Using SurferSEO and To Create High Quality Optimized Content

By James LePage
 on March 12, 2022

Using SurferSEO and To Create High Quality Optimized Content

By James LePage
 on March 12, 2022

As a content company and digital agency, we've been asked a lot about using SurferSEO and JasperAI to write SEO friendly content. For many of our clients, we use these two tools together to make our workflow much more efficient, while still creating incredibly high quality, valuable blog posts and articles.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make the most of this integration between two of the hottest SEO content tools out there.

Write content that ranks on page 1 of Google using AI

Editor's note: Jasper AI is the rebrand of Jarvis. Jarvis is the rebrand of ConversionAI. All are the same company... we know, it can be confusing!

If you're still new to this landscape of using AI to generate high quality, plagiarism free, SEO friendly written content, we invite you to read our two standalone reviews first, to understand what each tool does.

SurferSEO is a tool that helps you optimize content in real time. is a tool that automatically writes content with the help of AI based on GPT3.

How To Use SurferSEO With Jasper AI

First, let's connect the two tools. You'll need an account with both Jasper AI (get 10,000 free credits via this link) and SurferSEO (get 7 day free trial here).

Go into the Jasper account settings, and toggle the SurferSEO integration on.


Be sure you're logged into SurferSEO on the same browser. Once toggled on, you'll see a new SEO mode appear at the top of the longform document editor, which looks like this:

Now, you can begin using Surfer in the editor. Add the keyword and click into it on the interface.

You can generate content as you normally would, but use the content score in Surfer as if you were accessing it directly in the content editor. Place keywords, topics and terms directly in the Jasper Editor, and it'll show on the Surfer score!


When you're done, simply export the content and post on your blog or elsewhere. Congratulations, you've efficiently created SEO friendly content with the help of AI!

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