Blocksy Review - Is This The Best Gutenberg-Focused Theme in 2024?

By James LePage
 on August 1, 2022

Blocksy Review - Is This The Best Gutenberg-Focused Theme in 2024?

By James LePage
 on August 1, 2022

In this review, we're going to look at Blocksy Theme. This theme is popular with WordPress users around the world.

Blocksy review by isotropic

We'll be diving deep into the features of Blocksy theme, so you can make an informed decision if this is the right WordPress theme for your site.

As of writing this article, Blocksy WordPress theme boasts over 70,000 installations on WordPress.

Blocksy Review: Intro

As you might already know, Gutenberg is the latest block-based editor for WordPress. It was launched with WordPress 5. This editor replaced the classic WordPress editor built on TinyMCE.

Blocksy is a premium lightweight WordPress theme built for Gutenberg.

Blocksy guetenberg blocks

This is important to understand as this aspect makes Blocksy one of the best lightweight WordPress themes out there (compatible with most page builders). More on this later.

Blocksy theme packs a lot of cool features. Since it uses modular code, it can easily be used to create beautiful websites. You get even more features and flexibility when you use Blocksy Pro features. One of the best things about Blocksy is its seamless integration with WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Did I mention that the Blocksy theme is free to download from WordPress? Of course, you can use Blocksy Pro to add more features. We will discuss that as well in this in-depth post.

Blocksy Theme Review: Features

Let’s start with the core features of the free Blocksy theme in this Blocksy review post. Later, we will cover the Pro version of Blocksy WordPress theme as well.

Blocksy logo

The free theme from Blocksy offers a global color palette, related posts module, trending posts module, newsletter subscribe module, cookies notice module, custom widgets, Google fonts, Custom post types support, and WooCommerce support.

Building a beautiful header is easy with Blocksy theme as the free version offers Header features such as a transparent header, and sticky header.

Blocksy header builder

The free theme also comes with a nifty Footer builder. You get features such as a footer builder and a footer reveal effect.

And if you are selling products/services on your online store, the Blocksy free theme offers awesome WooCommerce features such as advanced archive layouts, advanced single product layouts, AJAX add to cart, and a single product variation gallery.

Let’s talk about these features in detail.

Custom WordPress Customizer

If you have been using WordPress themes for some time, you will immediately notice the difference in the WordPress customizer with Blocksy.

I find it quite useful that Blocksy has paid extra attention to the hierarchy of features visible on the customizer.

The General Options in the wordpress customizer covers General, Header, Footer, Sidebar, Colors, Typography, and Performance.

Blocksy key features

The next block is Post Types, which has features such as Blog Posts, Single Posts, and Categories. Next, we have the Pages section, which encompasses author page and search page.

The visitor engagement section lays out two features- General and Social Networks.

Finally, we have the Core label in the WordPress customizer, which covers, Site Identity, Menus, Widgets, Homepage Settings, and Additional CSS.

This kind of layout allows the user to easily find the desired item without getting confused.

Did I mention that the Blocksy Customizer has both Light Mode and Dark Mode?

Header Builder & Footer Builder

The free Blocksy wordpress theme comes with a header and footer builder.

The header builder offers draggable elements such as Account, Button, HTML 1, Logo, Menu 1, Menu 2, Search, and Socials.

Unlike most WordPress themes offering the “Account” element only with their paid versions, the Blocksy theme offers this element even with its free one.

Global Color Palette

I recall the days when I had to manually change the color theme on a website.

Well, that is past.

Today, we have modern themes offering a global color palette.

Blocksy global colors

This allows you to choose colors in your global color palette to define the colors throughout the website (as long as they are globally linked).

The Blocksy global color palette offers five colors, namely, your primary color, hover color, para text color, headings/titles color, and an optional color.

This global color palette is a time saver.

Imagine having to spend hours developing a website, and changing colors manually for each area on the site.

A shortcoming of Blocksy free version is that the number of colors is limited.

Social Sharing

Well, isn’t social sharing common with all WP themes?

This is where Blocksy free theme shines.

Unlike themes that require a plugin to implement social sharing box, Boxsy offers this feature built-in with its free version.

Not having to install another plugin is a cool feature.

Native Lazy Loading

If you want a fast website, you need to have lazy loading.

Lazy loading allows your website to load specific aspects of your visuals (images and videos) instead of loading the entire site at once.

This is great for user experience.

Blocksy WordPress theme comes with a native lazy-loading system.

Live Search

If you have been using WP, you might have already used different plugins for live search.

Thankfully, Blocksy theme does away with the need to have a third party plugin for live search.

This WordPress theme comes with a built-in live search feature that allows your website visitors to see live results as they type in.

An Intuitive Blog

If you want a modern blog on your WordPress website, you would love the Blocksy theme.

The sky is the limit when customizing your blog with Blocksy theme.

For example, you can decide which elements to show on the blog listing page and the single blog post page.

You can add various effects to blog cards using this WordPress theme.

Creating blog posts with Blocksy theme is a breeze.

Advanced Web Tech

Having used dozens of WP themes, I can say that it takes more than just eye-catching design to create a powerful wordpress theme.

Blocksy is not just another wordpress theme that is good for the eye.

There is a reason why this theme is one of the best performing and fastest loading wordpress themes out there.

Let’s start with JavaScript libraries.

As you might know, React is one of the most popular JS libraries today. Blocksy theme is built using React.

Blocksy web technologies

Thanks to the Webpack build pipeline, Blocksy themes do not slow down your website. 

Finally, we have the latest JS language (powered by Babel) that allows Blocksy theme to be cross browser compatible. This could be a reason why Blocksy works well with most leading page builders.

Let’s now talk about the Pro version of Blocksy theme.

Blocksy Theme Review: PRO Features

As I wrote earlier, the free version of Blocksy theme offers a ton of features.

And if that is not enough, you have the Pro version of Blocksy theme.

Blocksy Pro offers additional features such as an enhanced header and footer builder, header and footer pro elements, conditional headers and footers, content blocks (hooks), advanced menu, custom sidebars, custom fonts, Adobe Typekit fonts, local Google fonts, advanced WooCommerce features, custom code snippets, and more.

Advanced Header Builder and Footer Builder

The Pro version of this WordPress theme gives you advanced header builder elements such as language switcher, contacts element, desktop menu drawer, search box, widgets, and more.

Working on the footer section of your website is a child’s play when using Blocksy Pro. With advanced footer elements such as logo, search box, and button, you can design a beautiful footer in no time.

Conditional Headers and Footers

We talked about advanced features for the footer and header.

The Pro version of Blocksy WordPress theme also comes with conditional headers and footer features. Using this, you can build an unlimited number of advanced headers or footers and show them on individual web pages on your website based on certain conditions.

Let’s use an example.

Assume you want to have all pages on your website with the same header, except, say, that on your “Portfolio” page.

Alternatively, say you do not want to show contact details in your global header, but want that the Portfolio page header has your contact info.

This is possible with conditional headers and footers.

Content Blocks 

Different WP themes use different names for content blocks.

For example, the Astra WP theme calls it Custom Layouts.

Using Content Blocks, you can create custom sections that you can then attach (hook) into other areas of your site using conditionals.

This is why Content Blocks are also called hooks.

Blocksy Content Blocks work the same way as conditional headers and footers. The difference here is that with Content Blocks (hooks), you can create distinct block sections and put them across your site.

A cool thing about Blocksy content blocks is that it offers expiration date. In other words, you can set a date when the block would disappear from your site. This comes in handy when you are using sticky countdown timers or anything along those lines.

Advanced Menu

With Blocksy Pro, you get an Advanced Menu, which allows you to further add a Mega Menu.

In simple terms, you can configure each menu item to create your personalized Mega Menu.

Custom Sidebars

I always have loved the feature to be able to create several custom sidebars for different pages on my website.

With Blocksy Pro, you can easily do this.

Custom Sidebars are similar in functionality to Conditional Headers and Footers.

Custom Fonts

The Pro version allows you yo use custom fonts on your website.

Thanks to Blocksy theme customization settings, you can easily use your desired custom font within your typography options.

And that is not all.

Blocksy Pro allows you to use Adobe Typekit as well as Google Fonts.

White Label

If you are running an agency, serving dozens of clients, you would want whitelabel services with your WP theme.

When you purchase the Agency plan, you will have the option to whitelabel the themes.

Custom Code Snippets

I am a big fan of code snippets.

Blocksy Pro offers two features in this regard.

One, the option to globally add header and footer scripts.

This comes in handy when you are working with Analytics tags such as Google Analytics or GTM.

And two, adding header and footer scripts to both posts and pages.

This is useful when you want to go granular with targeting.

Let’s say you want to run FB pixel on a specific page(s).

Using the second option allows you to do that with ease.

WooCommerce Features

The free version of Blocksy offers a number of cool WooCommerce features.

But it lacks features such as a quick view module, floating cart, off-canvas filters, off-canvas cart, new single product layout, and product share icons.

Floating Cart Demo

The Pro version offers all these.

In addition, the Pro version will soon offer a gallery slider, multi-step checkout, and distraction-free checkout.

Blocksy Theme: Pricing

While you can always download Blocksy from the WordPress repository for free, the Pro version of this theme allows you to go that extra mile.

You will be able to add a ton of cool features using the Pro version of Blocksy.

How much does Blocksy cost?

Creativethemes (the company behind Blocksy) offers three-tier pricing for Blocksy.

You can get the $49/year pricing if you want to install Blocksy on a single site.

Blocksy annual

If you want up to 5 websites, their $69/year plan does a good job.

Finally, we have the $99/year package, which is geared towards freelancers and agencies. This package offers unlimited licenses, meaning there is no cap on the number of websites.

What if you do not want to pay year after year?

Worry not, as Blocksy also offers lifetime pricing.

Their lifetime plan costs $149, $199, and $299 for a single site, 5 websites, and unlimited sites respectively.

Blocksy lifetime pricing

That's really reasonable given that many popular builders are charging these prices every single year!

Blocksy: Good and Bad

Having used this theme, I can say that this WP theme offers a great user experience. It offers a powerful header and footer builder. I love that most aspects of Blocksy are customizable. If you are using Gutenberg, Blocksy works like a charm.

The best thing, at least for me, is that Blocksy is fast and lightweight.

It has a clean code. Thanks to Webpack, React and Babble technology, Blocksy does not offer slow load times like many other WP themes.

I also like that the team behind Blocksy is on top of things when it comes to releasing updates. They release cool features, performance improvements, and bug fixing with almost every update. As a result, Blocksy is able to bring advanced functionalities and customization features with every update. This theme works well with most page builders.

Like any other thing, Blocksy does come with a few shortcomings.

For instance, the starter sites library is not that diverse.

However, overall, the pros of Blocksy outweigh its cons.

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