Best Gallery Plugins For Elementor

By James LePage
 on September 1, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

Best Gallery Plugins For Elementor

By James LePage
 on September 1, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

Building, organizing, and maintaining a virtual photo gallery for your website or eCommerce store should not feel confusing or impossible, even without technical skills. With the use of Elementor, you can build the website and/or online store of your dreams with little to no programming experience.

Elementor is a drag-and-drop web-building addition built specifically for WordPress, the world's leading CMS, or content management system. Users of Elementor have the ability to quickly and swiftly build blog pages, portfolios, and even interactive eCommerce shops with the use of a drag-and-drop editor.

Maybe you need to add a gallery like this.

Those who use Elementor may feel that there is a lack of features and/or abilities, especially as they pertain to uploading, organizing, and managing photos along with virtual photo galleries. The following plugins for Elementor are highly focused on image galleries, product galleries, and full customization of the layout you choose to use with Elementor and your website. 

The Best Gallery Plugins for Elementor 

We have scoured the internet for the very best gallery plugins currently available for Elementor. Whether you're a professional photographer, an eCommerce store owner, or if you simply want to take your personal virtual gallery to the next level, we cannot recommend the following gallery plugins for Elementor more.

  1. Ultimate Addons for Elementor - Image Gallery
  2. Power Pack - Elementor Image Gallery Widget
  3. Jet Product Gallery
  4. Livemesh Add-ons for Elementor
  5. Elementor - Pro Gallery
  6. Visual Portfolio

Ultimate Addons for Elementor - Image Gallery

The Ultimate Addon's Image Gallery plugin designed for WordPress and Elementor provides even more flexibility and total customization when building a gallery of your own. With Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor, take advantage of plenty of customization choices as well as several advanced options for a gallery that is just right for your website, gallery, or eCommerce storefront. 


The Image Gallery Ultimate Add-ons plugin is not only optimal for commercial photographers and eCommerce store owners, but comes in handy for those seeking a simplistic portfolio or gallery solution. Some of the most notable features of Ultimate Add-ons Image Gallery for Elementor include:

  • Categorized video categories
  • Filterable video categories to help with navigation, browsing, and organization
  • Video carousel featured by Vimeo
  • Play and embed videos you upload inline or aligned with your preferred grid layout
  • Optimized loading to prevent affecting your page's load time
  • Lightbox or inline display options
  • Sorting and ordering features
  • Manage the layout and settings of your gallery with an easily accessible backend


Purchasing Elementor is possible with an annual license or with a lifetime license that only requires a one-time payment. For those interested in paying annually, the following purchase options are available:

  • Ultimate Add-ons: $55 - Includes Elementor plugin, widgets, 90+ free starter templates, and more
  • Essential Bundle: $169 - Includes Elementor plugin, widgets, 110+ premium starter templates, Astral Pro, WP Portfolio Plugin, and more
  • Growth Bundle: $249 - Everything in 'Essential Bundle', Convert Pro plugin, Schema Pro plugin, Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder, SkillJet Academy Membership, and more

If you are more interested in a one-time lifetime membership purchase, you can do so by purchasing the Ultimate Addons Elementor Gallery Plugin for $249 directly. Additionally, the Essential Bundle is also available for a one-time purchase of $499, and the Growth Bundle for $699. 

Using Ultimate Addons for Elementor Video Gallery is a way to quickly launch a modern, professional, and sleek digital portfolio or image gallery without programming or technical skills. With Ultimate Addons Video Gallery, create a virtual gallery or portfolio of your dreams with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Power Pack - Elementor Image Gallery Widget

Power Pack offers an array of useful plugins for Elementor and WordPress alike. Its Elementor Image Gallery Widget is optimal for anyone looking to jump right into creating their own gallery or portfolio. With plenty of features to choose from, create a unique and branded look for any portfolio or image gallery you build. 


Power Pack's Elementor Image Gallery Widget boasts an array of features that are useful for eCommerce stores, professional artists, and even personal pages with family albums or collections. Some of the most notable features of the Power Pack's Elementor Image Gallery Widget include: 

  • Layouts: Use grid, masonry, or justified layouts with your portfolios and image galleries using the Elementor Image Gallery Widget
  • Create filterable image galleries, helping users to find what they are looking for in a flash
  • Implement unique hover effects that help your portfolio or image gallery to stand out
  • Include custom captions for each of your gallery thumbnails and photos showcased
  • Add various image effects such as layout tweaks and grid snapping to cropping and cutting images for an improved aesthetic
  • Gallery manager and content control hub to quickly add titles, captions, descriptions and more to uploaded items in your gallery 


In order to begin using Power Pack's Elementor Image Gallery Widget, you must subscribe to the PowerPack service itself. With a Power Pack subscription, you instantly gain access to more than 70+ Elementor widgets, including the image gallery plugin. 

Opting for Power Pack's Elementor Image Gallery Widget is one way to get your website up and running quickly and without much coding or manual programming. Additionally, with the use of the Power Pack subscription, gain access to 70+ additional Elementor widgets that can help you to build an even more uniquely customized WordPress and Elementor site. 

Jet Product Gallery

Jet Product Gallery is an all-inclusive solution that comes with 4 widgets, optimal for WooCommerce selling and gallery/portfolio creation. Whether you are selling your own products or promoting different manufacturers and creators, doing so with Jet Product Gallery has never been easier. 


Jet Product Gallery comes with 4 widgets, providing plenty of new and refreshing features that are otherwise unavailable with a standard install of Elementor. Some of the best features that Jet Product Gallery has to offer include:

  • Create custom post types to add just about any type of content to your website, eCommerce storefront, or blog
  • Import and use WooCommerce products when displaying galleries and portfolios
  • Showcase a featured video by adding videos to your products and product pages
  • Utilize a manual upload process as needed to add to your portfolios/galleries
  • Use a product gallery slider to showcase your products in a unique and memorable fashion
  • Incorporate a gallery grid for a neat, yet modern and sophisticated portfolio layout
  • Utilize gallery anchor navigation to allow users the ability to scroll through individual products within your catalog or category pages
  • Use the traditional Product Images plugin to showcase the images of your products in a flexible and unique way


One of the perks of Jet Product Gallery is the pricing flexibility the company offers. Whether you are interested in using just one plugin or if you are thinking of subscribing to plugins for a lifetime, there are plenty of options available. It is possible to purchase Jet Product Gallery for the low price of $15 for a single individual license.  Additionally, the following packages are also available:

  • All-Inclusive: $130 per year - Includes 1 website, 20 plugins for one year of support
  • All-Inclusive Unlimited: $265 per year - Includes unlimited websites, 20 plugins for one year of support
  • Lifetime membership: $750 - One-time purchase offers unlimited websites, access to all plugins, unlimited support (without a time limit) 

If you are new to using Elementor and you are focused on building an eCommerce storefront with the use of Elementor, the Jet Product Gallery may be right for you. With Jet Product Gallery, streamline the process of building your online storefront without sacrificing the ability to bring your portfolio and product showcases to life. 

Livemesh Addons for Elementor

Livemesh is known as one of the oldest add-on plugins for Elementor, boasting more than 100,000 active installations. With Livemesh, it is possible to use both free and premium features to create dynamic portfolio pages and image galleries, regardless of the purpose of your WordPress and Elementor websites. Livemesh includes more features than most solutions on the market, which is why it has made the list. 


Livemash Add-ons provide plenty of functions and features that require additional plugins and purchase anywhere else. Just a few of the features that Livemesh Add-ons has to offer include:

  • Multi slider posts
  • Post sliders 
  • Grid layouts for portfolios and image galleries
  • Post carousel solutions
  • Social media grids for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, etc. 
  • Tabs and accordion solutions (for premium subscribers)
  • Piecharts
  • Odometer features for portfolios and blogs
  • Progress bars
  • Testimonials and testimonial sliders
  • Client reviews and client pages
  • Icon lists
  • Buttons (premium)
  • FAQ section for galleries and blogs using Elementor (premium subscribers only)
  • Services pages (premium)


For those seeking a complete and robust gallery plugin for Elementor that is versatile and remains updated, Livemesh is for you. Livemesh is free to download and install for all WordPress and Elementor users. Note: You must have Elementor installed in order to utilize Livemesh and all of its features.

If you are seeking additional features and capabilities, consider the premium version of Livemesh. The following packages are available for those interested in Livemesh Premium:

  • Personal license: $37/per year - Includes 1 single site, updates for 1 year, 25+ add-ons, 50+ styles
  • Business: $69/per year - Includes 5 sites, updates for 1 year, 25+ add-ons, 50+ styles
  • Developer: $99/per year - Includes up to 25 websites, updates for 1 year, 25+ add-ons, 50+ styles

Additionally, the premium version of Livemesh Add-ons includes demo site replication, grids with AJAX pagination, lightbox support, advanced grid/lazy load, animations, an advanced image slider, a responsive accordion/tab solution, social media grids, dedicated support desk services, and priority support among even more features. 

For anyone who is serious about all-inclusive plugins for WooCommerce and Elementor, give Livemesh a chance. Livemesh includes plenty of features and plugin capabilities that are not included in alternative gallery plugin solutions, and at an affordable price point.

Elementor - Pro Gallery

If you are interested in using Elementor's own widgets and plugins, consider trying Elementor's Pro Gallery plugin. The Pro Gallery for Elementor plugin is extremely lightweight and provides for seamless installation and integration. 


When using Elementor's Pro Gallery plugin, you can take advantage of the following features, even without programming or coding knowledge: 

  • Multiple gallery filtering for better organization and for assistance with creating more organized image categories for your work and/or products
  • Original JavaScript engine developed and built from scratch for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind experience
  • Traditional gallery, justified, and masonry layouts available for photo galleries 
  • Responsive coding, optimal for custom and unique layouts/templates


The Elementor Pro Gallery plugin comes with any premium subscription to Elementor itself. For those interested in using the Elementor Pro Gallery, the following packages from Elementor are currently available:

  • Essential: $49/per year - Includes 1 website, access to Elementor's drag-and-drop builder, responsive design, 90+ basic and premium widgets, 300+ basic and premium templates, 60+ pro website kits, as well as premium support
  • Advanced: $99/per year - Includes 3 pro websites, access to Elementor's drag-and-drop builder, responsive design, 90+ basic and premium widgets, 300+ basic and premium templates, 60+ pro website kits, as well as premium support
  • Expert: $199/per year - Includes up to 25 websites, access to Elementor's drag-and-drop builder, responsive design, 90+ basic and premium widgets, 300+ basic and premium templates, 60+ pro website kits, 20 expert website kits, as well as premium support

Using Elementor Pro Gallery is ideal for those who have already invested in Elementor and are looking for quick and seamless solutions. With Elementor Pro Gallery, you can get started right away on building your website or gallery with ease. 

Visual Portfolio 

If you enjoy using Elementor, but are looking for a way to save and store layouts that you have already created, consider Visual Portfolio. Visual Portfolio is a simple and straightforward plugin with versatile features that work for both personal and commercial use.


Visual Portfolio has an array of features to offer, such as:

  • Custom layout and template storage for future use and complete customization of your WordPress website
  • 4 Hover effects and 4 layouts included with Visual Portfolio
  • Implement building shortcodes for portfolios as well as blog pages
  • Use any post type to implement or build your portfolio/image gallery with Visual Portfolio
  • Visual Portfolio is also developer-friendly, providing easy access to upload and edit your very own custom templates and WordPress layouts alongside the plugin


Using Visual Portfolio is free of charge and the plugin itself can be immediately downloaded from the official website. However, there is also a Premium/Pro version of Visual Portfolio available for those who are interested in extra features to showcase their portfolios and/or image galleries. 

Currently, Visual Portfolio Premium is available for:

Personal use: $39 - Includes all premium features + unlimited plugin updates for 1 website for an entire year

Freelance use: $139 - Includes all premium features along with unlimited plugin updates for up to 5 websites

Agency use: $239 - Includes all premium features along with unlimited plugin updates for an unlimited number of websites 

Using Visual Portfolio is optimal if you are seeking simplistic, yet extremely useful solutions for Elementor and your WordPress site. Whether you want to quickly put together a portfolio or if you want to streamline different layouts and templates throughout your site, you can do so easily with Visual Portfolio. 


Deciding on the right gallery plugin for your own portfolio or virtual gallery can feel overwhelming, especially after researching multiple popular and robust gallery plugins that appeal to you. If you are still in need of a bit more guidance, consider the following recommendations below prior to finalizing your decision:

  • If you are searching for a quick, simple, and intuitive gallery plugin - consider using Ultimate Elementor 
  • To take advantage of a complete bundle of plugins with powerful features and plenty of customization, turn to Power Pack Elements and Power Pack's Image Gallery plugin
  • If you want to work with Elementor's original plugins and features, consider using Elementor's Pro Gallery plugin, which is available for free as well as with a premium subscription for anyone who has purchased and is licensing Elementor for their own website/portfolio
  • For the most extensive list of plugins and features available for Elementor in one all-inclusive package, turn to Livemesh Add-ons for Elementor. Livemesh Add-ons for Elementor is one of the most all-inclusive solutions for programmers, coders, and sellers alike. Using Livemesh Add-ons is a way to truly take any website, blog, or portfolio to the next level when it comes to design, user experience, as well as user interface options. 
  • To quickly save and reference layouts for your portfolio without complex tools and management panels, choose Visual Portfolio
  • For eCommerce storefronts that boast featured products and custom galleries, use Jet Product Gallery

We hope this list has helped you get a bit closer to finding the perfect Elementor gallery plugin for your website and online presence. With the right plugins, streamline the process of creating, uploading, organizing, and sharing all of your photos, illustrations, and creations with the world.

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