We're glad you want to learn more about us 💖. This page is currently under construction and will soon be updated for 2021. In the meantime, please refer to the content below. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Isotropic Design (ISOTROPIC, LLC) is a digital agency built on WordPress websites. Founded in 2017 (initially incorporated as Veles Creative), Isotropic specializes in using Oxygen Builder and WordPress to create complex websites for corporations, media publications, and e-commerce companies.

We strive to offer a relationship-based approach to our profession, cultivating a deep connection and understanding with your company culture, people and values. For clients, we aren't just another agency; we become your digital partners, offering advice and insights. 

As your digital partners, we create a detailed and multi-faceted website strategy by accurately understanding your needs, observing customers, and complimenting it with our knowledge gathered over the past four years of creating mission-critical, revenue-generating, WordPress websites.

It’s a common to get an email at 4 a.m. from one of our team members with a random thought or idea aimed at improving your digital footprint and generating ROI. We want you to be as successful as possible, and take a personal stake (emotion, not equity 😉) in every single one of our website creations.


James LePage is the founder and CEO of the Isotropic Agency, and has been involved in web design for over six years. He founded Isotropic, initially Veles Creative, and has remained at the helm ever since. James acts as the point person for most engagements, helping customers identify needs, generate strategy, and manage their projects. 

The Isotropic Team comprises five amazing individuals, classically trained in website development and design, including several developers, well-versed in PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, and other innovative languages/technologies. They are incredibly talented, and can create anything that is technically possible with the current technology of the Internet. We also have a full-time designer who works directly with our clients to realize their visions.

Under Isotropic’s leadership, we manage and coordinate a professional team.

The Isotropic Agency is unique because it has a small team, but can fulfill major projects because of our scalable system. We have a core team of five individuals, but work with dozens of independent contractors (IC) with expertise in specific aspects of design and development throughout your project. This can include custom plugin creation, copywriting services, off page SEO, and more. These independent contractors augment our team’s abilities, and allow us to create incredible projects, quickly and efficiently.

ICs have worked with Isotropic Design in the past, and because of these close relationships, we can accurately forecast billing and output a stellar product in record time.

We are a proudly digital agency, with a United States-based team scattered across the East Coast. Our two major bases of operation are Charlotte, North Carolina, and New York City. If you are in either city, we invite you to meet in person for the discovery and strategy phase of your project, or to just grab a coffee ☕.

Our team works remotely from their homes, and connects via Zoom, Slack, and more. Because of this digital nature, we can avoid unnecessary business expenses, and pass savings onto our incredible clients.

Team members also publish their thoughts to our rapidly growing agency blog, which discusses WordPress development and website design. To understand our personalities, skills, and interests, we invite you to read and subscribe to the blog.

This page is under active development. In the meantime, you may enjoy our FAQs. If you have questions (or just want to say hi), please get in touch.

A relationship driven website creation company.


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