Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Which editor is best for you in 2024?

By James LePage
 on December 14, 2021
Last modified on June 17th, 2022

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Which editor is best for you in 2024?

By James LePage
 on December 14, 2021
Last modified on June 17th, 2022

In this article, we're going to look at Filmora X vs Filmora Pro video editors. Filmora video editing software is popular with designers and businesses globally. We'll be taking a look at Filmora X vs Filmora Pro to understand the similarities and differences between them. By the end of this article, you will have a much better understanding of these two professional video editing software platforms and you can decide which is the best video editing software.

Professional editing software is in great demand today due to the growing popularity of ecommerce. In order to attract users to your store or social media channel, you need to create engaging videos. Earlier, video editors had to spend thousands of dollars to get professional editing software. 

That is not the case anymore. Today, thanks to tools such as Filmora X and Filmora Pro, you do not have to spend large sums to get a high-quality editing tool.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Overview

If you are a beginner or intermediate-level video editor, you might be more inclined towards Filmora X. This budget-friendly professional video editing software does the job well.


However, if you are a seasoned professional looking for more advanced features in your editing tool, Filmora Pro might be a better choice.

Both these tools are sold by Wondershare.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: User Interface (UI)

Given the fact that both these tools have the same parent company, it makes sense why they share common design and color themes.

On the surface, both Filmora X and Filmora Pro look identical.

It is only when you roll up your sleeves and start using these programs for video editing will you realize the inherent differences between them.

Since Filmora X has been designed for beginners, it has a simpler interface.

You can easily navigate through the intuitive interface on Filmora X for all your video editing needs.

Filmora Pro, on the other hand, is a bit more complex.

While the design and theme look identical, the pro version of Filmora is a tad more difficult.

There is definitely a learning curve associated with Filmora Pro.

However, once you are past the initial learning curve, you will find Filmora Pro an awesome tool for advanced editing, customization, and more control in general.

Hence, in terms of the user interface, Filmora X gets my points. However, it lacks the advanced features available on Filmora Pro.

If you are a professional video editor, you would not mind the complexity of using Filmora Pro.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Major Differences

I would say the biggest difference between Filmora X and Filmora Pro is their target audience. The x version has been made for beginners and intermediate video editors. 

The Pro version caters to advanced video editors looking for more granular control when editing videos.

Filmora X is extremely easy to use. And it carries an intuitive interface.

Filmora Pro is a bit difficult to learn (for beginners). Advanced editors might not complain about this though.

Price-wise, Filmora X is cheaper than Filmora Pro. (Obviously!)

If you are seeking professional video editing software with a customizable workspace, you will find Flimora Pro more to your liking.

While Filmora X offers up to 100 tracks, Filmora Pro gives you unlimited tracks per project. 

For those looking for a large collection of royalty-free media, Filmora X is the right choice.

Filmora Pro does not offer this feature.

Since Filmora X is made for beginners, it comes with a large number of pre-built elements such as text, tiles, and transitions. You will find fewer readymade elements on Filmora Pro. But then again, the Pro is for professionals. Isn't it?

With Flimora Pro, you get access to a huge library of customizable effects with several presets and adjustable elements.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Features

We will talk about Filmora vs Filmora Pro features through video editing, audio editing, animation, effects, pre-built templates, and others.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Video Editing

In terms of color correction and grading, Filmora X does a decent job. However, you should not expect advanced color correction capabilities here.


If you are looking for more than basic color correction and grading, you will be more impressed with Filmora Pro's advanced color correction capabilities. This platform, for instance, offers color wheels using which you can make granular adjustments to have color consistency in your video.

I believe that video stabilizing is an important aspect of video editing.

With Filmora X, you get basic video stabilization. This feature is better on Filmora Pro as the platform offers more control.

What about auto color correction?

You want your videos to show the right colors. Filmora Pro offers auto color correction to enhance the colors on your videos.

Scopes such as  Histogram, RGB Parade, Vectorscope, and Waveform are not available with Filmora X. These features are only available with the Pro version of Filmora.

Using masking, you can select a particular video or use video overlays to hide, duplicate, reveal, or modify the video footage. Masking is available with Filmora Pro, but not with Filmora X.

If you are short on time and want to match the colors of multiple clips at once, Filmora X will keep you happy. This video editing software offers bulk color matching. Surprisingly, this feature is not present in the more advanced version of Filmora, aka, Filmora Pro.

Both Filmora X and Filmora Pro support 4K editing. And both these video editing platforms allow you to crop and zoom your footage.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Audio Editing

When working with videos, having consistency in audio is not always the easiest thing to do.

You want audio levels to be normalized, and have control over audio aspects.

This is where the audio compressor functionality comes into play.

You can use the audio compressor to control the lows and highs of audio clips in order to achieve normalized volume.

This functionality is only available with Filmora Pro.

It can be a pain to sync audio and video files individually. 

Filmora Pro gives an automatic audio sync feature using which you can auto-sync audio and video files that were recorded separately.

Audio transitions are great for building engagement in your videos. Think of transitions such as crossfades and overlaps to improve sound quality, and also prevent sudden jumps from one audio file to another.

Audio transitions are not available with Filmora X. It comes with Filmora Pro though.

Background noise can disrupt the audio quality of your videos. You want a platform that offers excellent noise reduction capabilities. Thankfully, both Filmora X and Filmora Pro come with noise reduction capabilities.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Animation

Think of a video as a combination of several images joined together. In animation, keyframing focuses on the intro and the outro (end) parts of the video clip. With keyframing, the video editor can make concise changes to the video.

Filmora X offers basic keyframing. This does the job if you are creating simple animations.

However, for advanced keyframing, you might want to go with Filmora Pro. This video editing software lets you animate perhaps all aspects of a video, audio, and even video effects.

While both Fimora X and Filmora Pro offer motion tracking, the feature is more advanced in Filmora Pro.

If you want to use preset transformations or distortions to automatically create animations without using keyframes, Filmora Pro’s behavior effects come in handy.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Effects

Built-in effects such as stickers, overlays, filters, and utilities are great for making quick video edits. Filmora X comes with these effects. Filmora Pro has fewer built-in effects compared to the X version.

A large library of advanced audio and video effects, and presets allow users to achieve advanced customization in Filmora Pro.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Pre-Built Templates

If you are looking for royalty-free videos, Filmora X is the right platform.

The idea behind Filmora X is to give beginners and intermediate video editors all the basic tools to create videos with ease.

This is why Filmora Pro does not come with royalty-free videos. As it is primarily used by advanced editors, the tool makes more sense for users who want to create videos from scratch instead of using stock videos.


The same applies to royalty-free audio. You will find a huge library of stock videos on Filmora X. The Pro version does not offer these.

However, both Filmora X and Filmora Pro have ready-made text and titles for videos.

Pre-built elements in Filmora X allow you to create videos with ease. Such elements are absent in Filmora Pro.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Other Features

In Filmora X, you can create up to 100 tracks per project.

If you want to add unlimited tracks, you will have to go for Filmora Pro.

The media organization is better with Filmora Pro than with Filmora X.

You will find the chroma key functionality in both Filmora X and Filmora Pro.

For professional video editors, having a customizable workspace is important.

Each video editor comes with their own preferences and taste.

Having a customizable workspace is not available in Filmora X. The Pro version, however, allows editors to customize the workspace to a high degree.

Both the X and Pro versions of Filmora offer a built-in screen recorder and a built-in voiceover recorder.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Feature Summary

Feature by feature, Filmora Pro is a clear winner. It offers advanced video editing features. The editing capabilities in Filmora Pro appeal to professional video editors. However, these features are not easy to master unless someone has spent years editing videos.

As mentioned earlier, Filmora X offers fewer features, but those features are enough to keep a beginner busy and satisfied.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Pricing

Filmora X has three pricing packages- Monthly, Annual, and Lifetime.

Filmora X Monthly plan costs $20 a month.

Their annual plan is available for $52, and their lifetime plan costs $80.

These costs can vary if you opt for additional features and add-ons, such as Filmstock Standard Assets or AI Portrait.

Filmora Pro offers two pricing plans- Annual and Lifetime.

Filmora Pro Annual is available at $90, and their lifetime plan costs $150.

There is no monthly plan for Filmora Pro.

Both the X and Pro versions of Filmora work with Mac and Windows.

Make sure when downloading the video editing software, you pay attention to the OS. The Mac version of Filmora would not work with a Windows PC.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Free vs Paid

Both Filmora X and Filmora Pro offer a free version.

The downside to the free plan is that it renders a watermark on all videos.

Users looking to remove the watermark have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Filmora X is cheaper than Filmora Pro. However, it also has fewer features than the Pro version.

Filmora X vs Filmora Pro: Conclusion

If you are looking for powerful video editing software, both Filmora X and Filmora Pro are great tools. However, these programs are designed for different audiences.

Beginners and intermediate video editors find the X version easier to work with. Filmora X has all the essential features to help you create attractive videos. On the flip side, it has limited editing features that professional editors work with.

This is where the Filmora Pro shines- advanced features for video editing.

The downside with Pro is the steep learning curve.

But then again, Filmora Pro is not for beginners. It has been designed for advanced video editors. 

So, how to decide which platform to choose?

If you are a beginner, go for Filmora X.

Spend some time mastering video editing on this platform.

Once you have learned the ins and outs of video editing, and you feel that the X version does not have more advanced features, switch over to Filmora Pro.

This way, you will transition from the X version to the Pro version without getting overwhelmed.

Think of Filmora X as a starter entry-level car, and of Filmora Pro as a racing car with massive horsepower and torque.

Both Filmora X and Filmora Pro come from the same parent company.

Hence, their quality is great.

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