7 Examples of Inspiring HVAC Websites

By James LePage
Last updated on June 20th, 2022

If you're looking for inspiring HVAC website examples in 2024, look no further. Now more than ever it's incredible to have a website that looks good, converts customers, and helps visitors understand your unique offerings.

We searched far and wide for the best HVAC websites (looking at the design, conversion, and other factors). Skip to list

What Goes Into A Good HVAC Website?

This is a list of the very best HVAC websites. Not only do they have great design, but they me a collection of conditions that make them effective marketing devices for the HVAC companies that commissioned them. If you're considering starting anew, re-designing or rebuilding your website, be sure that it follows these tips:

  • Make it look good - way too many HVAC websites simply look bad. You can stand out from the pack by building a unique website that accurately conveys your value proposition.
  • Ensure that it's responsive - the majority of visitors to end up on your website will be coming from a mobile device. Make sure that it looks good on all screen sizes.
  • Incorporate social proof - HVAC is a service oriented industry. Incorporating social proof such as testimonials or reviews from previous clients and customers will lead to a higher conversion rate.
  • Build the site around specific images - if you have images of your staff installing HVAC units, servicing customer homes, or otherwise "in action", we suggest designing your website around these unique media assets. A website with professional photography of an HVAC team will look more trustworthy and convert more visitors into custom

With that said, now let's take a look at some of the best HVAC websites in 2024 that you can use as examples or inspiration.

The Brainbox AI site incorporates tasteful implementation of smooth scrolling, parallax effects, and modern elements.

This HVAC website is selling a modern solution to controlling the various aspects of climate control in commercial buildings. They have an ever present let's talk button that allows visitors to easily convert into leads by directing them to a well-designed contact page. There are three stakeholders that this HVAC company is servicing and it's easy to figure out which one you fall into when filling out the fo

This site is also built by Locomotive which is a very well known website development agency.

Bobs Heating is a great example of a standard HVAC website done properly. When visitors get to the front page they are immediately greeted with three call to action buttons signifying the most popular actions that a visitor could take on the website. Additionally, there's a professionally made custom video that shows employees of the company actively working with customers.

There's an online store (made with Ecwid) that customers can use to purchase products like filters and hoses.

The website also incorporates social proof through an automatically updated feed reviews from Google, Yelp, and other websites.

My Buddy The Plumber is a website that really doubles down on a defined brand. It works really well because the website matches the trucks, the trucks match the uniforms, and the general brand is reflected on the businesses physical offices.

You're easily be able to tell that this website is connected to its HVAC company. It's also a memorable website meaning that more customers will likely work with this company compared to one with a generic digital presence.

It should also be noted that this website is built with Oxygen Builder which is the website creation tool that our agency uses (more info).

Allred loads quickly and presented to HVAC services upfront on its homepage. As the user goes through the website they are greeted with additional information, reviews, and more. This is a very usable website with large text and easily clickable buttons.

This HVAC website also focuses on its core web vitals by incorporating NitroCDN to ensure that pages load as quick as possible.

They also have a live chat element which gives visitors yet another route to convert into a lead.

This is one of those websites that you can tell had a professional web design agency plan and build.

Cariniairuses a combination of a unique color palette, custom illustrations and graphics, real world images, and solid say planning to make this HVAC website a great experience for visitors coming from San Diego.

This HVAC website has an ever present contact us form which is included on pretty much every page of the website. It also doubles down on a memorable color scheme that uses blue and bright green together.

Because this company's been operating for a long time with a great record, they have five star reviews on major websites like Google and Yelp. The designers place these reviews at the very top of the website, while also interspersing them throughout pages, leading to some great social proof.

SoCal HVAC incorporates a custom truck markup, their unique color scheme, and a single page website design to make for an effective heating and cooling website.

This website also uses a tool called NiceJob to display recent Google reviews and service bookings on the bottom left of their website. This is social proof taken to the next level for HVAC, as customers can verify that this company is actively getting new client bookings.

We hope that this list of inspiring HVAC websites it was helpful in offering guidance, best practices, and other ideas that you can use to incorporate in your own digital asset. Notice how the majority of these websites really double down on their brand, incorporated unique color schemes, made it very easy for visitors to contact them about their HVAC services, and loaded quickly.

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