Adding A Right Click Menu To Oxygen Builder

Published: 9 months ago

Oxygen Builder is great, but missing a major productivity tool: The right click menu. Virtually every other page builder has something like this (Elementor specifically), and if you’re migrating to Oxygen, you’ll likely be yearning for a right click menu.

Is There A Native Right Click Menu For Oxygen?

Unfortunately, there is no right click menu for a Oxygen Builder. This is a major productivity drawback, and one of the biggest issues that many new users of the page builder have been migrating from existing platforms like Elementor or Beaver Builder.

There is also no official word on when or if the development team behind oxygen will add a right click menu to the tool.

A competing page builder, Elementor, and one that our agency used for around a year before discovering Oxygen gets the right click menu down to a T. On their platform, a user can right click a section, element, or widget, and access a whole host of options from copying, cutting, pasting, copying styles, adding new elements, and more.

This saves a website creator the time of having to go into the menu and click through several settings and filters to get to where they need to go. When we used that tool, the right click menu was integral to our speedy workflow.

When we migrated to Oxygen Builder, the first order of business was finding a suitable third-party right click menu. And we found just that in the Hydrogen Pack addon plugin.

How To Add A Right Click Menu To Oxygen Builder

This is the only solution that will help you add a right click menu to the Oxygen Builder. This plugin is probably the most popular addon tool for Oxygen, and helps you incorporate dozens of times saving features like keyboard shortcuts, a sandbox mode, and of course, the right click menu. It's also created by a developer that works on oxygen and publishes these plugins in his spare time. That means that the integration and features will always work with the native tool.

Many people buy Hydrogen Pack solely to add a right click the menu to the Oxygen Builder as they are missing this functionality. All you need to do is purchase the addon, install it on your website, and the right click menu for Oxygen is automatically initialized.


This right click menu for Oxygen Builder functions very similarly to the Elementor tool. Right click on the section, div, or other element like an image, and you can duplicate it, copier, copy the styles associated with it, paste, wrap in a div, make reusable, the conditions, rename, delete, and more.

For us, we use this every single time we add or build a page in Oxygen Builder. Specifically, the duplication feature is incredibly helpful, as is the ability to wrap elements in a div. once you install this tool and begin using the right click menu in Oxygen Builder, you'll be kicking yourself for not buying it sooner.

You can also find in this right click menu by enabling and disabling functions in the plug in settings.

Keep in mind, this plugin is under active development meeting that additional features are added with every new release. It's also a lifetime deal, meaning you only need to pay once to get unlimited support, and be able to install it on unlimited websites. It's a great deal, and a must have add-on if you are looking to extend the functionality and access a more efficient workflow with the Oxygen Builder.

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