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9 months ago

How To Make Your Corporate WordPress Site Static

Making your WordPress site static could be super beneficial to your company: free hosting, super quick delivery, no more security issues... We'll talk about how to do it and how to overcome potential roadblocks in this post. READ ABOUT IT ON ISOFORMS, OUR NEW CONVERSATIONAL FORM OFFERING.
10 months ago

How We Speed Up Our Websites With WEBP Image Delivery

This article outlines how to incorporate WebP images into your website and take advantage of the speed, SEO and size benefits this image type offers. If you're a website owner looking to speed up your site by using these methods and others, without the hassle of doing it yourself, Isotropic would love to help. Feel […]
10 months ago

How To Show An Element After Scrolling Halfway Down The Page (JS)

If you have an element that is sticky on the page, such as a call to action button, toggle links visibility based on the scroll position of the page could be a simple way to make it pop out and get more interaction. In this article, we will show you how to toggle the visibility […]
10 months ago

How To Increase The WordPress Upload Limit On An AWS Lightsail Bitnami Installation

If you've ever needed to upload large files onto your WordPress installation, you've probable come across the dreaded upload limit. Each limit depends on the platform hosting your installation, but typically you can only upload around 64M in one go until you get stopped. On new installations we come across this issue all the time […]
10 months ago

Our Web Host Recommendations For Every Type Of Project

When it comes to hosting solutions many clients are confused due to the multitude of offerings. Isotropic Design recommends several different hosts for different needs and requirements. The following is a list of the hosts that we recommend our clients use, a collection of pros and cons, pricing, recommended plans and suggested use cases. If […]
10 months ago

The Best Architect Website Design Of 2020

If you're looking for architecture website inspiration, we've created this list of the best architecture websites of 2020. Each one is pretty unique, but the similarities are that they follow their design ideologies throughout all aspects of the website, are responsive, engaging, and utilize scrolling animations or home page videos to increase visitor retention. The […]
10 months ago

How To Use The Isotropic Invoice Payment Portal

Learn how to view and pay invoices by using the Isotropic Invoice Payment Portal
10 months ago

Share Passwords Securely With Isotopic Design's Password Sharing Utility

Learn how to quickly and securely share passwords with Isotropic's utility
10 months ago

How To Use The Isotropic Project Management & Feedback System

Learn how to give feedback and populate your dev site with content
10 months ago

Add iMessage To A Windows Computer

Introduction Though this doesn't have to to with web design, branding or any of the other services we offer, this post addresses a major productivity issue that our agency was having and identifies a deployable solution. Communication is the lifeline of any successful agency: our designers, developers and other professionals all need to communicate. We […]
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