Elementor Review - How Good Is It In 2024?

By James LePage
 on October 13, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

Elementor Review - How Good Is It In 2024?

By James LePage
 on October 13, 2021
Last modified on January 6th, 2022

Elementor is one of the most popular page-building plugins for WordPress, a free and open-source CMS, or content management system. WordPress is the leading CMS available for both personal and professional use when it comes to building websites and online platforms today. With Elementor, building any website or online presence that you envision for yourself or for your brand has never been easier.

This review is written by an agency that has used this plugin since 2017, building complex client websites, and maintaining and improving them through May, 2024.

Elementor is a leading page builder plugin that is currently used by more than 5 million users with active websites. With Elementor, getting started is easy, straightforward, and does not require a complete understanding of coding and various programming languages.

The Elementor page builder plugin is easy to use whether you are interested in building a personal website and online community, or if you are thinking of launching an eCommerce store or an internet community for branding purposes. Once you have Elementor installed as a plugin on your WordPress site, you can begin editing and making live changes to your website immediately. 

Elementor Features

Whenever you are thinking of purchasing or installing a new page builder plugin for WordPress, it is highly advisable to take the time to research, compare and review features that are most appealing and useful to you. Not all page builder plugins offer the same features and functionality, which is why it is so important to know what each plugin has to offer before making your decision.

With Elementor, the options are virtually endless when building your website or implementing features that increase interaction and engagement. With plenty of features and premade templates to help get you started, the Elementor WordPress plugin still holds up, even in 2024.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

One of the most attractive features that Elementor offers is its drag-and-drop page builder. For those who are new to building websites or for those who simply want to remove coding from the web-building process altogether, Elementor delivers. 

Using the Elementor page builder is easy and straightforward, and only requires a few clicks to get started. The Elementor page builder allows for live editing, allowing users the ability to make changes, edits, and updates on the fly and without accessing the backend of their website. As long as you are logged in as the admin of your WordPress site, you can instantly make edits and changes when browsing the front end of your website for instant updates. 

With the use of the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder, make swift updates to the following areas and sections of your website within a few seconds:

  • Headers and footers
  • Images
  • Video and other forms of media
  • Links and buttons

Using the drag-and-drop builder from Elementor makes creating the website of your dream easily achievable even if you have little to no experience with programming yourself.

With the Elementor page builder, you can also import your own theme and design to integrate with your WordPress site. It is also possible to import your preferred theme or layout via a JSON file if necessary. When you have built a layout or theme that you wish to save for future use, you can also do so by exporting your theme with Elementor. 

Theme Editor

Elementor also includes a built-in theme editor that helps with Elementor's page builder plugin. Once you access a page via the page builder plugin, you will be provided with an array of features and elements that can be instantly implemented onto each page of your website.

You can use Elementor's theme editor to browse various themes that are readily available in the Elementor theme library, or browse through your own custom themes and layout designs. When using the theme editor to help build your website's frontend, take advantage of the following features:

  • Quick add: Quickly add text, images, sections, buttons, and more with the use of the theme editor once you are accessing the Elementor page builder.
  • Build 404 pages using a live editor as opposed to coding your own 404 pages using the backend of your website.
  • Create individual layouts for specific types of pages as well as for blog posts you intend to share on your website.
  • Update and edit the header and footer sections of your website on the fly. This tool is ideal if you intend to create more than one layout or theme for your website based on the page a visitor is reading. 

Premade Content Blocks

If you do not have the time to create a custom theme and template for your website or if you simply want to skip the process, you can use premade content blocks provided by Elementor to help get you started even quicker. Content blocks from Elementor are ideal for creating different sections and areas of content, posts, or even a landing page. 

With the content blocks from Elementor, you can easily and effortlessly make changes to different sections of your website, such as your about, contact, features, footer, and header areas. You can also use content blocks to create 404 pages, client pages, and even call-to-action sections of your site to help increase engagement and/or CTR, or clickthrough rates. 

Template Library

One perk of using Elementor is the ability to take advantage of the template library that comes with the plugin. The Elementor theme library is packed with more than 150 templates that can be instantly chosen and applied to any page or entire website within seconds. 

Whether you are not the creative type or if you are interested in launching your blog, website, or online presence as quickly as possible, you can do so by choosing from a pre-made template provided by Elementor itself.

In addition to providing complete layouts for entire websites, the Elementor template library also includes themes and layouts for specific pages. Some page layouts available within the template library include home and index pages, about pages, login pages, and even contact pages. There are even templates for specific types of landing pages that are optimal for promotional purposes as well as coming soon pages to help visitors prepare for an upcoming launch of a product, service, or page. 

With more than 150 templates to choose from, there is a theme and layout with a style for everyone. If you are building a personal blog or if you are launching an eCommerce platform that targets an international audience, there is a theme for everyone in the Elementor template library. 

WooCommere Editor

One of the biggest reasons users flock to WordPress is for WooCommerce, the official eCommerce plugin for WordPress users. Today, shopping online has become more prevalent and, in some industries, more common than shopping locally and in-store. With the rise of the eCommerce market, it is no surprise that millions of individuals and entrepreneurs are transitioning to selling and promoting products and services online.

 The WooCommerce builder from Elementor allows users the ability to make instant changes to their online store using a built-in drag-and-drop editor. Using the drag-and-drop editor for your WooCommerce store allows you to make changes to the following areas of your shop:

  • Pricing
  • Images of individual products as well as product categories
  • Buttons (including Add to Cart)
  • Product stock and inventory
  • Ratings of products
  • Related products as well as recommended products
  • Upsell information
  • Content pages including product descriptions and/or titles

In addition to the drag-and-drop builder, the Elementor WooCommerce editor also features additional widgets which are considered essential for any webmaster and/or eCommerce store owner. Implementing essential widgets can help you to streamline the shopping and checkout process for your visitors and prospective customers. 

Popup Creator

Do you ever visit a website with a modern and sleek popup that drives you to sign up for a newsletter or share your email with the website immediately? If so, you will love the Elementor Popup creator.

Long gone are the days of the annoying and intrusive popup that is not only an eyesore but completely spam-filled and unnecessary. Corporations and brands from all over the globe understand the benefits of using a properly designed and placed popup, especially when it comes to building newsletter subscribers and driving home sales. 

Elementor's built-in popup builder works similarly to the page builder as well as the Woocommerce editor, as it is all-in-one and extremely easy to use, even for those with little to no programming experience.

Creating popups that work seamlessly with your WordPress theme and layout can help to establish a professional appearance and trustworthy reputation online. With the Elementor popup builder, take advantage of the following features: 

  • Set specific conditions for individual popups: Designate specific conditions a user must meet in order to be shown a popup you have created. You can appeal to new users or even users who have visited your website in the past. Target those who have come to your website via social media, or launch a popup campaign that focuses solely on visitors who have accessed your website after using a popular search engine.
  • Set triggers in place: Use triggers that will cause a popup to appear based on certain conditions and parameters that are defined by you and relevant to your website. Some popups may appear after extended periods of inactivity, whereas other popups are targeted once a user attempts to exit and leave a website altogether. 
  • Create popups for specific pages: You can also create popups for individual pages, as to not overwhelm your visitors and readers. Using popups on specific pages such as landing pages or even a promotional page can help with your sales and marketing funnels. Use popups on specific blogs, blog posts, or even specific pages for products you are featuring or highlighting. 

Drag a Widget

Along with Elementor's page builder and essential elements, it is also possible to visually drag a WordPress widget directly onto a page or blog post you are editing live. Whether you are trying to add text, a live Google Maps diet, or even an array of icons, you can easily do so without accessing the backend and text editor of your site. Using the drag a widget feature from Elementor is a time-saving method of building complete and robust pages without the added effort.

Mobile Layout Editor

If you are building a website that is geared towards mobile users, Elementor is the right page builder plugin for you. In addition to the traditional live editor as well as the drag-and-drop features Elementor has to offer, you can also quickly edit the mobile layout of your website on the fly.

Use the built-in mobile layout editor to ensure that your website's layout is not only mobile-friendly, but that it is also responsive on a multitude of electronic devices, from smartphones and traditional desktop computers to tablets. 

Layout History Storage

One standout feature that comes with Elementor is the ability to save different versions of your layout and template even while you are in the process of editing and building your site. Never worry about losing a previously saved version of your template. Elementor saves and stores all previously saved versions so you never have to feel anxious when you are editing your website again.  

More Than 90 Essential Widgets

In addition to a vast library of templates and premade layouts, Elementor also includes more than 90 essential widgets. From adding posts and page titles to editing the price of a product or a featured image, these widgets come in handy regardless of the type of website or blog you are creating. 

Create Action Links

In addition to all of the traditional features and functions that Elementor has to offer, it also allows users to create their very own action links. Action links can help with increasing engagement and ultimately lead to more sales when used properly and effectively. Some of the actions you can set with the use of Elementor include:

  • Making a call
  • Sending SMS text messages
  • Send an email
  • Use Skype to make a call
  • Start a Messenger chat with a prospective customer
  • Start a Viber chat
  • Contact visitors and prospective customers via WhatsApp directly
  • Add an event to Yahoo! Calendar
  • Add an event to Outlook Calendar
  • Add an event to Google Calendar

Ease of Use

Elementor is hands down one of the very best WordPress plugin solutions available on the market to date, even in the year 2021. With Elementor, remove the guesswork involved in coding a new layout and programming a theme to look exactly the way you envision it in your mind. Use hands-on elements, drag-and-drop features, and even premade templates to help build and launch your website in no time.

Whether you are looking for a way to reduce manual programming and design for your websites or if you are new to building websites altogether, Elementor is an ideal solution for the amateur as well as the professional. With Elementor, maximize your own productivity and spend more time focusing on what matters most to your business, brand, and online presence. 

Who Can Use Elementor?

Elementor for WordPress is one of the most used and sought-after plugins, especially because of its versatility and flexibility. Whether you are an individual interested in building a personal blog or if you are a marketing affiliate or entrepreneur, there is something for everyone when using Elementor. 


As a blogger, Elementor comes in handy for a variety of reasons. From building your own custom template to shifting your blog layout to suit your vision, you can use Elementor to launch a personal or a business blog with ease.

Marketers and Agencies

Web design agencies and marketers alike can take advantage of all of the features and functions Elementor has to offer. Using Elementor to streamline web-building efforts is optimal for marketers and agencies that work with multiple clients at once. 


Entrepreneurs who build their own websites or manage websites for others can use Elementor to streamline their efforts and to ensure coding compliance and reliability, even without programming knowledge or experience themselves. Entrepreneurs who use Elementor can do so when building websites for clients on their own or even when outsourcing their projects and ventures to WordPress designers and developers. 

Affiliate Marketers and Industry Leaders

Both industry leaders, as well as affiliate marketers, stand to benefit from using Elementor for their clients as well as for their own online presence and website. With hundreds of premade layouts and templates available, it is easier than ever to build a code-compliant, mobile-friendly, and responsive website for any reason. 

Is It Easy to Get Started With Elementor?

Elementor is one of the easiest and most straightforward WordPress plugins available. Whether you choose to download and install the free version of Elementor or if you opt for a paid and premium plan, getting started with the plugin and page builder only requires a few minutes, even for those without previous experience in WordPress. 

Once you have a copy of the version of the Elementor plugin you intend to install and use, simply access the admin panel of your WordPress website and navigate to the Plugins section. From the Plugins page, you will be prompted to upload your plugin's .ZIP or .RAR file, which is how the Elementor plugin is downloaded. After uploading the Elementor plugin file, you simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the guided walkthrough of how to get acquainted with the plugin. Because Elementor is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, it is possible to get your website up and running immediately after the installation and walkthrough is complete. Use the guided walkthrough to familiarize yourself with tools, widgets, and navigation that come with Elementor and its features.

Pricing Structure

If you are interested in Elementor but you are unsure of whether or not you are in need of a premium plugin, you are in luck. Previously, Elementor only provided a free trial of their drag-and-drop page builder. However, Elementor now offers a completely free version as well as multiple paid solutions for those interested in more features and additional technical support.

Elementor Free

The free version of Elementor no longer expires, but it also does not come with all of the features and functions that Elementor has to offer. With the free version of Elementor, you will gain access to only the most basic features of the plugin.


  • Access to Elementor's drag-and-drop page builder
  • Access to 30 basic widgets included with Elementor
  • Free

Elementor Personal

For those who are interested in launching a personal blog or project but want access to all of Elementor's premium features, consider the Elementor Personal premium plan. For $49 annually, you gain access to most of Elementor's features in addition to gaining a full year of support. 


  • Access to Elementor's drag-and-drop builder
  • Access to 50+ pro widgets
  • 300+ pro templates
  • Popup builder
  • Online store builder
  • 1 year of technical support
  • $49 a year

Elementor Plus

If you are a marketer, agency, or freelancer, the Elementor Plus package may be right for you. The Elementor Plus service is optimal for anyone who is working with more than one client at a time, requiring more than one online presence and multiple websites. The Elementor Plus package will currently run you $99 for full access to all of the features included.


  • Access to Elementor's drag-and-drop builder
  • Access to 50+ pro widgets
  • 300+ pro templates
  • Popup builder
  • Online store builder
  • Use all of Elementor's features on up to 3 websites
  • $99 a year

Elementor Expert

For digital agencies as well as freelancers with a variety of ongoing clients, the Elementor Expert package is ideal. The Elementor Expert package is the only plan from Elementor that allows users to create up to 1,000 websites using a single account. For $199 a year, you can instantly increase the number of websites you can take on and create with the use of Elementor and all it has to offer.


  • Access to Elementor's drag-and-drop builder
  • Access to 50+ pro widgets
  • 300+ pro templates
  • Popup builder
  • Online store builder
  • Use all of Elementor's features on up to 1,000 websites
  • $199 a year

Pros and Cons of Elementor

Finding the perfect page builder plugin for your WordPress site can feel overwhelming at times, especially if you are new to building WordPress or creating websites of your own altogether. Comparing the pros and cons of using Elementor can help you to determine whether the plugin is right for you. Additionally, the more familiar you are with Elemntor, the easier it is to choose a plan and package that is right for you and your websites. 

Pros of Elementor

Some of the most notable pros and advantages of using Elementor include:

  • Drag-and-drop page builder: Elementor's drag-and-drop page builder is its most popular and attractive feature. Using Elementor's drag-and-drop page builder is easy and straightforward, even for those with little to no programming and WordPress experience. With the drag-and-drop page builder, immediately begin building your website using visualization and live editing. 
  • Essential widgets: Elementor comes with hundreds of essential widgets and features that make it easier than ever to add text, photos, sections, and even entire content blocks to blogs and pages of content on your WordPress site.
  • Popup builder: Building attractive marketing and promotional popups is extremely easy, intuitive, and straightforward with the popup builder from Elementor. Using the popup builder is a great way to drive sales while also increasing the overall level of engagement you receive from your visitors each day. 
  • WooCommerce builder: If you are building an online store and you want to use WordPress in conjunction with WooCommerce, do not overlook Elementor. Using Elementor's WooCommerce builder is one of the quickest ways to update any type of eCommerce shop or storefront you have online. With traditional eCommerce stores, manual backend updating is required in order to make even the simplest changes to a product, your inventory, or even a page's description. With the WooCommerce builder from Elementor, you can make changes and updates to just about any area or section of your eCommerce site within a flash.
  • Content blocks: In addition to the features and essential widgets that come with Elementor, there are also content blocks available for even more streamlined web building. Content blocks are blocks designed for text, images, and other types of media and content for individual blog posts and pages within your WordPress site. Elementor's content blocks are premade and can be easily dragged and inserted into just about any area or section of a page, blog post, or promotional landing page. Using content blocks saves time while ensuring that all of the coding used on your website to create and complete your layout is properly coded and compliant with today's web standards.
  • Premade templates: One of the biggest appeals of using Elementor when building a website with WordPress is the access you gain to the premade template library that comes with the plugin. Anyone who is paying for a premium version of Elementor will instantly gain access to more than 150 templates, with some premium plans offering an additional 300+ pro templates. Using the premade templates from Elementor is optimal for those interested in getting a jumpstart in the process of building their website, or for those who do not consider them creatively talented or organized. With a premade template or layout, get your website up and running in less time without all of the hassle and manual editing. 
  • Custom CSS: If you enjoy building your own WordPress themes or if you dabble in coding and programing yourself, don't fret. Elementor still allows complete customization when it comes to CSS. You can also import your very own CSS file, depending on the layout and theme you are using.
  • Import and Export Themes: Do you have a WordPress layout you wish to integrate with your Elementor website? Well, you can do so with Elementor's import and export features. In addition to importing layouts and themes you have already built, you can also save and export themes and layouts you create using Elementor itself. Saving layouts created with Elementor's drag-and-drop page builder is ideal for future recall and usage on other websites or eCommerce websites you build.

Cons of Elementor

As with any WordPress plugin and page builder, there are a few drawbacks or cons to using Elementor, such as:

  • Not all features are free: Unfortunately, not all features available from Elementor are included in the free version of the plugin. The free version of Elementor only provides access to 30 basic plugins in addition to the basic drag-and-drop page builder. You will not have access to the online popup builder, the Woocommerce builder, essential widgets, or even the premade template library from Elementor if you choose to download and install the free version of the plugin. 
  • Limited editor: Although Elementor's drag-and-drop page builder is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, those who prefer coding and manually programming layouts and websites may find the plugin limiting. While Elementor still allows users the ability to access and edit the code of their website from the backend, it may feel restrictive and limiting to programmers who are simply unfamiliar with using a visual editor to create their websites. 
  • Slow loading: At times, Elementor may cause your website to slow upon loading due to intricate layouts and media-rich themes. However, it is important to note that there are many different WordPress optimizations and caching solutions available in addition to using fewer graphics and media-rich elements in your website's pages. Removing extensive animations and features from your website can significantly increase the overall loading and response time of your WordPress site, even if you are building it with the use of Elementor's drag-and-drop page builder. 

Creating a beautiful, modern, and easy-to-use website with WordPress does not require years of studying programming or the help of a hired professional. With the use of Elementor, it is possible for just about anyone to build the website of their dreams from scratch. Whether you are interested in creating a personal blog to showcase your own photography or if you want to build a thriving eCommerce store, Elementor delivers, even in 2024.

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Alex Ivanovs
2 years ago

Man, what has come of WordPress in recent years! Already without a page builder - Gutenberg adds almost 2MB~ of JavaScript to pages. And, in my experience, a lot of these page builders - including Elementor - completely brick the Gutenberg Editor in terms of raw performance.

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