The Best WordPress BBPress Themes in 2024 - A List

By James LePage
 on August 5, 2022

The Best WordPress BBPress Themes in 2024 - A List

By James LePage
 on August 5, 2022

BbPress is one of the most popular plugins for the leading CMS, or content management system, known as WordPress. With bbPress, launching your very own discussion forum is easier than ever. Whether you are interested in providing users with private messages, the ability to add friends, or simply a place to share their own thoughts and opinions, bbPress is a fantastic plugin that can be seamlessly integrated into just about any WordPress site.

Some of the top BBPress theme options out there

Before getting started with bbPress, you will need to choose a layout and theme for your discussion forum that is either relevant to your own brand or simply works well with the current layout of your website. In order to truly put bbPress to use,  searching for a bbPress theme that is versatile, customizable, and eye-catching is highly advisable. 

Taking the time to research various bbPress themes, layouts, and designs can help you to find a look that is right for you and the audience you intend to reach.


ASK Me is an extremely unique theme that has been designed by for bbPress and websites such as Quora and Yahoo! Answers in mind. If you are interested in launching a platform that allows users to submit questions for future answers, you can do so easier than ever with the ASK Me theme.


ASK Me is designed specifically for brands that are interested in garnering feedback from users or for unique websites that are focused on asking and answering questions.


  • Perfect them for those who are interested in an ask and answer style of website
  • Does not require users to join in order to view questions
  • Can require users to register in order to submit and/or ask questions (optional)
  • Offers the ability to create a badge and point system for the most engaged users
  • Ability to vote on responses and/or questions as registered members
  • Boost visibility of posts based on an integrated rating system


Unfortunately, there is not currently a free version of the ASK Me theme. However, it is available for purchase via Themeforest for $59. 

Using the ASK Me theme is possible as an entire website, or even as its own separate page if you are interested in putting the theme to use for a FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions section on your site.


In a world in which everyone is becoming seemingly tired of social media overlords such as Facebook, now is a better time than any to consider developing your very own social platform. With BuddyBoss, a WordPress bbPress theme designed for social engagement and interaction, you can launch your very own social media platform for specific target audiences or for all.

Read our full review!


  • Premade layouts and templates are available in a built-in library to help get started.
  • Allow members to make and add friends
  • Allow users to create their very own profile while enjoying their own personalized and/or cultivated news feed
  • Offer membership tiers, including those that are paid and premium
  • Integrated page builder, making the editing and updating of your BuddyBoss theme and website a breeze, even if you are not familiar with programming and coding yourself. 


BuddyBoss for bbPress is not currently available for free due to the number of features that come with the plugin. Currently, pricing is as follows for those interested in BuddyBodss for their own website:

  • 1 site: $228 annually - 1 year of support - 1 year of updates
  • 5 sites: $288 annually - 1 year of support - 1 year of updates
  • 10 sites: $388 annually - 1 year of support - 1 year of updates 

Those who are interested in scaling up an entire online community or launching their very own social network should not pass up the opportunity to try BuddyBoss. With BuddyBoss, creating your very own online platform is possible regardless of the market and/or niche you are in. 



If you enjoy modern and sleek designs whenever you are using a social media platform or mobile app, you may want to give the Cinematix bbPress theme a peek. Cinematix was designed with bbPress users in mind while also incorporating modern building blocks and design elements that are appealing to a much wider audience today.


  • Member profiles and a complete registration system
  • Friendship and private messaging capabilities
  • Compatible with bbPress along with bbPress plugins/add-ons
  • Users have the ability to create and/or manage their own groups
  • Activity and news feeds are available for all registered users 


Anyone who is interested in using Cinematix for their bbPress website and online community can do so for a one-time payment of $59. Additional customer and developer support services are also available from the creators of Cinematix via Themeforest. 


Flatbase is another well-designed and simple knowledge base template designed specifically with bbPress in mind.


If you want to provide an FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions section on your site or if you are building a knowledgebase, using Flatbase is a great place to get started.


Some of the most notable features of the Flatbase bbPress template include: 

  • One-click demo content to help with building an entire layout for your own website without a hassle
  • Multiple article layouts for total customization
  • Instantly answer questions and use a built-in AJAX-based live search feature that can be instantly loaded by all users
  • Allow users to leave feedback not only for their own experiences, but also on blogs, articles, and other pages of content you publish
  • Using Flatbase is optimal for those who are interested in translating their information instantly based on a visitor's locale and region  
  • Includes various FAQ templates and styles, such as accordion style themes for asking and answering questions 


The entire Flatbase layout and system for bbPress is currently available via Themeforest for $49. 

Installing Flatbase as your preferred bbPress template is highly recommended for companies that are building a customer support landing page for their customers and for businesses that are interested in receiving as much feedback as possible from users.  


If you are in the market for a forum theme for bbPress that is simple, yet effective, ForumEngine is a suitable choice. ForumEngine brings the classic feel of a traditional forum back to life while simultaneously integrating technologies and plugins from today.



  • Users have the ability to create their own account(s)
  • Standard forum and messaging setup
  • Includes a built-in badge, award, and achievement system for users
  • Users can upload photos, add posts, and even add new subcategories to the forums they are using
  • Enable notifications using this theme 


Currently, ForumEngine offers two packages:

  • Single Theme: $49 - Includes ForumEngine theme, unlimited websites
  • Community Package: $109 - Includes ForumEngine theme, QAEngine system, and theme, unlimited websites

Using ForumEngine is highly recommended for those who want to launch a classic forum with additional features to help their website stand out.  


If you enjoy Engine Themes, the developer of ForumEngine, you may be interested in QAEngine as well. QAEngine is a Question and Answer theme designed with a modern touch and with bbPress in mind from the makers of ForumEngine themselves.



  • Users can submit questions for customer support or to learn more about a business or brand.
  • Users have the ability to pay a fee (at your discretion) in order to boost the overall visibility of their question(s), which often results in a higher customer satisfaction rate.  
  • Integrates the use of a point and badge system to incentivize users to engage and participate more


It is possible to purchase QAEngine for a one-time fee of $89 with the single theme package from Engine Themes. It is also possible to purchase QAEngine and ForumEngine simultaneously for a one-time fee of $109 with the Community Package from Engine Themes. 

QAEngine is an ideal theme for those who are interested in a sleek and modern question-and-answer format. 


Are you in the process of building a website that answers your user's questions or that provides your customers with additional support online? If so, you may want to consider using the HelpGuru bbPress theme.



  • Integrated search feature with instant results to keep customers and users satisfied
  • Reduce unnecessary customer support tickets with an extensive library of FAQs
  • Allow members to communicate with one another once they are registered on the HelpGuru site
  • Responsive design
  • Cross-device compatible 


To get started with the HelpGuru theme, you will need to purchase the theme directly from the developer, HeroThemes, for $69 on ThemeForest.

The HelpGuru theme is a robust and complete bbPress theme that is optimal for those who are looking for the perfect platform to provide additional customer service to those in need.   

Ekko Forum

Ekko Forum is not as popular as the alternatives on this list, but it is a wonderful bbPress theme that is perfectly suitable for just about any type of forum or classical message board you envision for your own website.


Ekko Forum itself is an advanced page builder, which is ideal for those who are interested in a truly custom online forum for their visitors. 


  • Modern, yet classic style of a forum that can be integrated into your own existing website
  • Includes real-time and ongoing forum statistics that are built-in
  • Highlight topics with no replies
  • Showcase most popular topics
  • Extensive page-building features 


The cost of the Ekko Forum bbPress template and page builder is currently $59, which is considered a steal with all of the page-building tools and abilities that are also included with this choice.

If you're looking for a bbPress template that allows you the ability to build a traditional message board while still maintaining complete control over the layout and design of your site, look no further than Ekko Forum.   


If you are looking for a pre-designed FAQ layout for your website and you are using bbPress as your preferred platform, Disputo may just be the theme you need. Disputo is a pre-built FAQ theme designed using bbPress. 



  • Register as a member on your website (all guests)
  • Private messaging system is included
  • Ads manager included to help streamline revenue streams of your choice
  • Like & dislike rating system included
  • Post submission capabilities for all users
  • FAQ system included with live loading in real-time
  • Social media sharing button integration
  • Custom registration pages
  • Custom login pages
  • MailChimp integration (optional)
  • Facebook comments (opti


If you are ready to get started with the Disputo theme, you can do so for $49 for a single license via ThemeForest. 

If you are looking for an advanced bbPress theme that allows you to answer questions from your users while also providing the ability to flesh out your online community, give Disputo a try.  


Tessera is another top-notch bbPress theme that is well-designed and extremely robust, making it one of our favorite picks on this list.


With Tessera, you can rest assured knowing that your website's design is clean and is built with the use of only CSS, which can significantly help to increase your website's overall loading time for visitors.  

It's also made for Elementor primarily, so if that's your go-to page builder for creating and managing your forum, this BBPress theme might be for you.


  • Knowledge base and FAQ system included, making it easier than ever to launch your very own FAQ section or knowledge
  • Support ticketing system included to provide users with more ways to communicate and connect with you
  • Support forum included that is compatible with bbPress
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and can be easily integrated within minutes so you are able to launch your very own online shop 


Currently, the Tessera theme and knowledge base/support forum system for bbPress and WordPress is available via ThemeForest for a one-time payment of $49. 

If you are looking to build a support forum, launch a knowledge base, or even create a support ticketing section on your site, we cannot recommend Tessera enough. Tessera is a great theme for bbPress that is suitable for beginners as well as veterans of both WordPress and bbPress alike.


Creating an online forum does not mean that you cannot have a fully-fleshed-out website loaded with useful and unique content. With Hestia, enjoy a multi-purpose bbPress and WordPress theme that provides an array of features that can help you to bring any website vision you have to life. 


Hestia is not just another simple bbPress template or WordPress theme. In fact, there are many features of Hestia that help it to stand out, such as:

  • Translation-ready, making this an ideal option for those who have an international audience
  • Live theme customizer and support for updates in real-time
  • Optimized for SEO purposes
  • Responsive for most all devices and/or operating systems
  • Compatible with WooCommerce for WordPress
  • Custom backgrounds available for all users  


While there is a free version of Hestia available, Hestia Pro delivers high-performance and fast-loading pages that cannot be compared. For those interested in using Hestia Pro, the following packages are currently available:

  • Personal: $69 per year - Support for 1 site
  • Business: $99 per year - Support for 3 sites
  • Agency: $299 per year - Support for unlimited sites 

Hestia may be a robust and thorough bbPress/WordPress template, but it is extremely versatile and highly customizable, making it an excellent choice for almost any industry online today. 

Which bbPress Theme is Best?

Not all bbPress themes are designed and developed equally, which is why it is so important to take the time to compare your options as well as your own site needs. 

When it comes to designing a standard no-frills message board online, our pick is Ekko Forum.

For those who want to create an expansive online community with all of the features that come along with standard social media platforms, BuddyBoss is the way to go.

For a simple ask-and-answer type of website, consider using the Disputo theme with bbPress.

For a modern forum solution that also includes an optional Question and Answer engine, ForumEngine from EngineThemes delivers.

If you like the idea of launching your own social network but want to do so with a modern touch and design, Cinematix can help.  

For those who are seeking one-click demo content to create a Q&A website or a FAQ page, Flatbase comes with an entire library of one-click demo themes to help get you started as quickly as possible. 

HelpGuru is the perfect solution for anyone who is interested in providing their customers with additional resources besides a traditional ticketing submission system. 

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