How To Leave Adobe Stock With No Cancellation Fee

Authored By: James LePage
Published On: July 20, 2020

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In this article, we're going to discuss how to leave Adobe Stock without paying the cancellation fee. As we talked about in our previous article, when you enter an Adobe subscription, you are contractually obliged to pay for the period.

For example, if you get a one year subscription to Adobe Stock (which is very easy to renew into after a one month free trial as it costs only $29.00/month), you are obligated to pay for the year.

If you find yourself needing to cancel the plan, you're left with a predicament. Either pay a $52 cancellation fee (In addition to whatever you have paid into the subscription for the year), or ride it out for the year.

Instead, we're going to present an alternative that makes use of an Adobe loophole. This way, you can cancel your Adobe Stock plan for free, circumventing the cancellation fee. (If you didn't guess yet, we recently went through this process as we found ourselves with the same issue. That’s how we got the screenshots!)

First, initialize the cancellation process for your Adobe Stock subscription. This is done from Click on “manage plan” for the subscription, which will bring you to the dashboard for that specific product. In our case, we weren't able to find a “Cancel Plan” button (is that illegal?).

Click "manage plan"

Instead, we scrolled all the way to the footer and clicked the contact Adobe button. This initializes a chat bot interface. Simply type “cancel plan”, and it will automatically pick up the plan from your current page, which should be your Adobe Stock dashboard. The chat bot will give you a cancellation link.

Click Contact Adobe to initialize their chatbot

Click on it, and you will begin to initialize your cancellation process. At this point, if you went through the complete process, you would have to pay around $50 in early cancellation fees, seeing a screen like this →

Don't go through the full process. When presented with “offers”, choose the cheapest one.

Get the cheapest Adobe offer

In our case, we took a look at all of the offers and chose the cheapest one which was $14.99 per month for access to the Creative Cloud photography subscription. (Don't choose one that has to do with your current subscription.)

We ended up downgrading to that, and received a $14.00 refund for the unpaid portion of our current Adobe Stock plan.

By now, our Adobe Stock plan has been exited without paying the cancellation fee. However, we now find ourselves paying for a Creative Cloud photography plan ($14.00/month). This is better than the $29.00 per month for a plan that we won't be using, but still isn't a complete cancellation of the Adobe services.

Luckily, this is where we make use of the loophole. The first month of any Adobe subscription can be cancelled without paying any fees. See where we’re going with this?

You have now just created a new subscription with the cheapest offer out there, meaning that you're in the first month of it.

No early termination fee anywhere to be found

Now, when you initialize the cancellation process for this service, you won't be greeted with an early cancellation fee. You'll be able to cancel your plan entirely, get a refund for the first months payment, and be free have your initial Adobe Stock subscription without paying the cancellation fee.

You'll even get a refund

Let's review this entire process. If you try to cancel your Adobe Stock subscription, You'll be greeted with an early cancellation fee of around $50. Instead of paying, downgrade to the cheapest offer that Adobe presents to you on the second screen of the cancellation Interface. In our case this was the $14.00 per month Creative Cloud photography plan.

Then, reinitialize the cancellation process for your new plan. Because you're in the first month, Adobe will not charge you a cancellation fee. you will also be refunded for the first months payment.

If you're looking to cancel any Adobe subscription without paying the cancellation fee, this method would work.

Hope this helped!

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