Debutify Theme Review - Worth Installing On Shopify in 2024?

By James LePage
 on August 1, 2022

Debutify Theme Review - Worth Installing On Shopify in 2024?

By James LePage
 on August 1, 2022

In this review, we're going to dive into Debutiy Theme, a free Shopify theme that's incredibly popular with e-commerce store owners.

We'll be talking about the features of Debutify theme, so you can make an informed decision if this is the right choice for your online store.


If you have been running a Shopify store, you would agree that it is not all roses and lilies. In fact, a lot goes into making an ecommerce business successful. Logistics, marketing, customer service, and several other aspects of business come into play when handling an online store.

That is why ecommerce platforms are important and popular today. However, most such platforms have inherent issues. They lack built-in marketing features. Without marketing, you can wait for days and weeks, yet people might not visit your website, let alone buy.

I don’t have to tell you how popular Shopify is with ecommerce business owners. Shopify found a major issue with ecommerce, and solved it by offering a simple, easy-to-use platform. Forget about finding the right website hosting, or a payment provider. You can do all these with ease when using Shopify.

However, choosing the right Shopify theme (a free theme) isn’t always easy or fun. Given the availability of hundreds of Shopify themes, picking the right Shopify theme for your needs could be daunting.

Debutify Theme Review: What is it?

Put simply, Debutify is one of the best free themes on Shopify. This Shopify theme boasts of the best load times, and add ons to help you boost conversions. Debutify free theme takes the hassle out of running an online store on Shopify.


Let me reiterate, Debutify Shopify theme is available free of cost for Shopify stores. This theme comes with over 50 add-ons for boosting ecommerce conversions on your Shopify store. You do not need to know coding or design to create an online store using Debutify.

Thousands of users worldwide use Debutify's free version theme to run their Shopify store. This free Shopify theme offers a high degree of customization- from design to color. If you are looking to create a professional e-commerce store with advanced conversion add-ons, without having to hire a developer, Debutify Theme will do the job just right.

Debutify Theme Review: The Premise

Why do more than 200k stores use the Debutify theme?

There must be something right this company is doing.

Shopify store owners face one core issue- ecommerce conversions.

No matter how good your Shopify store is, without proper marketing, you will not make sales.

One of the cool things about Debutify Shopify theme is that is it designed with conversion in mind- fast load times, responsive.

But aren't a lot of other Shopify themes fast?


Debutify theme takes ecommerce to a new level through its add-ons such as countdown timers, add-to-cart stickers, discount vouchers, and more. And the best thing is that you do not need to be a coder or marketer to succeed with Debutify.


Debutify Theme Review: Free & Premium Features

Let’s talk about the features of Debutify Shopify theme.

Customizable Layouts

There is no sense in having a website theme for your Shopify store that does not have room for creativity.

In other words, you want a website theme that allows you to have full control over the look and feel of your website.

When you sign into the Debutify dashboard on your Shopify store, you will observe that the interface is simple.

You can choose from over 29 different color palettes.


The dashboard allows you to edit your theme with ease. You can quickly see how your theme would render on both mobile and desktop at the same time.

Currency Converter

A cool feature of Debutify Theme is that it automatically detects your visitor’s geography and shows the corresponding currency. Hence, a visitor from Canada will see prices in CAD whereas a user from Germany will see prices in EUR.

The Shopify theme offers a seamless multi-currency checkout integration with Shopify payments.

Did you know that Debutify Shopify theme offers auto-translate in over 20 languages?

Product Slider

You can showcase featured products on the front page to catch your user’s attention, and redirect them to the product pages.

Product Slider

Debutify allows you to customize the number of display products. You can choose to autoplay on or off. The product slider is responsive. Hence, it creates a consistent experience with different devices.

Customizable Slideshow

Image galleries have been the bread and butter of websites in recent times.

Things, however, are changing.

And animation and videos are slowly replacing fixed images.

Debutify Shopify theme offers a fade-in animation feature to tweak your product sliders.

There is so much you can do with this feature.

Customizable Header and Footer

In my other articles and reviews, I have emphasized on the importance of having a customizable header and footer. 

With Debutify, you can try different variations of headers and footers for your ecommerce store.

Whether you like a transparent or sticky header, Debutify has it all.

Some Header Options

You can add a ton of features to your footers, such as social links, blogs, contact details, newsletters, and more.

Guarantee Bar

Customers love a guarantee.

Businesses that convince customers of warranties/guarantees generally see higher conversions and lesser friction.

If you happen to be one of those online stores, you would love Debutify.

This Shopify theme offers more than 1000 icons, text, and appearance options to customize the guarantee bar.

Product Displays and Descriptions

People come to your store to buy something.

And if you are not displaying your products the right way, you are doing yourself a big disservice.

It is important to showcase the products in the right way on your website.

With Debutify, you can choose from multiple layouts and slider options to display your products on the site.

Product with options on Debutify Demo theme

Even image display can be done in different ways using Debutify.

With interactive product grids, you can allow your users to sort products using different filters.

How about showing your store visitors “related products”?

Thanks to Debutify, you can customize “related products” and even make them dynamic.

Customer Testimonials

Social proof can take your conversions to a new level.

As human beings, we believe in what others say.

If a product has no testimonial, we are most likely to skip it.

And if we see hundreds of testimonials of real people, we are inclined to believe in it.

Debutify does not offer a traditional, boring way of showing product reviews.

Review element builder

Make this section interactive using icons, images, and even sliders.

We have talked about several features available on the free Debutify Theme for Shopify.

What if you are not satisfied, and want more?

This is where Debutify add-ons come to your rescue.

Debutify Theme Review: Premium Features aka Debutify Add Ons

Add-ons can expand the features of your ecommerce store.

Let’s take a look at the add ons available with Debutify.

Shopping Cart Features

The shopping cart is where all the magic happens during a buyer's journey.

Debutify theme offers several amazing features to enhance shopping cart functionality.

Let’s start with add-to-cart animation. Using this feature, you can give a more dynamic and lively feel to the add-to-cart button.

Next is the Cart Countdown functionality.

Using this option, you can display a countdown timer whenever a user adds a product to their shopping cart.

We all love discounts. Don’t we?

With the cart discount feature, you can allow your customers to add product coupons or discount codes while they are checking out. 

You can also offer free shipping to users who have added products worth a certain amount to their shopping carts. Thanks to the Cart Goal feature, this is a breeze with Debutify.

Cart goal and options

People love to exit a site if there are too many clicks required to go to their choice of product.

With the collection add-to-cart functionality, you can showcase a cart button under the product grid. This will allow the user to add the products directly to their carts without having to visit individual product pages. This saves multiple clicks and reduces bounce rate.

I have seen that sticky add-to-cart works better than a static cart button.

You can use this feature on your Debutify theme and display a bar with the product name, price, and add-to-cart button.

As the user would scroll through the page, the add-to-cart button will “stick” with them.

What if a user loves a product so much that they want to buy it without adding it to their shopping cart? Thanks to Skip Cart feature, you can allow users to skip the cart page and directly visit the checkout page. 

Just like social proof works well on product pages, a trust badge can improve conversions on add-to-cart or check-out pages. Use psychological marketing to display trustworthy messages as an image or text on these pages.

Another cool feature of Debutify is that you can create an add-to-cart button as a pop-up along with product details. This is great for user experience. 

Chat Box

Customers love to know there is a real person on the other side of the screen. This is why chat boxes can help with ecommerce conversions. 

With Debutify theme, you can place a chatbox on your website, and increase user engagement.

This chatbox is customizable.

From icons to animations, Debutify lets you play with the chatbox to place it where you like.

Wish List

With Debutify, you can add a wish list functionality to your website. This will allow users to add products to their “favorite” list, and save them for a later date.

This helps with return visitor conversion.

Product Upselling

Upselling is one of the most productive ways of generating more revenue.

Debutify theme allows you to enable pop-up messages with promotional offers or products.

Alternatively, you can use product bundles to increase the AOV (average order value).


One slick way to reduce calls and chats is to have FAQ pages.

With a FAQ page, you can answer the most frequently asked questions.

This not only saves you time and money, but it also helps customers self-serve and save their time.


What if a user wants to buy a product, only to learn later it is out of stock?

Wouldn't it be better if you can display how many products are left in stock for the specific SKU?

This also creates scarcity, allowing users to buy your product immediately.

Other cool features of Debutify include Product Videos, Newsletter pop-ups, Pricing Tables, Mega Menus, and Shop Protect.

Third Party Integrations

Debutify offers a large number of integrations with tools across dropshipping, sms marketing, product reviews, and more. Notable integrations include Loox, Katana, Carthook, Growave, and Spocket.

Debutify Theme Review: Pricing

Debutify offers a wide array of cool features to boost ecommerce conversions.

The Debutify free version offers one store license and gives you access to the main features of the theme. 

You can try their add-ons with a 14-day trial period on this free version.

Even with the free version of Debutify, you can reach out to their customer support via their Facebook group.

Next, we have the Debutify Starter plan.


This plan costs $21 per month and offers one store license.

The Starter plan allows you to add 3 add-ons and integrations to your ecommerce site. With this plan, you get customer support via Facebook group, email, and even live chat.

If you want more for your store (one site), the Hustler plan from Debutify might do the job.

Costing $59 per month, the Hustler plan offers 28 add-ons and integrations.

If you have three stores, the Guru plan might be right for you.

It costs $111 per month.

Debutify Guru not only offers all the add-ons and integrations, but it also offers a built-in product research tool. You will also have access to exclusive mentoring courses with this plan.

You can save more money by opting for Debutify’s annual plans. In fact, you can save up to 50% by choosing their yearly plans. You have the freedom to switch between Debutify plans- upgrade and downgrade.

Debutify Theme Review: Conclusion

As you might have known by now that Debutify is one of the best free Shopify themes that offers such amazing conversion-boosting features. 

Given its speed and intuitive ecommerce-oriented design, Debutify is definitely a good theme to check out for Shopify stores.

The fast and responsive Debutify theme is feature-rich to improve ecommerce conversions.

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