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Yeah, you. Help us grow a community of WordPress enthusiasts, pros, and learners alike.
IsoGroup is an actively moderated Facebook group consisting of WordPress Plugin Developers, Digital Agencies, Digital Creatives, Entrepreneurs and anybody else interested in the WordPress CMS. We discuss a wide range of topic including, but not limited to:

WordPress Plugins

Detailed discussion regarding WordPress plugins and solutions for specific use cases. Interjection from Isotropic, Plugin Developers, and users alike.

Technical Questions

Questions regarding Speed Optimization, PHP, JS, CSS, and HTML. Answers from seasoned WordPress creators.


Our popular BizOfAgency Blog series is discussed in WPPros. Topics include growing your business, getting clients, pricing projects, and hiring staff.

WordPress News/Resources

Timely news and helpful resources shared by the Isotropic team and other group members.

A group designed to offer active WordPress users value

Brush Up On Our Rules

Our rules help keep the IsoGroup Facebook community as helpful as possible.
  1. Everybody: Respect each other. No bullying. No hate speech. No warnings.
  2. Everybody: No spam. If you spam, you're kicked.
  3. Everybody: You can link to your resource IF it offers value to a specific post (ie. a tutorial). If you abuse this, you're kicked.
  4. Users: Strive to offer value. Everybody is good at something. If you're great at PHP, please be active and share that skill! If you're great at business, same goes for you. The more you put into IsoGroup- By Isotropic, the more you get out of it.
  5. Developers: If you have a product that you'd like feedback on, please reach out to a moderator. Depending on what you've got, we'll explore options, including a post about it in the IsoGroup Facebook group, or an Isotropic Review/Video. It must bring value to our members.
  6. Creators: Ask for feedback on your projects!
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