Automatically Generate And Post Comments On WordPress

Published: July 22, 2020

Blog comments are incredibly good for SEO, but difficult to come by. Even if you have a ton of quality content, you may not be racking up the comments that you deserve. Because of that, you may be looking for a way to automatically generate comments for a WordPress post.

auto generated wp blog comments
We want quality comments auto generated for our blog

The benefit of having comments on WordPress posts is twofold. First, you establish credibility with new visitors and readers. Because there are already comments there, these new readers are encouraged to leave one of their own. If you're trying to sell products, establishing this credibility is a good thing to do (though as an agency, we don't recommend fake social proof -- it always comes back to bite you).

Your second benefit is with Google. Comments on your own site add to the content length, and they also show that readers are engaged. Neil Patel did a study where he turned comments on, and he turned comments off on various posts. the post with comments enabled ranked higher and drove more traffic to his sites when compared to the post without comments.

Also, spam comments don't count for this. You need high quality, well written comments.

But here's the issue. If you're just a random website, it may be difficult to get comments on Your posts. This is especially true if you are being barraged by spam comments, and need to manually approve them, incorporate a reCAPTCHA, or require an email for comment submission.

Of course, you can always create tons of accounts and manually post comments on your WordPress posts, but that takes a lot of time and the payoff simply isn't there.

When It Comes To Automatic Commenting, Here’s What You Should Look For

For this article, we wanted to identify tools that help you automatically generate and post comments on WordPress. On our search, we came across a bunch of sketchy plugins and software tools that help you do this. Unfortunately, most are broken, don't work, or aren't created specifically for WordPress websites.

When looking for a WordPress plugin that auto comments, here are our major requirements.

  • it needs to work with WordPress version 5+
  • it needs to automatically generate comments
  • these comments need to be readable, and spun in a way that meets Copyscape requirements
  • the end goal of auto commenting in WordPress is to inspire real visitors to join in the conversation
  • The back end needs to be simple and easy to understand
  • the auto commenting plugin needs to be a quick installation and configuration

xCommenter Alternative

Back in the day, the best plugin to do this was called xCommenter. Unfortunately, in late 2019, this became unsupported and is now no longer available anywhere. It worked well, and helped content creators automatically generate and post comments on their WordPress website. Now, we're stuck looking for an alternative to xCommenter if we want to auto post comments to WordPress.

Automatically Generate Comments In WordPress

In 2020, the best way to automatically generate comments in WordPress is by using a plugin called “uComment WordPress Auto Commenter Bot. Let's take a look at how this plugin works, and the settings it offers you on the back end.

First up: Pricing. uComment WP Comment Bot Is a premium WordPress plugin available on CodeCanyon. It cost $21 as a standalone offering. The author, CodeRevolution, has tons of helpful WordPress plugins available, and this is included in his mega pack of 100+ individual plugins. That’s called “Mega WordPress 'All-My-Items' Bundle by CodeRevolution” and costs $438. Interestingly enough, the pricing of this bundle increases by 3% every time somebody buys it. It includes the auto commenter for WordPress.

Now that we understand the plugin Pricing structure, let's install it on an actual WordPress website and take a look at how the comment bot works.

After installing and activating the plugin, you're greeted by a dashboard. You have a collection of settings that you can toggle on and off:

wp commenter bot

And then underneath those settings, you have the random sentence generator. This random sentence generator will create three randomly generated sentence, make them into comments, and automatically post them onto WordPress posts.

You can use spintax to make these comments as simple or complicated as you need. You can also easily create variables and more. The default settings for this will generate hundreds of thousands of unique combinations, though you can make it even more complex and tailor it specifically for your website. This is great if you're looking to automatically create relevant, high quality comments for WordPress posts.

After creating the randomly generated sentences which will be posted on blogs, you need to set up the mechanism that will automatically post these to WordPress. This is done by adding your WordPress Blog’s RSS address, setting Comment Content Settings, And filtering the posts that you want the plugin to automatically comment on. You then run the plugin which will automatically comment on WordPress posts.

wp auto comment bot settings

You can track the activity and creation of these comments from the built in log. As you can see, uComment WP Comment Bot is the perfect solution if you're looking to automatically generate and post comments to your WordPress site. This can be incredibly beneficial for SEO, and increase user interaction.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to Auto Generate comments in WordPress:

Any Other WordPress Commenter Bots?

As of right now, we were unable to find any other WordPress plugins that automatically generate and post comments in WordPress. xCommenter Would have been a great competitor, but it simply doesn't exist anymore.

“Autogenerating” Comments For WordPress The Manual Way

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, if you really need comments you can Have somebody manually create them for the website. We also stated that the payoff usually isn't there, but if you're looking for a way to “automatically” create comments for a WordPress website, this method usually results in the highest quality.

There are several listings on sites like Fiverr and Upwork which will provide quality comments to your blog. Of course, this is much more expensive than a plugin that automatically generates comments for your website, but you're paying for the quality of a human touch.

In the past, we've seen clients use Fiverr services like the ones included below to automatically create comments for WordPress posts. If you're really looking to engage your audience, this is probably the best way to do it. But of course, it's the more expensive route.


This article should have showed you a few ways that you can use to auto comment on WordPress websites. This will boost your SEO, increase credibility, and encourage real users to interact and respond. Auto commenting on WordPress is fairly simple and easy to do with uComment WP Comment Bot. if you're looking for a more premium solution, going the Fiverr route and hiring real humans to do this may be a better option. Whatever the case is, good luck with your venture (And maybe leave a comment on this post, as we don't automatically generate comments for our WordPress site).

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1 year ago

Is this Legal To use this Bot???

em ele
em ele
11 months ago

Can this work for automating woocommerce product reviews?

9 months ago

is any new solution for auto posting scheduled comments?

Alex Brouq
Alex Brouq
9 months ago


8 months ago

is there any software for commenting other sites and gain backlink for using on our site istanbul hurdacı

7 months ago

Can this work for automating woocommerce product reviews?

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6 months ago

excelente thanks for share this info

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6 months ago

Good Project sir thanks i will created for my blog

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Bong 5566688
5 months ago

If use this tool then google ban my website?

4 months ago

it is really hard to do it manually

Kim Cương Đá Quý
2 months ago

It seems to be unethical to mislead the customer. Don't you guys think so? But it would help to build trust and credibility.

29 days ago

If I do too much, will Google detect it as spam?

Chris Bächle
Chris Bächle
24 days ago

Hey 👋

great Post!
To do Blog commenting manually can be very frustrating, to automate this process makes life easier 😅 more time to focus on other important things in business

15 days ago

Hey James, Thanks for the information you shared. stay safe

Russell L Martin
Russell L Martin
13 days ago

One of my websites comment page was saturated with 3500 comments. This was an automated system. I am interested in duplicating the same results. I am more interested in how they found my websites and I want to find other websites to comment on the same way. Can you respond to this question.

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