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Founded in January, 2017 by James LePage, we create stunning digital interactives.

Isotropic Design was launched in 2019 (previously Veles Creative) to create websites for Architects, Contractors, Service Providers and others.

We’re digital presence architects. We create websites and interactive experiences to further your brand, showcase your work and sell your service.

We’re trying to solve the chronic neglect of online appearances, one client at a time.

Meet Our Growing Collection Of Offerings

Isotropic is a digital agency that specializes in creating awesome, converting WordPress websites.
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SpeedOpp is a service that addresses pagespeed opportunities to increase your conversions.
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IsoForms is a conversational forms platform, with similar capabilities to TypeForm. Starting at $4/month.
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ElementorQA is a community platform that helps website owners get their questions answered.
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Not just another web design studio.

We work hard to provide an above average design experience to each of our clients. Learn about our values:

All to often, clients feel left out of the design process. Isotropic Design strives to incorporate you in every step of the way. That’s why we provide update emails and develop on live, client accessible web domains.

Streamlined Simplicity
At the same time, we hate complications. Our process is designed to be as simple and as efficient as possible to save you time and energy.

A Personal Touch
You’re not just “another client”. Each project has its unique aspects. Some want a say in every design decision… others want to hire, walk away, and come back in three weeks to a completed site. We tailor each project to the client and provide a personal touch in each of our projects.

Upfront Pricing
We do flat fee pricing. That means that we agree on the project price before we even start. By not charging hourly, you know what you’re going to pay upfront and can’t go over budget.

You don’t want to hire us every time you need to add something to your site. You want to do it yourself. Isotropic Design provides an individual education package with each website to teach you have to do various things, like add a portfolio item or update content.

Crafting Stunning Digital Appearances & Assets Out Of New York.
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