What’s The Best WordPress Host For An Oxygen Builder Site?

By James LePage
 on January 4, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

What’s The Best WordPress Host For An Oxygen Builder Site?

By James LePage
 on January 4, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

In this article, we're going to discuss what the best WordPress hosting is for a website built with Oxygen Builder. If you're using a Oxygen Builder to create a website, chances are you are relatively technical, and place a great emphasis on website speed. Choosing the proper host for an Oxygen Builder website is an important decision, because the underlying infrastructure is what makes any website fast.

With the proper hosting, this is what any Oxygen Builder website should look like.


( is hosted on this)
RocketSuper fast
Incredible support
Middle of road price
BearbonesDigital OceanLow cost
Client/Multiple Sites
(Most of our clients are hosted on this)
CloudwaysIncredible value
Easy platform
Simple to scale
Support that knows OB
SpeedServeboltGreat support
Fastest we've used

WordPress website hosting is also relatively costly when compared to everything else, a recurring fee for you, and absolutely mission critical for your website. If the host goes down, then your website will go down, and there's nothing you can do. Because of that, choosing the right company for you or your customers is important. When we take a look at hosts, we try to balance the price with the value, with the hardware, with the speed, with the reviews, and with the support.

If you're trying to find WordPress Hosting for an Oxygen Builder website, taking a look at all of these individual characteristics, and then looking at the over arching company and service is the best way to go about finding the right host for you.

As a digital agency, we have used many hosts on client projects. Because the majority of our work is done with Oxygen Builder, we've had a lot of experience with this tool, WordPress, and hosting environments in general. The following recommendations are only companies that we have used and no work for us. Of course, this is a opinionated piece because it is directly influenced by our experiences. Additionally, many of these links are affiliate/partner links, as we are agency partners for most of these companies.

There are four major categories that most people fit into when it comes to looking for WordPress hosting for an Oxygen Builder website. You're either in individual building your own website, and may want to take a look at manage hosting. Managed Hosting offers high-quality support and minimizes your involvement with the service. That gives you more time to focus on your business in general.

If you're just messing around or one absolute control, taking a look at bare-bones WordPress hosting is a great, cost-effective option.

if you're looking to host many client websites, you need a mixture of relatively decent support, an easy to use platform, and one that you have a ton of control over.

Finally, if your speed maniac, do you want to look at speed specific WordPress hosting.

Those are the four major categories that we are going to discuss when taking a look at the best hosting for an Oxygen Builder website, and our recommendations are companies that we have used for a long time due to their great support, offering, pricing, and more. Again, this is definitely an opinionated article because these are the services that we personally use for our businesses, with that said we have never had bad experiences with the following recommendations.

First up is our anti-recommendation. Many people are attracted to the low prices of shared hosting. We absolutely despise shared hosting as it is a terrible choice for any person out there, no matter what they cost. Shared hosting uses inferior hardware, and resources are scarce, leading to an incredibly slow loading website. Most times, the support quality is also not there. But that's nothing major reason why we don't like this type of hosting. The main reason why we don't like it is because there are better alternatives for either the same price or cheaper. These alternatives are quicker, offer better support, and will be mentioned throughout the remainder of this article. Stay away from the shared hosting plans offered by Bluehost, Go Daddy, DreamHost and more. Typically, if you see a price for around two dollars a month, it's a warning for a subpar and slow service.

Read more here:

Now for the best host for Oxygen Builder (by category).

Managed Hosting

First up is managed hosting. WordPress managed hosting takes care of most things related to hosting your website and your server in general, and typically offers the highest quality support. Because of this, manage Hosting is great for any website that you absolutely need to be up and running 100% of the time. You need to also know that you can rely on support if anything goes down or breaks.

Because the Oxygen Builder is also a bit different than most WordPress installations and page builders, in that it disables the theme system completely, it's also important that the host and company that you choose understands how it works and how to fix any errors that it may cause.

For managed hosting for Oxygen Builder, we highly recommend Hosting. Rocket Hosting is a relatively new company, and isn't well known by consumers. With that being said, it's some of the fastest hardware out there, and the support is truly the best in the industry. We know this for a fact because this agency website and blog is using Rocket hosting, as well as several of our other websites.

We really like the global CDN that is included with the service, which results in a fast loading experience globally. The company is also knowledgeable about Oxygen Builder, and their support is available 24 /7.

The support is truly the best in class. That's because on the multiple occasions that we've contacted them, which includes holidays and weekend nights, we've had a direct line to one of three people, to being cofounders of the company. You can't get much better than that, and the combination of incredible support, super quick hardware, and an understanding of the Oxygen Builder makes this platform our top choice if you're looking for hosting for an Oxygen Builder website.

With that being said, unless you are putting your clients on their own hosting, if you are an agency or service provider, you may want to look to the third option discussed in this blog which is a bit cheaper.


Bare-bones Hosting will be the lowest cost per month, but also come with no support, and give you the complete server management experience. At the same time, it's incredibly configurable, and very quick. If you're looking for bare-bones hosting, take a look at digital ocean. We host many side projects on these servers, and there's an easy one click installation for WordPress. If you want to get a little management help, you can install the open source CapRover server management tool by following this tutorial.

DigitalOcean Hosting comes with no support, but also costs only five dollars per month. It's a Build based on usage, and you can get $60 in free credit by using this link.

Oxygen Builder has no problem loading incredibly quick websites using this platform, but we can only really recommend it for experimentation, or an experienced individual/agency who knows how to manage servers. That's because if the server goes down, it's completely on you to figure out what went wrong and what you need to do to get it back online.

If you're looking for a step up from bare-bones Hosting, but still want the experience and low price, you may want to take a look at Bunnyshell. Bunnyshell hosting is a management panel that helps you easily partition and configure DO droplets, hosting a WordPress website on them. We've never use the platform for production, but have trialed the system. The UI is relatively easy to understand, and the platform, while decently new, is robust enough to manage your websites, as well as your clients.

This company is recommended throughout the Oxygen Builder Facebook group, and several individuals that we know personally have really good things to say about it. Definitely worth a look.

Client Hosting

If you need a dependable company to host multiple websites, or host and manage your client websites, Cloudways is the perfect platform for you. This is the company that we use to manage over 50 individual WordPress websites, and dozens of Digital Ocean servers. It's a management platform that sits on top of the five most popular cloud providers, and allows you to easily create, partition, clone, and delete servers. On those servers, you can install applications, with the primary choice being WordPress. Servers created on the platform have an easy management panel, and are optimized for speed with things like a StackPath CDN add-on as well as included Varnish cash.

The platform is also incredibly cheap when compared to other offerings out there. The $10 plan can host around 2 to 3 WordPress website they get relatively low traffic, and is simply a much better offering then similarly priced shared hosting.

The pricing model is pay for usage, meaning if you are using a 4 GB RAM 100 GB SSD server, you'll pay for that at the end of the month. However, if you scale down, you'll pay a lot less. Scaling and accounting for growth on this platform is really easy, as you can add additional block storage and gigabytes of RAM with the click of a button.

The support is also top-notch and knows what they're talking about, which is great because we can save time by offloading basic tasks to them. As an agency, we wholeheartedly recommend this company at for hosting client websites, or if you're an individual needing to host a couple personal websites (built with Oxygen). This is a step down from managed hosting, but not by far.

The company also understands how Oxygen Builder works, and have even helped us with basic tasks such as disabling SVG auto loading in the database, which isn't even a hosting related query. 

Speed Oriented Hosting

In one of our larger projects, completed at the end of 2020, we were introduced to Servebolt speed oriented hosting, which is one of the fastest Hosting companies that we've used- ever. Because many using Oxygen Builder are incredibly concerned with the speed in loading time of their WordPress website, this company gets an honorable mention in this list. When we say it is quick to load, we mean that it is quick to load. It has tons of optimized hardware, such as a full page cache, dedicated CDN, and more. If you want to read about our experience with this company, we invite you to read our complete review article here:


we hope that this article showed you our thoughts on the best hosting for an Oxygen Builder or Website. Oxygen Builder isn't much different than WordPress in terms of hosting requirements, but it's always a plus if the company understands how the tool works and can support you if anything goes wrong. Our agency has built many Oxygen Builder websites, and used each of the hosts, other than bunny shell, mentioned above, for production hosting. We've had great experiences with each of the companies, and highly recommend them for each of the use cases identified above. If you have any other questions, or your own recommendations, feel free to leave a comment below. 

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3 years ago

Interesting article.
Could you please also make a more comprehensive article on how to build the fastest server for oxygen without many plugins?
I want to upgrade my hosting, but i'm not sure how to build my server on one of these Vultr, DigitalOcean, Upcould:

Which language to use PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, on which webserver: Apache, Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed.
What database to yse: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MnogoDB, Redis, Memcached, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, InfluxDB

I think this will be a super needed guide!

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