Can you use Oxygen Builder with Elementor?

Published: July 11, 2020

In this article we're going to talk about using Oxygen Builder with Elementor (This isn't a comparison article, rather it is discussing using both of the tools in one website). As a digital agency that uses both of these products to create WordPress websites, we were recently presented with the question “Can you use oxygen builder with Elementor?

After running some tests, here are our findings (spoiler alert, you can). First off, let's discuss why you may want to use oxygen builder with Elementor (use case scenarios).

Why use oxygen builder and Elementor together?

We foresee the most common use cases of using both the oxygen builder and Elementor editor together being one of the following scenarios:

  • you already have a WordPress website built with Elementor, but would like to use oxygen builder to create the theme of the website.
  • You are familiar with the Elementor builder but want to transition over to oxygen.

Our agency recently made the transition from using an Elementor built website to an oxygen builder website. It was difficult to make the transition, but doable. It was also well worth it as the website now loads extremely fast and looks good. However, the transition was difficult and it would be made easier by using Elementor and oxygen together (this isn't something we would recommend wholeheartedly).

Can You Use Oxygen Builder With Elementor?

Yes you can. Both Elementor and Elementor Pro can be used with oxygen. That's because the fundamental editor behind Elementor impacts the output of the function the_content() in WordPress.

With oxygen builder, you can easily set up page templates that call the_content() in WordPress, allowing you to use the Elementor editor within your WordPress post or page.

How to use Oxygen Builder With Elementor

With Oxygen, you can create a template for the page or post that you want to edit with Elementor. This way, you can build out the general styling and theme of your website using oxygen builder.

Oxygen was created to be a complete site designer, so you can utilize it when it comes to the headers, footers, and content templates. This eliminates the need for Elementor pro.

In your templates, make sure that you add the section called “inner content”. Inter content is basically a placeholder where the function the_content() will be inserted into when rendering the page.

This is an example from the official oxygen builder documentation entry regarding using third party page builders such as Elementor with the site builder.

If you think back to a beginning section of this post, Elementor will only impact the_content() part of the page. As long as you have that section As part of your oxygen template, content within The inner content section will be editable by Elementor.

That means that you can easily use oxygen builder with Elementor.


We don't really recommend using the oxygen builder with Elementor. Elementor is very slow and adds a lot of bloat to your website. You can also easily build out your entire website, posts and pages included, with the oxygen builder. In our experience it's a lot more powerful, and way less bloated.

Keep in mind, that you also have the Gutenberg editor to work with as well. If you're looking for a basic and simple way to add layouts and columns to blog posts, Gutenberg is much less bloated than Elementor.

If you're transitioning from an Elementor based website to an oxygen builder based website, we would recommend taking the time and making the leap completely.

However, if you find yourself needing to use the oxygen builder with the Elementor editor, this is doable as we presented in this article (We tested it ourselves!).

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