How to Set The Front Page In WordPress

Published: July 11, 2020

In this article we're going to discuss how to set the front page in WordPress. When I first began creating WordPress websites, almost five years ago, the one thing that eluded me as the beginning was how to change the homepage.

By default, WordPress sets the homepage to be a collection of blog posts. Normally, if you're building a WordPress website, you want the front to be a static page -- this is especially true if you're creating a site for your business.

How to set the front page in WordPress

let's cut out all the fluff of this article and get into the specifics of setting the front page in WordPress. First, ensure that you have created the home page. Once is the home page is created and publicly accessible (that means that you need to have published it) Hover over the appearances menu entry in the WordPress admin menu bar, and then click customize.

This will initiate the WordPress customiser interface. This is built into the base installation of WordPress and allows you to change multiple things on your website like the favicon, site logo, additional global settings, and of course the front page.

To edit your home page in WordPress, (aka change the front page) find the homepage settings tab from the list. Depending on what the email using in WordPress, their maybe more or less menu items. However, because the home page settings is built into the core of WordPress, it will always show up . Usually it is directly above additional CSS.

Once you've loaded the homepage settings tab, you can easily choose what's displayed on the home page of your website.

We want to set our WordPress homepage to be a static page, and to do that simply change the “your home page displays” setting to be a static page.

Once you've set your homepage to be a static page in your WordPress website, you can select which individual page should display as the homepage. if you have a blog, you can also set up where the base archive of posts will display by setting your posts page. We recommend that you have created a homepage before setting the front page for your WordPress website, but if you haven't, you can easily click add new page, set your front page, and then build it out.

The final step in setting your front page for your WordPress website is to click the publish button. Once you've clicked the publish button, go to the root domain of your website and check to see if the home page has changed from whatever it once was to your new front page.

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