These Are The Best WeWorks In NYC (2024 guide)

By James LePage
 on September 4, 2022

These Are The Best WeWorks In NYC (2024 guide)

By James LePage
 on September 4, 2022

New York City is home to over 30 WeWork locations, so when choosing your base of operations, you'll have a lot of options to choose from. While each location is unique and "good" in it's own right, there are several that are simply a cut above the rest.

In this article, we're going to take a look at the best WeWork locations in New York City (as of 2024).


In downtown alone, there are dozens of WeWork locations - and you can access all of them with a WeWork All Access Pass. Use that link to get a special discount!

I've been using the WeWork all access pass for a while now, and visited most locations in New York City. From member referrals and my own visits, here are several must see locations, each with their own unique selling points.

199 Water Street

The best WeWork view in NYC

If you're in it for the views, 199 Water Street has the best in the city... handsdown.

This isn't the best kept secret, and people come pretty early to claim a hotdesk on the windows with the best views, so you'll need to plan your visit and timing to get the best desks.

The best spot is a large circular table nestled in the corner of the main room, where you're essentially sitting next to a panoramic view of Brooklyn, and the complete East River.

All the bookable rooms have incredible views and large windows, so if you're looking for a unique space for your team to work from, this may be the best location in the city.

The building itself is large and professional with a modern access system and several doormen on staff.

1460 Broadway

Huge Outdoor Terrace


If you're in the market for an outdoor terrace to work from, 1460 Broadway offers just that.

The top floor of the building has a large indoor space with hot desks, espresso machines, and the standard WeWork "kitchen". Wrapping around 2 sides of the floor is a large outdoor terrace (pictured above), with couches, tables, and other chairs.

Because it's on the 18th floor, you're relatively isolated from the noise of the city below, and can enjoy fresh air and sunshine while still getting in a days work.

It's also near Times Square which makes the commute super easy.

135 E 57th St

Massive Floor to Ceiling Windows


A bright and open space on 57th street with massive windows and great views. 135 E 57th St is a historic building that's steps from Central Park, Lexington and 5th.


This space is great due to the floor-ceiling windows and interior setup with desks butting right into them. If you get the right spot, it's almost as if you're sitting outside (with an incredible view).

3537 36th St

Astoria art-space with outdoor access


A crazy converted warehouse with large glass garage doors, this space is the perfect location for anybody living and working Queens.

On days where the temperature makes sense, the garage doors are opened, and the lines where indoor ends and outdoor starts are blurred.

The interior is unique when compared to most other NYC WeWork locations as this is a ground floor converted warehouse and not your standard commercial high rise.

Dock 72 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

New building with massive floorplans and modern design


A crazy new development, Dock 72 is a massive modern building jutting out into the east river, located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It's a must-see space due to the age, views, and interior/exterior design. If you're coming from Manhattan, the ferry will drop you off about 100 feet from the buildings entrance.

85 Broad Street

Large, quiet, downtown office with great views


After 199 Water, 85 Broad Street is the second best downtown location, located on the upperfloors of a large commercial high rise. Unique, green spaces, great views, and comfortable couches (that aren't standard in other locations, from what I can tell).

Every time I've been there, it hasn't been to crowded either.

250 Vesey St (No longer WeWork)

Indoor and outdoor plants, river views, and large gym


Sadly, the WeWork and SaksWorks partnership is now over. Previously, you could book on-demand Saksworks locations via the WeWork app.

The 250 Vesey St is an incredibly unique location, built on the shores of the Hudson River with massive windows that invite the outdoor, natural environment in. You have views of the ships traveling the river and the Statue of Liberty.

Inside, there are dozens of couches, desks, work-tables, meeting rooms and private offices. There's also a complete indoor hydroponics setup, that makes the inside incredibly green. When ripe, you can even pick and eat some of the vegetables growing.

There was also a large gym equipped with free weights that was attached to the workspace and accessible by members. Not just a "show gym", this space had enough equipment that would allow it to replace any membership you had.

This space is incredible if you want refuge from the concrete jungle - you're surrounded by the river, nature and indoor greenery!


I've been to most WeWork locations in NYC and there are my favorites. You'll notice that all of them are bright, with large windows, and a bunch of greenery.

You can access all of them with a WeWork All Access Pass, which is definitely worth it if you're looking for a way to get out of your home office and into some of the best buildings and locations in New York City.

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1 year ago

I believe 135 E 57th is now closed as of Jan 2023 🙁

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