The Top AI Content Writing Tools in 2024 Compared

By James LePage
 on September 14, 2021
Last modified on January 24th, 2022

The Top AI Content Writing Tools in 2024 Compared

By James LePage
 on September 14, 2021
Last modified on January 24th, 2022

"Hey AI, write an article about artificial intelligence content writing tools."

No, we didn't actually do that for this comparison between the best AI tools to create written content (and replace copywriters), but you can reasonably use these tools to do just that!

Intro To AI Copywriting/Content Creation

When you write content that will be seen by many users online, you want it to be as error-free as possible. You also want to be able to set the right tone for your audience. Even if you don’t have your personal copywriter at your disposal, there are several online writing tools that go way beyond the power of Microsoft Word’s spell check feature.

Grammarly, may be the most famous tool in this market, but there are many more to choose from. These tools are quite advanced and you will probably be tempted to try one by the end of this article.

As I mentioned above, basic word processing programs like Google Docs and Microsoft Word all have spell checking features. However, blogs and websites are now a standard part of the majority of businesses. Some sites post several pieces of new content daily. Just using a basic spell check tool won’t cut it and everyone simply can’t afford a proofreader.  

The evolution of copywriting tools.
Diagram by Isotropic.
The evolution of copywriting tools, starting with a typewriter, moving to word processors (like Microsoft Word), evolving into "writing assistance tools" (like Grammerly), and finally ending with AI writing tools.

AI software writing tools step in and fill that gap as much as possible. Artificial intelligence technology is used to review and audit grammar, suggest better sentence structure, auto-finish a word and more. Let’s look at this list below to get an idea of how AI technology is changing the game in assisting online writing production.

With that, let's take a look at the top AI content writing tools on the market, as of May, 2024.


If you need help personalizing your text or want to see how creative an API can be, (previously may be the tool for you. When you use Jasper, it can match your style of writing. Poems, articles and blog posts can all be co-written with the Jasper tool.

I assume you are asking, “How does Jasper, a computer tool,  co-write a creative piece of work like a poem?’. Jasper acts like a twin sibling - it can finish your sentences for you. You can start the sentence and Jasper will read your mind and finish it.

OK, it does not read your mind, but it is built with a pretty cool algorithm that can create art in response to your words. Each word is translated into an image by way of  algorithms and libraries in the program. Leonardo Di Vinci would be so proud.

Program Features

The tool has an internal database that houses over one million sentences. Star elements in your writing are matched with these prehoused phrases and sentences. Jasper is not only for creatives that need a digital muse to help with a poem. Jasper can juggle several hats and assist with articles, business documents and any other type of writing you can think of.

Find and Replace : Search your text for particular words by synonym or keyword.

Lookup : Pronouns, places,adjectives,verbs and names can be identified in your text

Fonts and Styles: Jasper has over 2,500 writing category styles to choose from. You also have access to 11,000 free fonts. You can also pick different text colors.

Paraphrases and Quotes: When you use quotes or paraphrase other content in Jasper, it is able to identify it. So you can easily cite your sources without keeping track.

Punctuation: Jasper is smart enough to add common punctuation that you may forget as you type fast.


Regarding pricing, there are three levels to choose from. All plans come with an optional free trial.

Starter : This price comes with the core features, and the ability to access 20,000 words per month and 50+ writing skill types like bios, headlines, articles, descriptions, and more.

Pro: This pricing costs $109 monthly and gives the user access to unlimited words. This is useful for those that want to write video scripts and books.

Boss Mode: Users get full access to all features for $119. There are no limitations on word count.

See how awesome Jasper is for yourself here (get 10,000 free credits to mess around, on us), or read our complete review here.

This is actually a platform that our agency subscribe to because of the depth of features and content quality (it's really good, click here for examples).


Snazzy is an AI writing tool geared towards marketers. This tool can be used for copywriting blogs and business pitches. Social media post templates and landing page templates are provided for you. Whatever web-focused copy style of writing you can think of, Snazzy can help you with.


This tool uses an independent deep-learning language model known as GPT-3 in cohesion with its own proprietary technology. The features can be defined as tools, templates and saved content. Templates for email outreach, product descriptions, landing pages, sales points, taglines, Facebook ads, and pitches are included.

Like Jarvis, this AI writing source can help you finish a sentence with a particular tool. Content Extender will create a complex sentence from your bullet point or simple sentence. Sentence length and tone are customizable.

Play online DJ with your content and use the Remix tool to make unlimited versions of one piece of writing. 

Based on reviews, the produced content is easily manipulated and well-written.


Users can choose from 2 different plans. You can opt for the free plan, which has some limitations. With the free plan, you can do up to five activities daily and access all templates.

If you have $49 per month or $300 annually, you will have unlimited content capabilities and same-day responses when you need support. When new features are released, you will have early access.

Take Snazzy for a test run.

Rytr is a writing assistant that helps you generate content such as emails, blogs,social media and ads. You will have unique content in a matter of seconds. Rytr can create original content based on your writing guidelines or parameters.

Its learning algorithm pulls content from online posts and analyzes them. Your content can be produced in various language styles or writing formats.

Rytr’s AI software caters to online marketers, social media experts and bloggers.

Write your marketing email in seconds. Special copywriting software can produce PAS or AIDA  formatted copy. Bloggers can get help with descriptions, outlines and titles.Yes, Rytr can even write the whole blog post for you as well.

Streamline your SEO research. Rytr can create meta descriptions and SEO-optimized titles for your website.


There are more than 30 use cases and templates. You can generate content in over 25 different languages. So you can stream down translation costs and produce content on different international websites. 

Rytr can cater to your mood or your users' moods. Pick from over 20 tones of voice in your writing content.

It has a very clean interface where you can view your most recent canceled, written and saved text. When you first start using the program, click Fundamentals after you click “Write new Article”. The Fundamentals feature will give you an online guide to the tool.

For some topics, you may only need to provide one sentence in order for Rytr to produce a great article.

The tone feature is helpful because you can take a previously written article and have Rytr adjust it with the new selected tone. You can do this as many as 20 times since there are over 20 different tones.


You can get the free plan and produce 5,000 characters monthly. However, for $29 a month, you will have unlimited use of the tool. Under the paid plan, you will have a dedicated account manager and chat support.


This AI writing tool used to be called MagicFlow. Since its rebranding, it has been upgraded  to produce automatic full blog posts. Like Snazzy, Writesonic uses GPT- 3 technology in addition to its own artificial intelligence.

Users can create ads, emails, and websites using this tool. All you have to do is enter your article or business title with a description to get an automatic piece of full content.


Web producers and marketers can create headers and  landing pages. Marketers can also create Facebook and Google ad headings as well as text in Writesonic.

Bloggers have automatic help for ideas, outlines, listicle outlines, and yes - full blog posts! Once you get your blog set up, save time and avoid writer's block with Writesonic.

The copywriting technique called “Pain-agitate- solution” is a cool feature in Writesonic. In other words, this AI writer is smart enough to figure out the pain points of your readers, how to cause discomfort and then offer a solution through writing.

You will also have help with YouTube titles and product descriptions.


There are four types of pricing levels available. If you want to try the program out first, you can utilize a free trial. A free plan will let you use Writesonic for startup ideas, listicle ideas, growth ideas, landing pages, and YouTube titles.

$25 monthly allows you to produce three to six blog posts monthly. You will also get 50 credits to use towards premium features. Use of each feature costs about 1 credit.

For $89 a month, you will be on a professional plan that comes with unlimited production of headings, descriptions, and ads. This plan gives you unlimited credits but advanced features are limited to 100 monthly credits. AI article writing, blog introductions, blog outlines, and blog ideas all fall under advanced features.

If you have $449 in your monthly budget, you can join the business plan for unlimited service access. A business plan has 1000 monthly credits for advanced features and the ability to create 60- 120 full articles.

Try Writesonic today.

Outranking is another AI tool on this list that uses GPT-3 technology. It is compatible with the Grammarly plugin, integrated with both Google Docs and WordPress. A great feature is the AI wizard.

You can use this tool to create new SEO or optimize existing SEO. The built in AI wizard will guide you while you choose a meta description and title for content. It guides you through each step of content production. The SEO checklist will give you an updated score as you fill out your content.

Any type of writer can use Outranking. It appears to be focused on writers who want to optimize their content for search.

 Users can create writing briefs in a matter of seconds. The tool walks you through SEO optimization and gives you detailed scores. You will have relevant real-time suggestions from the AI prompts. You can rewrite content for better optimization. 

AI also improves your sentence and paragraph structure. It also corrects grammar.

Smart research capability also finds backlinks and keywords for your posts.

Anyone that wants to rank high on web search should consider this tool.


Like the other tools, you can test Outranking out with a free trial period. Otherwise, you can choose from three paid plans.

$29 a month puts you on the starter plan which gives you access to 30 searches, the SEO editor and up to 10,000 characters can be rewritten.

Professional level is $99 and comes with keyword mapping, up to 50,000 rewritten characters and access to 75 searches.

If you have $199 to spare every month, you can use the tool for 200 searches, build writing outlines, and rewrite as many as $150,000 characters.

Sign up for Writesonic at this link. 

This AI writing tool has a very clean dashboard that resembles Basecamp. You have access to several templates and use cases. Peppertype uses PAS, AIDA, Feature to Benefit, and the Before-After-Bridge copywriting framework.

Users have help generating social media content such as captions, topics for YouTube, Quora posts, and ideas for tweets. If you are a blogger or marketer, you can spend less time on social media content production.

Marketers will enjoy the AI generation of blog conclusions, outlines, meta descriptions, content expansion and rewriting. Facebook and Google ad copy is also available in this tool. 

The specific conclusion tool is rather nice. If you have a very long post or article, it may be harder than you think to write a succinct but thorough conclusion.

Lose your shyness about emailing new prospects. If you need to send cold emails, Peppertype can help generate content for that, as well as compelling email subject lines.


The starter plan costs $35 a month and includes unlimited content generation.

$199 a month gets you on the Growth plan. This plan targets agencies, startups and teams. Up to 5 team members can be added to this plan. You can use all 20+ content types and even send a request for a content type to be added.

Marketplace and enterprise businesses will aim for the aptly named Enterprise plan. The pricing for this plan is not available and you must contact Peppertype for the price. On the enterprise plan, your team has access to a customizable AI model, will be able to use their brand voice, have custom widgets and generate bulk content. Something tells me this plan may cost several hundred dollars but the features sound outstanding, highly adjustable, and comprehensive.

This tool does not come with live chat support. You do have access to a text-based knowledge center. Reviews say the knowledge center is quite helpful.

Try Pepperly here.


Now let’s talk a bit about GPT-3. This has been mentioned several times on this list, as most of the AI writing tools use it. Over 300 applications are using GPT-3 technology - a technology that currently generates about 4.5 billion words a day.

The GPT- 3 API completes any form of written text in a natural tone by way of deep learning.. It does not sound like a computer is speaking/writing as it can mimic human language.

Apparently, it only takes a few prompts or examples to program GPT-3. Several industries use this technology, such as education, gaming, marketing and more. This technology can find themes in our natural  human language and create summaries. One company, Fable Studio, is using GPT-3 technology to generate dialogue for characters in interactive stories.

Here's what OpenAI's playground for GPT-3 looks like.

Final Thoughts On AI Writing Tools

Technology continues to expand beyond places that once were hard to comprehend. After researching these tools, it is hard for me to be impressed with Grammarly. Don't get me wrong, Grammarly is still good for what it does, but these AI writing tools are taking human text to another level. 

All of these tools use the innovative GPT-3 technology that can mimic human speech. Some tools are better for bloggers and some are more focused on marketers. Some consider both. I am particularly impressed by Jarvis's ability to match words with images and am eager to test its ability to write a poem. I also think the search for quotes and paraphrasing is especially useful for academic or journalist writing.

I love the SEO real time scoring feature in Outranking. SEO can be such a tricky thing to master. So much great content gets buried on the internet due to a lack of search strategy. It is nice not having to guess if my keyword choice or placement is ideal without waiting for post launch analytics.

Overall, I am most impressed with the GPT-3 technology and can't wait to see what developers will do with the open API. I just hope that the creative value of writers is not dismissed because of the convenience of this groundbreaking AI.

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