Cloudflare Error 1105: What It Is And How To Fix

By James LePage
 on September 2, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

Cloudflare Error 1105: What It Is And How To Fix

By James LePage
 on September 2, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

Over the years, our ability to access data and perform actions has increased at almost lightning speeds. Back in Elementor school, it would take 20 minutes for a computer to load DOS after logging in. I still have memories of when the internet would not be accessible when I was talking on my home phone. 

Today, I can ride a train or wait in an airport lounge and load up my favorite YouTube videos. I can even hold thousands of songs on my iCloud account.

Advancements in digital space and speed do not mean our computer systems can hold an infinite amount of information. There have been times where I visited a website, only to be confronted by a message that reads “Error 1105”. Even in the dawn of 5G, fiber wiring, and Cloud storage, sometimes our databases need a little spring cleaning or need redirecting. So what is error 1105?

By the time you reach the end of the page, you won’t have to ask, “What is error 1105”, and you will also be able to answer “How do I fix error 1105?”.

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What is Error 1105?

Error 1105 is a way of letting users know that the database is full right now. The file will need additional space added before any requested actions can be taken. 

A database may be eaten up by a long-running transaction, making it impossible for new actions to be loaded simultaneously.

You may also see this message if a newly migrated site has network restrictions that were not previously there. One such limitation may involve a cap on file growth.

Too many domain attempts in a short time will also trigger this response.

How Do I Fix Error 1105?

Space must be allocated in the database so that functions can finish running and be logged in the system. Here are some ways to extend your file space:

  • Check the log drive for unwanted files and remove them.
  • Conduct a data purge of unused and unwanted indexes and tables.
  • Use a system command to move files to another spacious file group on a different drive.
  • Add an autogrow feature to your restricted files.

As mentioned before, too many domain attempts will trigger a code 1105. Be patient and attempt to add the domain after a few hours.

You should also check for a 503 from the origin server. A WordPress website in maintenance mode could return a 503 error. That same 503 code may be misinterpreted by Cloudflare as a server issue. Cloudflare returns the 1105 error as a result. Simply contact your host provider to confirm a 503. If this is the case, the hosting provider can help fix the problem.

Final Note About Error 1105

You should now understand what error 1105 may mean in regards to your database. A database can get overloaded and not be able to run functions. Like any tool, our computers and servers can get clogged.

Conduct periodic reviews of your database and delete or move files as necessary. Sometimes you may need to be patient and give your server time to process a new function. Be proactive and attentive to the amount of file space you have so that your system is less likely to return an Error 1105.

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