11 Examples of Inspiring Farm Websites

By James LePage
Last updated on July 1st, 2022

As a farm, it's important to have a memorable website. This is one of those industries where farms and agricultural companies take pride in building unique websites filled with character. When visitors land on a page, they instantly greeted by a well thought out layout, incorporated brand, and special experience.

As more and more farms, homesteads, and agricultural companies move to selling their goods, products, and services online due to the boom of e-commerce caused by recent events, the importance of a website continues to increase. Perhaps you're thinking about building a new website for your farm, or redesigning an existing one.

This article will list the best examples of farm and agriculture websites in 2024 for your inspiration.

Pipers Farm is built on Shopify and is a product first website. The goal of the site is to get an individual to purchase one of their food products, and makes it very easy to do so. It's built on top of Shopify, and uses a classier color scheme, laid-back typography, and great product photography that speaks for itself.

The Florida dairy farmers website uses agricultural images to educate people on farmers, cows, products, and other aspects of the Florida dairy market.

This is one of those farm and agricultural websites that you can tell was created by a professional website developer and designer, simply because of its unique looking for you. It perfectly combines a cool color scheme, edgy yet functional font choices, and completely custom illustrations to culminate in a very unique and memorable experience.

This is a simple agricultural technology website that focuses on farms. It makes use of subtle entrance animations, a green color scheme, and animated illustrations that iron the points home. It's a great example of a simple website that focuses on simply educating the visitor about what the company does, and really makes great use of the illustrations.

This is a website for a cheese company. This company produces artisan cheeses, and the website look and feel really irons this point home. It uses a unique yellow color scheme that matches cheese, classy typography, and custom product photography. There's also an incorporated e-commerce aspect to this website as well.

This is an Australian agricultural and farming nonprofit website. It's a completely custom WordPress theme, but it's relatively simple and it really makes use of their simpler brand guidelines and color scheme. The website loads very quickly because of this, and allows the users and visitors to immediately access information in the hopes of converting them into donors.

This is an Italian olive oil company that focuses heavily on promoting its products alongside the olive plants and farms that it comes from. It uses a more generic WordPress theme, but incorporates custom product photography and mock ups to really customize their unique look. It's a great example of a single product farm website.

This is an African farm and agricultural technology start up, and it uses a customized WordPress theme. It looks a little bit more generic and is a great example of a website that anybody to create without the help of a expensive branding agency and website development agency.

The Turner's Dairy website is a great example of a site intended to educate both consumers and purchasers about the farm. However, this company sells to distributors and grocery stores, so there's no way to purchase directly from their website. It's a completely custom WordPress theme that incorporates a one page mentality, making it feel more like an application.

This farm website uses custom photography to emphasize what it does alongside its long history. There's a lot of content on the website, but it's laid out in a way that makes it easy for individuals to understand what this farm is, what their history is, and how they operate.

Hentley Farm is an Australian vineyard that services high net worth individuals. The entire website is classier, incorporating a muted color scheme, completely custom product photography, images of both the wines and the vineyards, and classier typography combinations.

As more and more farms move towards focusing on their digital presence, selling products directly to consumers, and inspiring more wholesale customers, having a memorable and unique farm website of your own is more important than ever. In fact, most companies in agriculture are realizing this, and creating websites like the ones included on this list. We are seeing a focus on unique color schemes, custom branding implemented in the website design, surprising yet functional pairings of typography and fonts, alongside the utilization of next generation frameworks like custom WordPress themes, Next.JS, and Shopify.

We hope that this list of inspiring Farm website was helpful to you!

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