Iubenda Review: Website Compliance Made Easy

Published: 10 months ago

As an agency using Iubenda for many client websites, this is our review of the platform.

What Is Iubenda

Iubenda is a compliance solution that helps you quickly generate legal terms, conditions, policies, and more. On top of that it comes with a fully featured cookie consent solution that can make your website completely compliant to the GDPR regulations. Best of all, this is a completely automated platform, and it’s designed for those with many websites. You can manage your multiple websites, privacy policies, and attached documentation from the back and dashboard making things really easy to understand.

Essentially, it’s created to replace the need for a lawyer if you were actually serious about being compliant with your local rules and regulations when it comes to privacy policies on websites. Also, if you’re selling things, need terms and conditions, a refund policy, or anything else like that, you can use this to generate those documents as well. These are than in bedded directly into the website, meaning that they’re always up-to-date, and can easily be managed and updated for the backend dashboard.

Iubenda is made to replace a lawyer, and those cheap privacy policy generators that you find online. We really like this solution because it is much less than engaging a legal team, and creates actual documents that are 100% compliant with all regulations, something that can’t be said for those terms and privacy policy generators that you’ll find online.

We’ve been using Iubenda for sometime now, as we create many client websites that require these type of policies. Specifically, content publication websites, e-commerce websites, and any website operating in the European Union, (as well as really anywhere in the world) will require some form of privacy policy and terms and conditions. We wanted to write our review on the Iubenda product suite to offer our thoughts on the tool after using it for a while.

While we are writing this review on Iubenda from the point of you of an agency, as that is what we are, if you’re an individual looking for a legal compliance solution, you should definitely give this a read as we’ve had a lot of experience under multiple industries when using this tool.

Main Features Of Iubenda

Iubenda is a compliance suite. What that means is that it’s not just a privacy policy generator, or a consent solution, or a cookie notifier, or anything along the lines of that, instead it is a combination of all of these tools and more. You get all of these complex functionalities, which will discuss in more depth in the coming few paragraphs, and a dashboard that makes it easy to use and manage.

first off, all of the features and solutions mentioned below are marketed as attorney level solutions to help make your website complying with the law across multiple countries and legislations. This isn’t just a marketing statement, it’s a true statement. Iubenda constantly monitors major legislations to keep you the customer and their products up-to-date. Essentially, you get the expertise of an international legal team within a software as a service offering.

Iubenda has several main features. Let’s review each of them.

Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

This is the main selling point of this platform in terms of website designed and creation. You can easily generate a privacy and Cookie policy that is self updating and customizable from over 1300 clauses. Making your website complain in terms of the policy.

Clauses include several for Google analytics, AdSense, Facebook conversion tracking, newsletters, and more. It also displays language specific to the GDPR and CCPA, Making your website complain in terms of the policy.

Cookie Solution

The cookie solution is a major feature of the Privacy suite, and helps you be compliant with regulations such as the GDDP. This is a full-fledged offering, meaning you get a cookie banner, can easily collect consent, store that consent, and implement prior blocking with asynchronous reactivation.

Basically, it won’t allow any scrips to run unless the user allows it, which is exactly what you need if you’re trying to be compliant with the strictest of privacy regulations. This tool gets it done, and does it in an incredibly easy and simple way. All you need to do is set it up, install a single JavaScript snippet on your website, and then choose the cookies that are present. You can even scan through your website to figure out what cookies you’re using if you’re not sure.

Terms and Conditions Generator

this is available on the ultra plan, but in our opinion it is a must have if you were doing anything regarding monetization online. That includes selling products, using advertising, or having affiliate links on a website. This tool will help you easily generate and manage the terms and conditions document, as you can choose from over 100 clauses.

Created by an internationally accredited legal team, available on eight languages, and up-to-date with the main legislation for most countries. Because you can choose through the clauses that you want to include on this terms and conditions, it’s just like having a lawyer create the document for you, except you’re not paying those fees. It will protect you by making your customers aware of you or your clients policies in relation to cancellation, return, refund, and withdrawal, an absolute necessity if you ever end up in court.

Content Solution

The consent solution takes the cookie solution one step further, at least in relation to the GDPR. With this regulation, you need to record and manage consent and privacy preferences for each user, while anonymizing this data.

This is especially important if you were selling anything, have any web forms, or documents that users fill out on your website. With most regulations, you need to identify when the consent was provided, who provided the consent, what preferences were chosen, which legal notice was presented to them, and which form they were entering data into. All of this needs to be stored, securely, but anonymized as well. There are only a few consent solutions online that actually comply with the GDPR, and this is one of them. This is also the only one that actually works and it’s easy to implement. We’ve used other competing consent solutions out there, and they simply don’t come close to the ease of use, integration with any website, and pricing that this platform offers.

Internal Privacy Management

This is the one feature that we haven’t used as we don’t have access to it, nor do we need it on any of our websites or our client websites. The internal privacy management tool allows you to easily document all data processing activity within your organization. It looks to be incredibly powerful, but also oriented specifically towards large corporations who need a paper trail of all data moving throughout their websites and servers. This makes sense, as having this data documented and categorized by Iubenda would make any legal maneuvering super easy as all of the information that would be available to anybody who needs it. In many cases, large corporations also simply need to comply by doing this, and the internal privacy management feature allows them to do just that.

Automatic Compliance Scanning

A major feature, but one that I don’t see discussed a lot is the fact that this tool will automatically scan your website and detect services which are not currently listed in the privacy policy, does exposing you to a potential compliance risk. The scanner will then recommend that you add these services directly to your policy, and make it easy to do so by clicking only a few buttons.

All of these features work together to make Iubenda a great solution when it comes to CCPA, GDPR and other privacy law compliance. Because we are a web design agency, that’s what we use the solution for, but it can also be integrated into mobile and Facebook applications. Facebook now requires incredibly strict privacy policy disclosures, and Iubenda makes them.

Iubenda Prices

Iubenda has a few pricing types/offerings. First, they offer many of their Features for free. You can access a privacy and cookie policy with some limitations for free, a cookie Solution that is IABTCF compatible for up to 300,000 visits per month, all for free.

This free plan can sometimes be more than suitable for smaller websites. However, if you need access to a privacy and cookie policy Generator with no restrictions, that comes in at $29 per year. All of the paid offerings are subscriptions, but this is justifiable as they are constantly updated to remain in compliance with all international regulations.

This free plan can sometimes be more than suitable for smaller websites. However, if you need access to a privacy and cookie policy Generator with no restrictions, that comes in at $29 per year. All of the paid offerings are subscriptions, but this is justifiable as they are constantly updated to remain in compliance with all international regulations.

If you need complete compliance solutions which include Privacy and cookie policies, a cookie solution, and a terms and conditions Generator, then that will cost you $129 per year.

Those previous prices relate to a single website and app. If you are a design agency or somebody who manages multiple websites and wants to get multiple licenses, you can do so at a deep discount when compared to purchasing licenses singularly. For example, getting the ultra plan for 25 license slots cost $57 per month, or $627 per year.

There are also premade bundles, and add on packages that you can explore on their pricing section of the website. Add-ons would include a consent solution, additional website traffic, and large bundles for up to 200 licenses and 5 million page views per month.

There are also premade bundles, and add on packages that you can explore on their pricing section of the website. Add-ons would include a consent solution, additional website traffic, and large bundles for up to 200 licenses and 5 million page views per month.

We discuss this in a lot more detail below, but when comparing these prices to the cost of consulting with a lawyer every time you create a new website, and every time a law is changed, this tool seriously saves you a ton of money. Better yet, it’s constantly updated so you don’t have to be proactively checking to see that you are still complying with your respective privacy regulations.

What We Love

We love this tool for all of the features mentioned above, but perhaps the best selling point for us is the ease of integration into any WordPress website, and then ease of management for me back and dashboard specific to compliance. Instead of having individual privacy policies interspersed throughout all of our client websites, we can manage them from a single dashboard under the iubenda platform.

Even better, whenever these privacy regulations are updated or if a new one comes out, because they are actually hosted on the iubenda platform, we can easily update them to remain compliant throughout all websites that we manage.

Integration is done through a simple JavaScript Code Snippet, which we add via the Advanced Scripts manager. This is done in a very similar way to adding the Google analytics tracking code, and has virtually no performance impact (we tested!)

The fact that we don’t have to worry about the compliance of our websites, as well as our client websites take a major burden off our shoulders. Digital Privacy Compliance is incredibly complex and ever-changing. To do it properly, you need a paid service that uses lawyers to create their products, which is what Iubenda is in essence, or you need a lawyer on retainer to review an audit each and every single one of your websites.

What We Hate

There’s honestly nothing not to like about this tool. The team behind it is awesome, the support is top notch, and the product is solid, being used in some of the largest websites in the world. If you need to become compliant, this is your solution to do so. We’ve been using this tool on client websites for sometime, and have never had an issue with anything.

One could say that integrating the actual policies into a website may be a little scary for a person who technically fluent, but even this is remedied through incredibly detailed and high-quality documentation articles and videos. Basically, the company is covered itself and all bases and offers an incredibly high-quality product with no drawbacks.

Even when it comes to pricing, there’s nothing to complain about as there is a free privacy and cookie policy, free cookie solution, and more. If you need to pay, it’s $29 per year for a single say license, and $129 per year for a ultra license which comes with terms and conditions, as well as all the privacy and Cookie utilities.

Even when it comes to pricing, there’s nothing to complain about as there is a free privacy and cookie policy, free cookie solution, and more. If you need to pay, it’s $29 per year for a single say license, and $129 per year for a ultra license which comes with terms and conditions, as well as all the privacy and Cookie utilities.

Basically, if your website is mission critical and generating money, you’ll be able to afford this $129 per year Price, and if you don’t need all those features, there’s a free plan for you.

Iubenda: Should You Get It?

If you are an individual who is worried about the compliance of your website, or your clients Websites, Iubenda he’s an industry leading tool that allows you to quickly and easily implement cookie policies, privacy policies, consent management, and more. Basically, it’s your all in one stop when it comes to anything regarding legal compliance with digital privacy.

We think that it’s most suited for companies who are concerned with compliance in the GDPR and in regards to the CCPA. And these regulations apply to most websites.

Digital Privacy is only going to expand in scope as we head into the future, and this tool will be able to grill with it. Because it is a centralized platform, if you manage multiple client websites and there is a major change in regulation, you’ll be able to easily respond to it and automatically update all of your policies. That is a major selling point of this tool. You won’t have to go to a lawyer and get all of your policies redone and your website audited, instead you’ll just need to click a button and be up-to-date in a matter of seconds.

From the perspective of a web design agency, if you are offering services to clients, iubenda is a great add on.

They have a fully fledged partner program which allows your agency to become certified as an expert in compliance and technical requirements. Not only is this a great selling point, but it also gives you access to There Directory listing service, bulk pricing savings, and consultation fees. something else to consider is that you can completely remove all branding associated with the policies generated by this tool, white labeling the service. All things considered, if you were an agency, this is a great selling point that you can market to your customers, and you can even charge monthly fees to offer up to date compliance.

If you compared iubenda to competition, You’ll notice that there are pretty much no offerings exactly like it. Instead, on the lower range, you’re looking at a simple policy generator or copying and pasting a policy from a template website. This is a terrible idea, and even paid policy generators don’t have that deep integration with your website that Iubenda offers. They also aren’t constantly updated to remain compliant at all times. Typically, policy generators will burn you in a short and long run. Cookie consent solutions are far and few, especially in regards to WordPress. Of course, you can always just display a pop-up discussing your cookie policy, but for the CCPA And GDPR, as well as dozens of other smaller regulations, this doesn’t cut it.

On the upper end of the spectrum, and previously the only viable option to many businesses whose websites are mission critical and fall under the regulatory umbrella of digital privacy policy rules, you would have to consult with a lawyer, have them generate the necessary legal documents, and then implement them onto your website, using pre-existing software that is incredibly expensive. In some situations, this is still the route to go, but for many e-commerce websites and content publishers, Iubenda allows you to circumvent the lawyers, and simply generate a policy by yourself. This policy does the same thing that the one generated by a lawyer would do, except you’re paying the platform to remain compliant and not the lawyer. Because it is a digital offering, it will always be cheaper than working with a law firm that specializes in legal compliance (and for our legal compliance, THIS IS NOT LEGAL/COMPLIANCE ADVICE).

Something else that is neat is the fact that if you do require custom solutions, they have an international network of lawyers that can provide you with tailored documents and a complete compliance review. In many cases, this service offered by Iubenda is more specialized and cheaper than any other solution on the market


If you need a fully featured legal compliance suite for your online website, or your clients, who bender is the single platform for you. This is a tool at the top of his game and allows you to generate policies, collect Cookie consent, and remain compliant with all international regulations in regards to your website. It’s a much better solution than just hoping that you won’t end up in legal trouble, and avoiding any complaints at all, or paying lawyers tens of thousands of dollars to do with this too will do for $20-$100 per month.

We use this and many of our client websites, spanning from small local businesses to massive media publications that get millions of views per month, and we have the peace of mind knowing that there is a legal team behind the service constantly monitoring and updating our privacy policies so we remain in good graces with any governing body out there.

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