How To Fix The Norton "Known Dangerous Webpage" Warning for Your Website

By James LePage
 on July 1, 2022

How To Fix The Norton "Known Dangerous Webpage" Warning for Your Website

By James LePage
 on July 1, 2022

If your (or a client's) website is being blocked by Norton as a "Known Dangerous Webpage" there's an easy fix. In this article, we'll take a look at this common Norton issue, and how to fix.

Here's what that Norton warning looks like if you have Norton installed on your personal computer.

What's The Cause?

the most basic cause of this wording is that the website is actually a known dangerous webpage, and visitors shouldn't access it. However, if you are the owner or developer of this website and know that it's a completely legitimate digital asset, then there could be some other issues.

Norton identifies problems such as phishing and hacking, so there's a chance that your website could be hacked, and the hacker could be using the legitimacy of your brand to steal user/ customer information.

Another reason for Norton blocking access to a website could be the domain itself. Sometimes, domains have previously been used for illegitimate purposes. You've gone ahead and purchased the domain, put a brand new site up, and are doing everything by the book. However, the reputation is still tarnished, and you'll need to let Norton know that the domain is now under new ownership.

The underlying engine behind all of Norton's website security is called the Safe Web Report.


The safe web report indexes and rates specific websites. Below is the overall scale for the Norton Safe Web report. If you are failing, then chances are all Norton security products that users have installed on their personal devices will be blocking your website and associated domains and assets.

Safe Web Scale

Realistically, this isn't the most accurate security service out there and it consistently blocks websites that are of no threat to the visitor. So, if you've been blocked by Norton, and want to give visitors back their unfettered access to your website, keep on reading this tutorial.

How Do You Fix This?

If Norton safe web has blocked your website and is now displaying a warning to visitors stating that this is a known dangerous website, the way to fix it is relatively easy.

Go to this website and enter your domain.


It will show a report stating that this website is not a safe site to be accessing, even though it is.


Under the threat report section, there's a link to "click here to submit dispute". Click that link.


Submit the form and you will be entered into the appeals process. As the note states, the dispute resolution could take up to two days and you'll receive an email confirmation once validated.


This is the Norton safe web URL dispute update email.

We've had to do this process several times for client websites and it typically takes around 24 hours to get a response. With each appeal, we've never had an issue. As long as your website isn't actually hacked or phishing, you should be good to go.

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4 months ago

Thank you for writing this.

I just had a customer telling me that he got this warning with Norton.

Since I haven't used it since... 1998 or so? I had no idea.

So I followed your advice and filed a dispute.

Thank you.

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