Brizy Vs Elementor: What’s The Best Option in 2024?

By James LePage
 on January 13, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

Brizy Vs Elementor: What’s The Best Option in 2024?

By James LePage
 on January 13, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

This article is going to offer a detailed comparison between Brizy and Elementor, two WordPress page builders that are leading the industry in terms of simplicity and flexibility. We are going to take a look at the features, previous history of delivering on promised changes, company support, future prospects, pricing, and more. As an agency, we have built several production websites with Elementor, and trialed the Brizy Builder extensively.

Let’s get right into our Brizy versus Elementor comparison, which is going to take a look at both versions available in 2024.


First, let’s compare the features. We are going to be taking a look at these builders from the point of you of a digital agency that builds professional WordPress websites for companies, e-commerce websites, and more. Off the bat, if one builder doesn’t have the same features as another, that is definitely something to consider when taking a look at the pricing structures.

Elementor Pro

First, here are the features that Elementor Pro has to offer somebody looking to build a WordPress website.

Brizy Pro

Now, here are the features that the Brizy builder has to offer or somebody looking to build a WordPress website.

When comparing Brizy Builder to the Elementor Pro builder, Elementor wins in terms of features. This is probably due to the plug-in being a little bit older, having a larger user base, and more venture-capital to throw into the development. With that being said, Brizy is not far behind, so it’s definitely still contender if you’re looking for and easy to use but professional WordPress Page builder tool.

Brizy Builder

Additionally speaking, the builder offers unique quirks that Elementor seemingly neglects. It's almost like the company went through all of the gripes that customers have with the tool, and added it to their own. For example, they natively integrate a megamenu functionality in their builder. Elementor does not have that.

Future Prospects and Past Delivery

Now let’s take a look at the past development, how quickly each company has innovated with their product, and the future roadmap one can expect in 2021. We believe that whenever you’re looking at a product that you will be building your most valuable digital asset on, i.e. a website, it’s important to buy into a tool that has a healthy future ahead of it.

With Elementor Pro, you can look forward to additional development as per the core editor, but also the soon to be released Elementor Cloud platform. This goes head to head with the Brizy Cloud platform as both of them do the same thing period with that being said, let's talk about the Brizy Cloud platform, which already exists and is offered to their customers for free.

Brizy Cloud is essentially integrated web hosting, meaning that you manage everything on a single platform. You are still using the Brizy Builder and WordPress, but it is all centrally located in managed for you. In terms of simplicity, this is the best you can get with an open source platform.

We think that both of these platforms have a great future ahead of them, but at the same time, it looks like Brizy is a little more innovative than Elementor. Food for thought.

Brizy Pro Vs Elementor Pro Support

Now, in our Brizy vs Elementor comparison, let’s take a look at the customer support that each company has to offer. Customer support is an incredibly important aspect when purchasing a WordPress Page builder, because you’ll be spending the majority of your time on this product. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need the company support to help you overcome those obstacles, or fix a bug with a third-party plug-in.

Support isn’t just limited to what the company has to offer, having a robust community around the product can also be incredibly helpful. In the case of Elementor Pro, there are several very popular Facebook groups that you can pose the question to and have answered almost immediately.

We actually reside in many of those groups, and try to help out questions that we can answer. In many cases, these answers will be quicker than support, and offer more insight as you have multiple viewpoints to choose from.

Brizy has a similar community surrounding it, but they also have a official forum, as well as those Facebook groups.

Brizy Vs Elementor Pricing Structure

Now let’s take a look at the pricing of each of these builders, and compare it to the features that it has to offer. This should give us a pretty clear picture of the value of each pricing plan. First off, we’re going to take a look at Brizy pro, for $49 per year, you can get a three site license, and for $99 per year you can get an unlimited side license.

Brizy Pro Pricing

Each of these plans include all of the pro features, 250 premium designs, one year of updates and support, and it’s paid yearly. The $49 per year plan has complementary access to Brizy cloud personal, and the $99 per your plan has access to Brizy Cloud Studio.

Finally, something that may not last much longer, in January 2021, Brizy pro is offering a lifetime license that is a one time payment of $299, and allows you to install it on unlimited websites, offers everything in the studio plan, allows you to white label it, and gives you complementary access to Brizy cloud studio for up to two years. There is a set number of licenses left, and at the time of the publication of this Brizy pro versus Elementor Pro article, there are only 119 licenses left.

The moneyback guarantee, something that virtually every plug-in offering has, is 30 days in the case of Brizy. This allows you to try the product risk-free, and if it doesn’t work out for you, simply replace it and try something else.

Pricing for Elementor Pro is a little more expensive, as they offer a single site license for $49 per year, a three site license for $99 per year, and an expert license for $199 per year. The expert license gives you access to 1000 individual licenses. However, there is no unlimited license plan, and there is no lifetime purchase option.

They to have a 30 day moneyback guarantee for new purchases, meaning that you can easily try out Elementor Pro, and if it doesn’t work for you get that refund.

Use The Money Back Guarantee To Your Advantage

Something that you should definitely consider is the fact that due to these moneyback guarantee is, you can purchase both of these plug-ins to compare side-by-side. When mentoring some of our students, many don’t realize that this is definitely a viable option to figure out what the best WordPress Page builder offering is for them.

You can read as many Brizy vs Elementor comparisons as you want, but at the end of the day, everybody has their own needs and requirements. One page builder tool will always be better than all of the rest for an individual. So, it makes a lot of sense to compare these in the real world, on your own hardware, and make a decision for yourself. With that being said, here is our personal verdict on which page builder tool is better, Brizy versus Elementor.

Brizy Vs Elementor: Our Verdict

Instead of choosing a clear winner for this head-to-head battle, each builder actually excels in its own use case. However, one of these use cases can be applied to many more projects than another. The Brizy Builder is great if you are trying to create very simple, WordPress websites and easily host them on a cloud platform. Good this could be helpful if you are a digital agency looking to create many websites very quickly.

These websites would definitely have to be relatively simple (cough cough landing pages), but you could include dynamic features like blogs, contact forms, and more. Another use case for the Brizy Builder would be a single company that needs to deploy multiple websites for promotions over the year. However, the defining factor of the use case that the Brizy Builder excels in is the fact that the website needs to be relatively simple. But, the builder is easier to use than Elementor Pro, and quicker to pick up, so it wins there.

Elementor Pro is a heavier platform that allows you to build more complex websites. Because of this, it's also more difficult to pick up. So, if you are looking to build complex websites, that integrate with advanced custom fields, allow you to build more advanced features and functionality, Elementor Pro is for you. In terms of 3rd party offerings, nothing beats the availability of the catalog of 3rd party offerings to extend the functionality of a builder like the Elementor ecosystem. You have tons of free and premium plugins that allow you to do everything from add a custom cursor to a complete real estate listing functionality (and everything in between).

Now, the wild card here is the fact that the Brizy Cloud platform already exists and you can use it today. The Elementor Cloud platform is coming soon, but it hasn't been released, and is nowhere near as mature as this offerings is. With that being said, it's a major consideration for somebody who is looking for ease and simplicity. That means that you have everything managed on a single central platform instead of spacing things out to a domain registrar, WordPress host, and other period everything is simply on the Brizy Cloud.


Now it is always important to choose the best solution for you, and while we offered some of our insights in this article, you should definitely try out both of them in the real world. Each of these offerings offers a money back guarantee, meaning that you can purchase it, and if it doesn't work out for you get a refund in full.

We hope that this Brizy Pro Vs Elementor Pro Comparison was somewhat helpful. If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to leave them in the comments.

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