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4 weeks ago

Missing fb:App_id Error - What It Is and How To Fix

This article will walk you through the best ways to fix the common WordPress error of "The Following Required Properties Are Missing: fb:App_id Error", discussing what it means and how to fix it. This is something that you'll probably encounter when using the Facebook Sharing Debugger, like so: Why Does This Facebook Error Show On […]
1 month ago

MetaBox and Oxygen Builder Tutorial (Version 3.9+)

Oxygen Builder version 3.9 officially integrated MetaBox into the pagebuilder. In this article, we are going to discuss how to use MetaBox custom fields and Oxygen Builder together. MetaBox Video Tutorial This article is made to supplement our video tutorial. The video will cover all aspects of using the new MetaBox integration with Oxygen. If […]
1 month ago

Can You Transfer Money From Venmo to PayPal?

Wondering if it's possible to transfer funds from PayPal to Venmo? In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know regarding transfering money between Venmo and Paypal. Any regular user of digital payment apps should be familiar with Paypal and Venmo. While the two applications have similar features, they don't work the same. Most […]
2 months ago


I still have Firefox on my laptop, but it is no longer my go-to browser. I still fire it up from time to time since some blog links are saved on that particular browser. Some browsers work better for particular sites as well. Sometimes, I have noticed an error that says “SSL Error No Cypher […]
2 months ago

Cloudflare Error 1105: What It Is And How To Fix

Over the years, our ability to access data and perform actions has increased at almost lightning speeds. Back in Elementor school, it would take 20 minutes for a computer to load DOS after logging in. I still have memories of when the internet would not be accessible when I was talking on my home phone.  Today, […]
2 months ago

What Is Octet-Stream? - A Complete Overview

I have lost count of how many times I tried to open a file attachment that seemed to be blank, in a weird format or did not seem compatible with my available programs. When possible, I would kindly ask the sender to resubmit the file in a different format. Sometimes I would have to troubleshoot […]
2 months ago

How To Fix Cloudflare's Error 521 – Web Server Down

Error 521 is a Cloudflare error code that you may encounter when working on a WordPress website, or browsing the internet. in this article, we will discuss the common causes of every 521, and how to fix the Cloudflare issue. A Word of Warning Do not attempt to replicate an error in any of the […]
3 months ago

The Best Ways to Add an Instagram Feed to your WordPress Website

When most people think about social media, they picture Facebook and Twitter. However, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the biggest social media tools online. It’s a photo-sharing site that has grown to over 400 million monthly active users. It also ranks as one of the top 10 most visited websites in America. Your business […]
4 months ago

How To Add A JS Library To WordPress (3 Ways)

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to insert JavaScript into WordPress, this article will discuss three different approaches to do just that. All of them can be done for free, and don't require any advanced knowledge. Why Add A JS Library To WordPress? JavaScript powers many of the advanced interactions and effects […]
4 months ago

Display Specific Posts With ACF Relationships & Oxygen Repeaters

In this video tutorial, we show you how to display specific posts by using ACF Relationship field and an Oxygen Builder easypost or repeater element. Clients and website end-users can select specific posts to display on the frontend instead of automatically querying and filtering. This set up is only made possible by the new advanced […]
5 months ago

How To Generate Random Images By URL (Web Dev)

This article will cover a few ways to automatically generate random images by using URLs. This is perfect for placeholders when developing websites. The Question: "I would like to have a random image, each time. Even if I call for a random image ten times on one webpage. Is there a way that this is […]
5 months ago

How to Change Header Logo in WordPress

Looking to change your WordPress header logo? It's actually very easy. This blog post will walk you through the process step by step, so that you can have a custom image in place of the default one. After reading this article, your new and improved site should be live on the web! The logo of […]
5 months ago

Quick & Easy Way To Fix White Gap Issue On Oxygen Builder

This article will show you how to fix the white gap on Oxygen Builder. Having a gap on the right of your page when creating an Oxygen Builder website is a common issue that many face when creating pages and templates. What’s Causing The White Gap The white gap is not caused by the Oxygen […]
5 months ago

Sliding Sticky Header For Your Website (Headroom.JS Tutorial)

This article will show you how to install headroom.js on your website. This is a unique JavaScript library that allows you to have a fixed header that is hidden when a user scrolls down the page, but shows when a user scrolls out. You get the benefit of having navigation ever present on a website, […]
5 months ago

How To Convert A Video (.mp4) To Lottie JSON

So you have a video on your computer, but it is not in the format needed for Lottie. This article will help you convert that video to a JSON file so you can use lottie with ease! Update July 2021: Due to the popularity of this article, we've launched our own Video To Lottie Conversion […]
7 months ago

How To Add Locomotive Scroll To A Website

This article will show you how to add Locomotive Scroll to a website. For this example, we will be using WordPress and Oxygen Builder, but the concepts discussed here can easily be applied to any framework or CMS. What is Locomotive Scroll? From the Github, it's "a simple scroll library used by developers at Locomotive. […]
7 months ago

How To: On Scroll Letter Animations

I was recently enthralled by this Codrops article, showing really unique on scroll letter animations. Unfortunately, there were no directions attached to the examples. This article will serve as the companion "how to" to that demo. We've recently begun implementing Locomotive Scroll into many of our projects, which is a JS library that helps you […]
9 months ago

Sticky Shrinking Header In Oxygen Builder (That Hides On Scroll Down)

This tutorial will show you how to make a sticky shrinking header in Oxygen Builder, and combine that with the effect of hiding on scroll down, and showing when scrolling up. When used together, this ensures that navigation is easily accessible, but never in the way of important content. EDIT: Before you watch this video, […]
9 months ago

How To Host And Install WordPress On Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is an incredibly cost effective way to host a WordPress website. Not only is is fast, scalable, and performant, but it comes in at only $5 per month. Only pay for what you need and use. This tutorial will discuss the pros and cons of hosting WordPress on a Digital Ocean Droplet (updated […]
9 months ago

How To Create Complex Schema For WordPress Content (2 Ways)

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can create complex schema markup for WordPress content. We're going to cover two methods, utilizing a paid plugin for simple and efficient creation, or building schemas for free. First, here's a quick introduction to what schema is, and why you want to include this […]
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