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3 days ago

The Best Web Design Resources: A Megathread

This megathread is a resource dedicated to archiving interesting and helpful website design tools. The majority of resources found here are free, and the paid ones offer immense value. Instead of creating a list that can only be edited by our staff, we're going to be using our comments section to post interesting web design […]
5 days ago

The Best Books (Print/Ebook) For Web Designers

If you are a website creator, designer, or developer, it's important to stay educated about the most up-to-date technologies, trends, and Concepts in the industry. There are tons of different books out there that offer the knowledge from experts in their field. Our industry, creating websites with HTML, various content management systems, JavaScript, and other […]
6 days ago

The Best "Financial Stack" For Web Designers (Services We Use)

In this video and article, we discuss how we deal with payments as a web design agency. We'll cover all of the services we use, from payment processing, to invoices, to accounting, to banking... and everything in between. Our "payment stack" has been ever-changing, and will continue to change, but over the past couple of […]
1 week ago

A Look At Glassmorphism - 2021's Web Design Trend

Remember Neumorphic design? Well, for 2021 there's a new trend in town called Glassmorphism. In this article, we will be talking about the main ideas behind the Glassmorphism trend, where Glassmorphic design is used in real world products, and the probability that this will be adopted by the industry. First, here's a rundown video of […]
2 weeks ago

A Simple Web Design Contract Template: Plug And Play

When beginning any web design project, you should always start with a legally binding contract. This protects both you and your client, making each party accountable to the terms outlined within. First, it is important to understand that everything discussed in this article is not legal advice, and we definitely recommend working with an attorney […]
3 weeks ago

The Best CRM System For Web Design Professionals: Perfex

The Perfex CRM is a great solution for a individual web designer, freelancer, or small design studio. Our agency has been using this tool to manage projects, build clients, and to track leads, for around three years, and wanted to offer our thoughts on the platform (for full transparency, we just moved away from this […]
1 month ago

Oxygen Builder Design Sets and Templates (A List)

In this article, we round up the best Oxygen Builder template offerings out there. If you're coming from a third party builder, or want to increase your workflow, you're probably on the hunt for prebuilt pages, sections, websites, and design sets that you can use in the Oxygen Builder. The tool ships with over 10 […]
3 months ago

5 Design Brief Writing Tips for Web Design Projects

As good as your products or services may be, the design and presentation of your website can effectively make or break your business. Based on Tech Jury, design has a 75% influence on a website’s credibility, with 88% of customers who won’t return after a poor UX. Whether you’re a small business owner or a […]
5 months ago

5 Free WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Design Workflow

If you're a developer/designer building one of the 500+ WordPress websites launched daily, you're probably well versed with the CMS. It's an extremely powerful platform that allows you to easily build out websites for all use cases. With more than 54,000 free plugins and 4000 free themes, you have a robust collection of ways to […]
5 months ago

A Look At The The Most Common Web Design Scam

This article is going to take a look at the most common email scam that specifically targets web designers. In the past, I’ve seen a few unfortunate Facebook and Reddit posts from Web Designers detailing how they were scammed – our agency must get at least two contact emails for this fraud per week, so […]
6 months ago

Making Blob Images (Web Design Tutorial)

This tutorial is going to cover a number of methods that you can use to add blob images to your website. In the past couple of years, incorporating blobs into your website has exploded in popularity as many major SAAS product offerings have adopted this unique shape. Many are saying that it's the complete opposite […]
10 months ago

The Best Architect Website Design Of 2020

If you're looking for architecture website inspiration, we've created this list of the best architecture websites of 2020. Each one is pretty unique, but the similarities are that they follow their design ideologies throughout all aspects of the website, are responsive, engaging, and utilize scrolling animations or home page videos to increase visitor retention. The […]
10 months ago

Share Passwords Securely With Isotopic Design's Password Sharing Utility

Learn how to quickly and securely share passwords with Isotropic's utility
1 day ago

Easy Split Color Backgrounds Using CSS Gradients

If you're looking to add split color backgrounds to your website, there is an easy way to do that with CSS. It's pretty well supported, and makes for a very unique effect. You can add as many sections of color as you want, and because there are gradient, you can choose if they abruptly transition, […]
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5 days ago

8 Actionable Ways To Improve FCP In WordPress

This article is going to cover several easy ways that you can improve your FCP or First Contentful Paint in WordPress. By improving this performance metric, your WordPress website will have a better user experience, get ranked higher on Google, and load noticeably quicker. First, let's go over what FCP is very quickly, and then […]
5 days ago

Must Have Plugins for Elementor Pro Users

In this article, we are going to cover some must have Elementor Pro add-on plugins that any user should purchase after picking up the professional license of the most popular WordPress page builder. We've created this article because while the professional version of Elementor is good, it becomes a million times better when you incorporate […]
5 days ago

Dynamic Content For Elementor – A Review By An Agency That Uses it

In this article we're going to review Dynamic Content For Elementor, a WordPress plugin that is created to extend the Elementor page builder, and is one of the best purchases you can make in regards to the functionality and addition of advanced capabilities too one of the most popular page building tools on the market. […]
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5 days ago

The Best Google Analytics Alternatives In 2021

In this article, we're going to take a look at the best Google Analytics alternatives in 2021. These are products and software packages that offer better security, performance, and design than the industry leading Google Analytics platform. If you're looking to monitor your website visitors without invading privacy, lowering performance, and using Google products altogether, […]
1 week ago

How To Add Lottie Animations To An Oxygen Builder Website

Lottie are a type of animation that is created to replace GIFs and videos. It's very lightweight, and as a modern and professional touch to any website. In this blog post, we're going to be discussing how to add lotties to your Oxygen Builder website. Unlike other page builders, Oxygen Builder does not have a […]
1 week ago

66Analytics: A Powerful Self Hosted Google Analytics Alternative

This article is going to take a look at 66Analytics, a relatively new website analytics offering that can be self hosted on your own server. Open source analytics tools that are well designed and affordable are pretty much unheard of, making 66Analytics something that anybody should check out -- Especially if you're unhappy with the […]
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