The Best Browsers For Developers In 2024

By James LePage
 on April 18, 2022

The Best Browsers For Developers In 2024

By James LePage
 on April 18, 2022

As a web developer or programmer, the right tools and resources can make all of the difference, whether you are creating a simple website or an expansive online community. If you're a developer and in need of a browser that provides tools for programming, development, and design, there are a few browsers that are optimal for just about any project you have in mind.

Advantages of Using a Developer-oriented Browser

Using a browser that has been created with developers in mind is a way to ensure you have as many abilities as possible when it comes to working on and editing a site you are building. Using a developer browser is highly recommended for any web developer or designer that is interested in maintaining complete flexibility and control over one's site and its updates. Some of the most notable advantages and benefits of using a developer browser include:

  • Fast-loading times: Using a browser that is meant for developers can help improve the loading times of your website and any website(s) you visit while in the browser. A fast-loading browser is essential when building and testing websites before launching them live to the world.
  • Built-in developer tools: With developer browsers, you will immediately gain access to built-in developer tools that come in handy while creating websites from scratch and with your own coding. Built-in developer tools provide you with the ability to pinpoint and edit areas of your page(s) in real-time and with just a few clicks.
  • Extensions: Browsers intended for development are also suitable for extensions that are intended for web designers, programmers, and developers. The right browser extensions can help expedite the process of building a website while saving time.

Firefox Developer

When you think of Mozilla Firefox, the first thought that comes to mind may not be a developer browser. However, Mozilla Firefox has its very own developer edition for Mozilla Firefox that is available for just that. If you enjoy working with a browser that is not only well-known and trusted, but one that is also privacy-focused, the developer's edition of Mozilla Firefox may be the perfect developer browser for you. 



When choosing a developer browser for any project, it is important to remember that not all developer browsers are created equally. While one developer browser may be well-suited for those who enjoy editing their websites in real-time, others may be better off for those who are working to debug a project. Some of the features that help the developer's edition of Mozilla Firefox to stand out include: 

  • Built-in inspector: If you enjoy inspecting code in real-time, you can do so easily with the developer's edition of Mozilla Firefox.
  • Debugger: Use Mozilla Firefox's debugger with CSS as well as with JavaScript to keep your coding as smooth and as bug-free as possible at all times.
  • Monitor networks: You can also use the developer's edition of Mozilla Firefox to monitor other network requests to your site, also providing you with the ability to block sites on command (as necessary).
  • Integrated console; Work with network issues, potentially security breaches, JavaScript code, and even CSS throughout your site with a built-in console available with the developer's edition of Mozilla Firefox.
  • Visual editing: If visual editing is an important feature to you, Mozilla Firefox (developer's edition) delivers. 
  • Streamline your website's performance: Optimize your website's loading time, performance, and streamline all of the processes being utilized on your website.


Both the standard and the developer's edition of Mozilla Firefox is available for free to download and use. 

LT Browser 

If you are searching for a browser that was developed with programmers, designers, and developers in mind, you may not need to look any further than LT Browser. LT browser is a next-gen browser that was designed with programmers and coders in mind. The LT Browser is extremely intuitive and allows developers the ability to easily test and debug websites in real-time with ease.  



LT Browser, developed by the developers from LambdaTest, has quite a few features that help it to stand out amongst the competition in the industry today. Some of the features that help LT Browser to stand out include: 

  • Mobile view and editing: Having the ability to view and edit your website using a mobile device and in mobile browsers in real-time is possible with LT Browser. LT Browser makes it easier than ever to work with mobile devices and browsers without using third-party software or tools to do so properly and efficiently. 
  • Built-in developer tools: Manage and edit pages in real-time with built-in developer tools. The developer tools that come built-in with LT Browser mirror the developer tools that are also available for users of Google Chrome, which makes LT Browser an excellent alternative for former Google Chrome users. 
  • Hot-reloading included: Rather than refreshing each page, you edit and update manually whenever you add new edits to a page, you can enjoy the hot-reloading feature that comes with LT Browser. Hot-reloading is classified as the ability to make live changes in real-time without requiring a user to refresh or reload a page in order to see said changes happen. 
  • Test multiple devices: Another feature that cannot be left out when reviewing LT Browser is the ability to test your website on multiple devices and browsers from one central location. If testing matters to you and your business, LT Browser may be the right pick for you.


Currently, LT Browser is entirely free to use and can be downloaded from the official LT Browser website for users who are ready to get started. 


Blisk is another developer-oriented browser that claims to be the very first browser that is exclusively designed with developers in mind. If you are interested in unique features and an immersive experience, Blisk may be the browser for you.


With Blisk, users are not only able to take advantage of standard developer tools, but also with many responsive design tools and synced viewport features, which can be highly addictive for developers who are new to interactive developer browsers.


If you are thinking of trying a unique developer browser and want to know more about Blisk, consider some of the features that help Blisk to stand out as a developer browser, such as: 

  • Synced scrolling and URL: Help make testing new additions, interactions, and animations a breeze with synced URL and scrolling available within the Blisk developer browser.
  • Synced viewports to help with testing and viewing changes you have made to a website, interaction, or animation in real-time with just a few clicks. 
  • Operating system compatibility: With the Blisk developer browser, users can access and use Blisk whether they are Windows, Linux, or even macOS users.
  • Manage and test applications you create and/or edit via Blisk twice as fast as the average developer browser.
  • Auto-refresh updates: Automatically refreshed updates can show your edits in real-time, helping to save time while you work on what is most important for your website.
  • Monitor errors: Receive alerts when errors are detected to determine where the error is occurring and how to go about remedying the error from the developer side. 


Unfortunately, the Blisk developer browser does not currently offer access to the browser free of charge, even for those who are simply seeking access to the basic technologies the browser offers. Instead, users who are interested in Blisk will be required to pay for a plan, which starts at $9.99 per month for a basic plan from Blisk. 


If you want nothing more than to speed up your workflow and how fast you are able to work while you are developing a new website or application, Sizzy may be a solution worth looking into for your business and online presence. Sizzy is a well-polished, chic developer app that looks more like a premium application than it does a standard developer browser.

If you are looking for a unique experience when it comes to managing and testing your websites that are currently in development, Sizzy may have just what you need. Using Sizzy is highly recommended for those who intend to test their web applications and/or projects across a network of devices and multiple operating systems (when applicable). 


If you are thinking of getting started with Sizzy but want to know more about what the Sizzy developer browser has to offer, read on below. A few of the Sizzy features that help it to stand out amongst the rest in the field today include: 

  • A completely unique interface: If you are searching for a browser that is not only dedicated to developers, but one that is visually appealing and uses modern design, Sizzy may be your best pick.
  • Multiple viewpoints: As a developer, testing is the name of the game. If you are in need of testing your applications and/or websites using multiple devices and on numerous screens of devices simultaneously, you can do so effortlessly with the Sizzy developer browser.
  • Debugging tools: Sizzy is known for its excellent debugging tools, which developers will need from time to time, regardless of your level of experience. Using Sizzy's debugging tools also allows you the ability to work on, edit, and debut your website in real-time without lag and without having to refresh and reload your entire website each time you want to see the changes you are making to your site.
  • Free trial: You have the option to get started with Sizzy using a free 14-day trial if you have never been a user of the Sizzy browser before.  


One of the biggest draws of the Sizzy developer browser is its 14-day free trial. If you are unsure of the type of developer browser that is best for your website and right for you, give Sizzy a try for 14 days. After your 14-day trial is up, paid plans from Sizzy begin at $7.00 per month. 


Polypane is a bit different than standard web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and even the Brave Browser. While Poylpane can work as a standard browser, it is designed more as a browser and developer app that is optimal for developers who require guidance and assistance as they work. 


Polypane is a new gen tool that provides plenty of features that help it to stand out against even the top-performing browsers and developer tools available today.


For those who are in the market for a new-gen developer browser and tool, Polypane may be just what you need to get started. Some of the features that help Polypane to stand out amongst all browsers that were designed with developers in mind include:

  • Improved site speed: Polypane promotes its ability to assist developers with building websites that are up to 5x faster than the national standard average of all websites online today.
  • Included guides: With Poylpane, you are never alone, especially when you are in need of assistance or guidance. You can use Polypane's built-in guides to help walk you through any issues or developer challenges you are presented with and facing.
  • Multiple viewpoints: When testing is important, you cannot skimp out. Using multiple viewpoints while testing an application or a website is possible with Polypane. Polypane allows users the ability to test various apps and websites across different devices and web browsers simultaneously, which ultimately saves time during the entirety of the testing process.
  • Social media previews: One of the features of Polypane that helps it to stand out among other browsers designed with developers in mind is the ability to automatically generate social media previews for all of your websites and applications. Knowing how your applications and websites will appear on social media platforms can come in handy, especially if you intend to promote your website to your  social media following.  


If you are thinking of using Polypane, you can do so by trying the Polypane developer browser and tool with a 14-day free trial. After your 14-day free trial, you will be prompted to choose which plan is right for you. Currently, there are both monthly and annual plans available. Monthly plans available for the Polypane browser include:

  • Individual: $11 per month. Includes a single user. Can be used on up to 3 devices. Includes all features. Includes email support. Also includes frequent updates (when available).
  • Business: Ideal for entire teams of companies. $47 per month. Includes up to 10 users. Can be used on 3 devices per user. Includes all features and frequent updates (when available). Includes both live chat and email support. Priority feature requests. Centralized billing solutions. Manage user access for easy team management solutions.
  • Enterprise: $ Custom monthly price. Begins at 20+ users on the system at once. Can be used on 3 devices per user. Includes all features. Frequent updates (when available). Live chat and email support. Priority feature requests. Manage user access from any location. Single sign-on solutions. Centralized billion (custom billing is also available). Training and onboarding systems are also included and available.   

Whether you are just getting started as a developer or if you are in search of advanced developer tools and assistance, Polypane may be just what you need. 


The Brave browser is another web browser that was originally designed with increased security and privacy in mind, especially in an era where hacking, identity theft, phishing, and online scams are at an all-time high. The Brave browser, however, can also be useful for developers who are interested in building and editing sites and apps in real-time.



Before getting started with any developer browser, including the Brave browser, it is best to get to know more about what each has to offer. If you are privacy-oriented and security is a top concern of yours as a developer, the Brave browser might be the perfect developer browser for your needs. Some of the features that are highlighted by the Brave browser include:

  • Faster than Google Chrome: One of the biggest selling points of the Brave browser is that is can run up to three times faster than Google Chrome, a leading web browser for both developers and non-developers alike today. Fast loading can significantly improve your overall productivity and efficiency when working on projects and updating websites of your own. 
  • Supports Google Chrome extensions: One of the stand-out features of the Brave browser that other browsers cannot compete with is that is currently supports Google Chrome extensions while still providing you with another layer of security and privacy that Google Chrome does not. If you love using Google Chrome extensions for developing new apps and websites, you can still do so within the Brave browser without worrying about your own privacy and data.
  • Import settings and bookmarks: Using the Brave browser is easier than ever with its ability to easily import bookmarks and settings you have saved from other browsers and tools you are using.
  •  Firewall and VPN support: If using a firewall matters to you or if you are already using a VPN, you can do so worry-free while also using the Brave browser to develop and manage your websites and online applications.

The Brave browser is one of the best free alternatives to Google Chrome for those who are interested in the features that Google Chrome has to offer without privacy and security concerns. For those whose top priority is privacy, security, and data encryption, you cannot go wrong by choosing the Brave browser as your preferred browser as a developer. Using the Brave browser as a developer ensures you are always as safe and protected as possible when you are online. 


Brave is always free to use, whether you are building a small application or a large website. Even if you intend to work on commercial projects, you can do so with the Brave browser without compromising your safety, security, or overall privacy.

Google Chrome

By now, you have likely heard of Google Chrome. In fact, you might even be using Google Chrome as your preferred and trusted browser in everyday use. However, did you know that Google Chrome can also be used for developers?


Google Chrome provides plenty of tools, extensions, and features for everyday users, but it also includes plenty of features for developers and designers who are interested in building or editing websites and applications of their own.


If you are already using Google Chrome or if you are thinking of using Google Chrome as a developer, consider the features that come with the browser, such as:

  • Extensions: Google Chrome's Extensions are available completely free of charge. From Google Dev to specific developer extensions that are useful for managing or inspecting websites, Google Chrome's Extension library is massive and ever-expanding.
  • Real-time editing: Inspect and begin editing a website in real-time with Google Chrome's real-time editing features. 
  • Translations: You can also use automatic translation services which are built-in to Google Chrome to help translate pages you are creating and/or editing for your websites with just a click.


As with most Google products available on the market today, Google Chrome is completely free of charge. You do not need to pay to use Google Chrome, even if you choose to do so as a developer and only as a developer. Because Google Chrome's developer tools are also included in the standard version of Google Chrome, anyone who has Google Chrome installed has the ability to take advantage of the developer tools that are available with the browser itself.


We've scoured the internet to find our favorite browsers for developers. In the end, we love LT Browser and Blisk for developers who are serious about developing and testing websites and applications in real-time. However, if you are looking for a popular and free method of managing and inspecting your website's elements, you can always turn to Google Chrome to get the basic job done.

So, what do you think? Are you a developer or are you looking to become one? Which developer browser is best for you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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