How To Add Google Fonts To Your Computer (Mac & Windows)

By James LePage
 on January 11, 2022

How To Add Google Fonts To Your Computer (Mac & Windows)

By James LePage
 on January 11, 2022

This article will show you how to add Google Fonts to your computer. Google offers an incredible selection of high-quality and free fonts that can be used in website projects, graphic design, and any other discipline that requires high-quality typography.


The Google Fonts website is more oriented towards website designers and developers, giving you easy methods to insert them into your site via CSS.

But what if you want to use google fonts on your local computer, to add them to Photoshop or illustrator projects (or whatever other software you use to create)? Good news. It's very easy to add Google Fonts to your Mac or Windows logo font library. Let's take a look and how that's done.

Like most fonts, the underlying file type of most Google Fonts is TTF. That means that these fonts can easily be downloaded to a Mac or a Windows computer, and installed without having to do anything more than click a couple of native buttons.


For both Mac and Window, first download the zip file of the font family that he would like to install a new machine. Within this zip file are the font files used for installation. Once you download it, unzip the file on your Mac or Windows desktop. Then, navigate into the folder where all the weight of a font are stored.


This is the standard structure of the folder that contains the Google for that you can install on your laptop or desktop. Click into the static folder, select all of the fonts within, and open.

To install on Mac, follow the standard method of installing a font on your machine. Open up the .TTF files, and click the install button.

To install on Windows, the process is the same. Within the pop-ups, click the install font button, and they will be added to your local library.

And just like that you have installed Google Fonts onto your local computer. This is also a great way to back up Google forms if they for some reason are removed from that repository in the future.

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