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May 5, 2020

How To Eliminate Render-blocking Resources For WordPress Websites

⛔ to render blocking ????‍????. Let's fix this. In this article, we'll discuss what render blocking resources are and how to fix them. Addressing this is one of the best things to do to directly […]
By James LePage
May 5, 2020

Breaking Down Cloudway's Five Server Choices For WordPress Hosting

For WordPress, Cloudways is our favorite web host, hands down. They offer you a unique service that allows you to host your website on leading Cloud providers like DigitalOcean, Google, and Amazon Web Services. They […]
By James LePage
May 4, 2020

How To Identify And Remove Unused CSS for WordPress Websites

Update: We just published a new ebook on how to make your website faster. Check it out. Unlike some other PageSpeed opportunities, getting this right can be quite tricky, as removing the wrong thing can break […]
By James LePage
May 4, 2020

Reduce TTFB on Your WordPress Website

What Is It? This audit report reports Time to First Byte, the time that it takes for a user's browser to receive the first byte of page content: Addressing this is one of the most […]
By James LePage
May 3, 2020

How To Change The WordPress Posts Permalink To /blog/

Changing the permalink to display /blog/ before the post specific information is a difficult task if you have custom post types in your site, as the "standard" way of doing things applies to all post […]
By James LePage
May 3, 2020

The Best WordPress Plugin To Remove Unused CSS, And How To Use It

Update: We just published a new ebook on how to make your website faster. Check it out. Quick and easy ???? When running a Google PageSpeed or Lighthouse report, a common audit category that many […]
By James LePage
May 1, 2020

How To Defer Parsing of JavaScript For Youtube Embeds

Many GTMetrix users are discovering that embedded Youtube videos are causing significant render-blocking and interpreting page loading speed for WordPress Websites. If you haven't directly optimized your YouTube embeds, they're probably impacting your Google PageSpeed […]
By James LePage
April 5, 2020

How We Speed Up Our Websites With WEBP Image Delivery

This article outlines how to incorporate WebP images into your website and take advantage of the speed, SEO and size benefits this image type offers. If you're a website owner looking to speed up your […]
By James LePage
April 2, 2020

How To Increase The WordPress Upload Limit On An AWS Lightsail Bitnami Installation

If you've ever needed to upload large files onto your WordPress installation, you've probable come across the dreaded upload limit. Each limit depends on the platform hosting your installation, but typically you can only upload […]
By James LePage
March 25, 2020

Our Web Host Recommendations For Every Type Of Project

When it comes to hosting solutions many clients are confused due to the multitude of offerings. Isotropic Design recommends several different hosts for different needs and requirements. The following is a list of the hosts […]
By James LePage
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