How To Fix Cloudflare's " not a registered domain"

Published: 10 months ago

If you're looking for a quick way to fix the Cloudflare " is not a registered domain", this article's for you. First, why does this error happen?

There are three main reasons why Cloudflare isn't accepting your domain:

  • The domain has no current nameservers
  • The domain simply isn't registered
  • domain name servers don’t contain any DNS records

How do you fix the …is not a registered domain error?

  • Actually resister the domain
  • Add dns records
  • Wait a bit if you just registered it
  • Turn on your parking page from the registrar (this is the best method).

For us, all we needed to do was turn on our registrars parking page, and everything worked like a charm.

In rare cases, the TLD may be brand new, and not on the Public Suffix List (link to the list). The PSL is a list of all (you guessed it) public suffixes. It allows browsers to:

  • Avoid privacy-damaging "supercookies" being set for high-level domain name suffixes
  • Highlight the most important part of a domain name in the user interface
  • Accurately sort history entries by site

Other companies, like Cloudflare, use it to categorize domain names for their system.

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