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4 hours ago

How To Host And Install 66Analytics (Tutorial)

In this tutorial we are going to talk about how to install 66Analytics on your webhost. This is going to cover everything from unzipping the file to choosing the best host for this platform to configuration once installed. It's actually a fairly simple process, and by following this tutorial it should be made even easier. […]
1 day ago

How To Add Lottie Animations To An Oxygen Builder Website

Lottie are a type of animation that is created to replace GIFs and videos. It's very lightweight, and as a modern and professional touch to any website. In this blog post, we're going to be discussing how to add lotties to your Oxygen Builder website. Unlike other page builders, Oxygen Builder does not have a […]
2 days ago

66Analytics: A Powerful Self Hosted Google Analytics Alternative

This article is going to take a look at 66Analytics, a relatively new website analytics offering that can be self hosted on your own server. Open source analytics tools that are well designed and affordable are pretty much unheard of, making 66Analytics something that anybody should check out -- Especially if you're unhappy with the […]
3 days ago

Using Nimbufy To Migrate Any Site To Oxygen

This article is going to talk about our experience with using the Nimbufy Extension, a tool that allows you to easily recreate any website structure in the Oxygen Builder. The Nimbufy software offering is something that's very unique, and a tool that we haven't found a similar alternative to (in regards to the greater WordPress […]
3 days ago

Brizy Vs Elementor: What’s The Best Option in 2021?

This article is going to offer a detailed comparison between Brizy and Elementor, two WordPress page builders that are leading the industry in terms of simplicity and flexibility. We are going to take a look at the features, previous history of delivering on promised changes, company support, future prospects, pricing, and more. As an agency, […]
3 days ago

Divi Builder VS Oxygen Builder - Who Wins In 2021?

This article is going to compare Divi VS Oxygen, two powerful WordPress page building platforms that allow you to completely create a WordPress website. There are several major differences between the two tools, and we have used each of them in production websites. We're going to be taking a look at the different features that […]
3 days ago

A Look At Glassmorphism - 2021's Web Design Trend

Remember Neumorphic design? Well, for 2021 there's a new trend in town called Glassmorphism. In this article, we will be talking about the main ideas behind the Glassmorphism trend, where Glassmorphic design is used in real world products, and the probability that this will be adopted by the industry. First, here's a rundown video of […]
3 days ago

A Quick Overview of Popular Email Services for Corporate Tasks

There are two types of emails that people use: personal and corporate. Corporate mail for a company can be organized by spending money on a server and IT specialist, or you can simply use one of the ready-made solutions. In this article, we’ve collected the best (free and paid) email services of 2021. Take your […]
5 days ago

BackupGuard Review: A Look Through The Features & Backend

This review will be taking a look at BackupGuard Pro, a new WordPress backup and migration plugin. We'll be checking out the features, backend design, pricing, competitors, and more, to see if this is a good purchase for somebody looking to protect their most valuable digital asset: your website. BackupGuard Intro Backup Guard is a […]
5 days ago

A Collection of Free Hand Drawn Arrows (just copy/paste)

Whenever we are creating thumbnails, open graph images, or other digital graphics, we always like incorporating hand drawn arrows into our designs. Unfortunately, if you can't create hand drawn arrows yourself, you're stuck either downloading free arrow packs that can only be opened on Adobe Illustrator, or spending $12.000 to $24.00 on an overpriced stock […]
5 days ago

How To Create Custom Oxygen Builder Login/Register Pages

This tutorial will show you how to add custom login and registration pages to an Oxygen Builder website. If you are looking to completely brand the user experience for your WordPress website, and have customers that will be logging in, this method of incorporating theme my login with the Oxygen Builder template feature is powerful […]
5 days ago

Brindle Booking: A Solid, $9, WordPress Booking Plugin

Brindle Booking, available as a LTD on AppSumo right now, literally costs $9. So, we bought it, tested it, and wrote this review. Brindle Booking is a new entry to the crowded Appointment Booking Plugin market, boasting several premium features and a promising roadmap of future additions. We picked it up for the current lifetime […]
6 days ago

GridBuilder WP Review: Best Filter & Search Plugin For WordPress

This is a review of Gridbuilder WP (also known as WP Grid Builder) by an agency that actually uses it. Gridbuilder WP AKA WP GridBuilder AKA Gridbuilder ᵂᴾ is the new kid on the block when it comes to search/filter/content grid plugins. Because our agency is heavily involved with Oxygen Builder, and Gridbuilder WP supports […]
6 days ago

Speeding Up A WordPress Site With Statically, A Free CDN

This article will introduce Statically, a 100% free CDN that offers a serious performance boost to your Oxygen Builder website. We really like it because unlike other free services, it actually works, and has a very elegant and easy to use backend. Statically CDN is a free content delivery network that comes with a lot […]
1 week ago

What’s The Best Search/Filter Solution For Oxygen?

The question of searching and filtering content on Oxygen Builder consistently comes up on the Facebook group. In this article, we're going to talk about the best facet, search, and filter plugins for the Oxygen Builder. Because Oxygen handles WordPress websites differently than some other tools, for example, completely disabling the theme system, some plugins […]
1 week ago

SchedulePress Pro Review: Deep Look At Features, Dashboard and Pricing

This review is going to take a deep and critical look at the SchedulePress (a.k.a. WP Scheduled Posts) plug-in, a utility that allows you to schedule an share WordPress blog posts to social media and your website. This is a very powerful plug-in that is aimed at professional content creators, and we use it in […]
1 week ago

Fixed (But Responsive) Aspect Ratio DIVs On Oxygen Builder

This quick and simple tutorial is going to show you how to make divs in an Oxygen Builder website have a fixed ratio. What that means is that the aspect ratio remains the same as the width and height change depending on the screen size. For example, an aspect ratio of 1 to one would […]
1 week ago

Responsive Aspect Ratio Divs/Boxes Using CSS Variables

In this article, we discuss how to add responsive aspect ratios to divs using CSS variables. The following code is super smart and allows you to use CSS variables in style attributes on specific divs to give them a fixed aspect ratio. For example, if you're trying to make a squared if remain square regardless […]
1 week ago

Minimize CLS With Aspect Ratio Divs Wrapping Slow Loading Content

CLS is caused by items loading into your page after the user has begun interacting with the content. For example, if you have a slow loading video or image, and the user has already begun using your website, once it loads in it will push content up and down, resulting in a layout shift. This […]
1 week ago

How To Make A WordPress Comments Shortcode (No Plugin)

This tutorial will show you how to create a custom shortcode for your WordPress Commons. With it, you can place them in custom positions, simply by in putting the shortcode. This is helpful if you use a page builder and want to add your WordPress comments anywhere on the page, or want to place your […]
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