Best Black Friday 2020 WordPress Plugin Deals

By James LePage
 on November 17, 2020
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

Best Black Friday 2020 WordPress Plugin Deals

By James LePage
 on November 17, 2020
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

The ever anticipated Black Friday holiday for 2020 will soon be upon us, and with it will come deep discounts on most WordPress plugins out there. As an agency and professional developer, we typically plan around purchasing plugins on major Holidays, because the prices can be slashed by up to 80%. That's because there's no fixed cost to make a software product, once it's developed, the company behind it can choose to discount it as much as they want.

Many WordPress plugin developers take this to heart, and on Black Friday you can find mind boggling deals on WordPress plugins.

However, in the past we've been stuck toggling through our favorite plugins websites, waiting to see if a deal shows up. It's very difficult to compare and contrast all these deals in the moment, because you're so focused on getting the best price. The WordPress plugin landscape is incredibly competitive, so there are dozens of different solutions coming in a different price points, with different discount values.

Very difficult to compare all of them , or even know what's discounted when. To make things even crazier, there are coupons for WordPress plugins on Black Friday. Developers may send out these coupons to their email list, leaving everybody else in the dark as to the discount, and how to access it.

This year, we decided to build a WordPress plugins deal aggregator for Black Friday 2020. In it, we've listed all of the WordPress plugin deals that we've found on the Internet running in the month of November and early December. If you're looking for a tool to help you find WordPress plugin deals on Black Friday 2020, we made this specifically for you. There are a collection of filters and sorting utilities, and plugins are classified by industry. We've also rounded up some software deals that WordPress developers would like, as well as a few hardware discounts.

To use the tool, feel free to access it via the iframe below, or click on this button to launch the isotropic WordPress Plugin Deals for 2020. Below, we are also going to list some of our favorite Black Friday 2020 discounts for WordPress plugins, themes, and related services, so you can choose to use that as a short list. However, our deal tool has hundreds of individual discounts, coupon codes, and more all in one place.

We are only running it until the end of all the Black Friday Deals, which typically wrap up on these second week of December, so be sure to jump on it as soon as possible.  

Open full deal finder in new tab:

While we have a lot of information related to WordPress plugin deals, we are not legally allowed to share some of it before specified dates, many of which start on the 23rd and 24th of November. if there's a blank space for a WordPress plugin deal, that means that we have the information but can't release it until a specified date.

Consider entering your email to be notified when we released the majority of our WordPress plugin deals for Black Friday 2020.

These best Black Friday WordPress 2020 deals are completely our opinion. If you find a deeper discount out there, leave a comment down below! Keep in mind, this blog is run by us, and all of these spaces are populated by us. Many other Black Friday posts related to WordPress sell their “best plugin for…” to developers – nothing wrong with that, but just something we didn’t do this year.

Best Page Builder Black Friday Deal

The most popular WordPress page builder, Elementor, runs Black Friday sales every year. Be on the lookout for their sale to go live in the next couple of days. We will update this article with all information on the Elementor Black Friday sale as soon as we can. In the meantime, feel free to subscribe to our Black Friday list, which will consist of one single email with a ton of information on the best WordPress Black Friday Deals out there.

Deal TermsDeal DatesCoupon
Coming soon!Coming soon!None Needed

Best Performance Plugin Black Friday Deal

Like last year, our favorite WordPress performance plugin, WP Rocket, will be running a Black Friday sale. We are not allowed to share information like the discount terms and date that the sale will be running, but check back -- we will update this article as soon as we are allowed to.

This is a great way to get a fairly pricey performance optimization plugin that seriously impacts the speed of your website at a discount. We use WP rocket in pretty much all of our client projects because of the simplicity yet power that it comes with. Easily merge and minify files, defer loading, cache, and more!

Deal TermsDeal DatesCoupon
Coming soon!Coming soon!None Needed

Best Form Plugin Black Friday Deal

There are a ton of form plugins out there to choose from, each varying in features and price. However, the most popular and one of the more functional offerings out there is WPForms. We are not allowed to share information like the discount terms and date that the sale will be running, but check back -- we will update this article as soon as we are allowed to.

This Black Friday presents a great opportunity to pick up one of the pricier licenses that gives you access to add-ons and features such as payment processing, front end post creation, conversational forms, and more!

Deal TermsDeal DatesCoupon
Coming soon!Coming soon!None Needed

Best SEO Plugin Black Friday Deal

Just like forms, there are a ton of plugins out there that help you optimize your website when it comes to search engine ranking placements. There are a bunch of deals out there, and you can use our Black Friday 2020 WordPress Deal Finder utility, but the best offering in our opinion is All In One SEO.

All In One SEO recently rebranded and now offer some crazy features like unlimited keywords, Smart Schema Markup and dozens of custom sitemap types. They are also one of the oldest SEO offerings out there, being marketed as the first search engine optimization plugin for WordPress. The free version is one of the most popular and its class, and the pro version comes with (you guessed it) professional features to help your site rank high.

Deal TermsDeal DatesCoupon
30% OFF22 Nov - 07 DecBL3CKFRID0Y

Best WordPress Hosting Black Friday Deal

Not necessarily a WordPress plugin, but many websites are running on outdated and slow budget hosting. This Black Friday is a perfect opportunity to move two hosting that is more adequate for your WordPress website. At Isotropic, we are incredibly focused on the loading times of our client web sites because a faster website is better for user experience, search engine ranking, and conversion.

This year, the best Black Friday hosting deal (that’s actually worth your money and won’t lock you into a horrible contract) comes from…

Yikes! We aren't allowed to tell you until November 23rd. Check back on that day to see what the best hosting deal for WordPress Black Friday 2020 has to offer.

Be sure to head over to our deals website that will be running from now until a couple weeks into December to find the best WordPress plugin deal for you. There, you can filter by type, discount, sector, and more. We made it to be exactly what we wanted: and all in one WordPress plugins and services deal Finder for Black Friday and holiday WordPress plugin sales.

If you have any sales of your own that you found online, feel free to leave them in the comments section below and we will add them to our WordPress plugin deal tool ASAP!

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