that – you won’t see an article ripping into a tool here, unless the company is scamming or being unethical.
  • Because we’ve had our hands on many plugins and products, you may find value in our Facebook Group. Many members ask questions like “what’s the best … tool” there, and we won’t hesitate to let you know which is best (and worst) for your situation.
  • We also like doing video reviews to accompany the written one. Not all articles have them, but when they do, the video is embedded in the content. It gives you a good visual overview.
Our tutorials are filmed and written by people who know their stuff. They offer clear and concise instruction on how to do a specific thing. We pride ourselves in the quality and depth of this content, and would love for you to request one if we haven’t made it yet.

Other content on the blog strives to accompany our mission statement: offer our followers value, quality, and resources in all directions.

We thank you for being here, and hope that you enjoy what we have to offer.
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