Is The Best AI Copywriting Tool? Our Review (2024)

By James LePage
 on July 13, 2021
Last modified on April 12th, 2022

Is The Best AI Copywriting Tool? Our Review (2024)

By James LePage
 on July 13, 2021
Last modified on April 12th, 2022 (previously known as is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate content automatically. That means that you can literally write entire blog posts, books, marketing campaigns, and more from several very basic prompts - completely automatically.

As an agency, we have been using this for personal and client projects for several months now, and know all the inns and outs of the product. We are truly living in a future where robots can generate content that can be passed off as human writing.

Jarvis user interface

In this article, we will be reviewing the product, design, pricing, content output, ease of use and more. Stay tuned for our in depth review!

How Does Jasper AI Work?

In simplest terms, this product uses artificial intelligence to take existing prompts, and generate new original content from it. It's a perfect way to build blog posts, longform content, and other things from simple sentences.

On the backend, uses a modified and well trained GPT-3 OpenAI API to generate content. After coming onto the scene late last year, GPT-3 has transformed the way content is generated. This company differs from others in that it is much more well-funded, as an incredible interface, and consistently acquires competitors to improve its own product.

GPT-3 is a neural network that uses deep learning and has been pre-trained with millions of words of content. The AI can then refer back to its training when generating contact, as well as consistently improve with additional user input, generating incredibly coherent output. The quality is on par or better than many authors. It's open source, but calls to the API will cost money, which is why many artificial copywriting companies such as utilize a credit based system. However, it's worth noting that you can pay for unlimited words which is the plan that we have with this company, something that is really great!

By acquiring competitors, it is able to take the best of those platforms and implement it on their own. Team members from acquisitions typically stick around in a strategic role, making ( that much better.

At the time of writing, there are two traditional ways to generate content with this AI tool, those being the templates and the longform editor. The templates help you complete specific tasks with the AI. For example, if you want to generate multiple versions of Facebook ad copy, you would use a template. If you want to generate longform content such as a blog post or even an e-book, you would use the editor instead.

Video Review

We've published a video review that covers a lot of the points outlined in this article. It's a great example in real time what this tool can do for you.

Like this content? Subscribe to our channel! Templates

Jasper comes with a myriad of templates for a ton of different reasons. Below is a screenshot of all the templates that we have access to at the time of publishing this article. However, they are constantly improving and adding on to this template list, and users of the platform can even request specific templates themselves.

Jarvis AI templates

Each of these utilize the same underlying artificial intelligence, but frame it in a way that specific types of output will be generated. Let's take a look at a few of these popular templates, ones that could easily save you hours of time for specific tasks.

Not interested in this section? Skip to the "longform editor" section.

Review Responder

Jarvis review responder template

If you get a ton of reviews on Google or other platforms, responding to them could be a tedious process, but a necessity. This template could make things a lot quicker for you.

All you need to do is input the customer review, and it will output a response for it. Let's test it out with a real review from "Dinosaur Bar-B-Que", a restaurant up in the Northeast.

Review responder input

Jasper will then generate three responses that we can choose from, all of which are cohesive, coherent, and can definitely be used.

Review responder Albert

Poll Questions

Jarvis poll questions and multiple choice answers

This one is great for Facebook groups, and something that we have used personally in our own. Generating polls increases user engagement and is also an easy way to learn more about your community.

poll questions input

With this template, all we need to do is add a topic, audience, and a tone of voice.

poll questions output

Video Description

YouTube video description generated by artificial intelligence

Video descriptions on YouTube videos are a necessity to rank high, but if you're anything like us, creating one after recording and editing a video is very tedious. With this, all I need to do is add the video title, topic, and it will generate a complete description for you that is optimized for YouTube SEO.

For this example, we will use the following video and Jasper will use its AI to generate a YouTube video description.

YouTube video example for Jarvis AI

This is an interesting experiment because it requires the AI to understand what UFC represents, and who Dana White is (he is the president of that organization). Let's see what happens. All we need to do is enter the keyword and title of the video. The output is as follows:

Output from Jarvis AI

And the content is correct. I could definitely see the video creator using the second or third description.

Facebook Ad Primary Text

Conversion AI Facebook ad primary text

There are a ton of Facebook tools that come with and make creating the copy for advertising very easy. With these templates you can output multiple variations in one go, copy and paste into Facebook ads, and see which one works better. Let's take a look at the Facebook ad primary text template that comes with this automated copywriting service.

Here's the input:

Input for Facebook and primary text generated by artificial intelligence GPT 3

And here's the output:

Output of artificially generated Facebook advertising copy

This is definitely a tool that any marketer should be looking at due to the sheer quality and quantity of output that it can generate. By using AI you can save a ton of time, generate multiple variations, and then test them on your various advertising platforms to see which one has the highest CTR.

AIDA Framework

A I D a framework card

This may be helpful if you are creating landing pages or product value propositions. The input:

Input for attention interest desire action

The output:

AI generated marketing copy

We could easily use this continent and landing pages, websites, and advertisements. All of this is created in under five seconds, which is incredible to think when mere years ago you would be paying a marketing agency hundreds if not thousands of dollars and hours of time to create the same thing.

Content Improver

content improver intro card

The final thing is the Content Improver which you can use to take existing contact and rewrite it. This is different than spinning it in that it is not simply replacing words, the AI is identifying the conceptual topics and rewriting them in different sentence structures. With this, you have a limit of 600 characters per go.

Jarvis AI input
Jarvis AI output

There are a ton of other templates for specific scenarios and situations that you can use to seriously augment your workflow when it comes to producing content. These templates are great, and obviously trained and optimized to create content specific to what they are designed to do. For us, we've saved hours upon hours of time by using these primarily for Facebook ad copy - the stuff that this tool is creating is as good or better than paying a marketing agency to do it for us.

There's also a feature within the editor (discussed in the next section) called Boss Mode. We will go into detail about what his mode is and how it works later in this article, but it can be used to fulfill the same purpose as templates. Instead of using the templates though, you will prompt the AI to do specific things by writing out commands.

For example, for the Facebook ad copy you would write "write me Facebook ad copy about the previous paragraph" in the editor, and Jasper will create it there, based on content within the paragraph above the prompt. Editor

The Jasper AI editor is similar to something like Google docs or Microsoft Word. You have a basic WYSIWYG editor, where you can add various headings, text formatting and more. On the left of the screen you are able to create a title, content description, and various keywords. You can then also set the output length of the automatically generated content.

Jarvis AI document information such as title, content description, keywords, and output length

To begin using the longform editor, you'll need to write a little bit of content. This is typically a sentence or two which gives direction to the AI when it begins to write. The more content on the page, the more context the AI has to work with meaning that it's going to be much more relevant of an outfit.

There are several keyboard shortcuts, the most popular one is control+J which creates the AI output. In the editor, we added a title, content description, the keyword of chicken, and then a seed sentence of "chicken is a great source of protein". After hitting control+J, this is what we got:

Paragraphs generated by artificial intelligence

We can then go back and format the text, remove contact that doesn't make any sense, hyperlink, and more. From it, we can simply copy and paste this text into WordPress or whatever other platform we are publishing it on.

The editor is well designed and easy to use. It comes with features such as autosave, and is a very solid method of writing content manually, seriously augmented by the ability to generate entire paragraphs and sections with AI. A recent addition to the platform called boss mode increases the features and productivity of this longform editor even more, which we will be discussing in a later section of this Review.

Generate AI Content In Other Languages

It's definitely worth noting that this tool isn't just available for the English language. They advertise that they can handle 25+ languages. You can use this tool to translate from one language to another or write in that specific language from the start. English is my first language, but I have understanding of both Italian and Spanish, so let's see how the tool handles translating an English paragraph into Spanish, and generating original Italian content.

English To Spanish AI Translation

English to Spanish translation by AI

The first paragraph is writing about how to avoid glasses from fogging up in English. We then use the boss mode, which we discuss below and prompt the tool to translate the English paragraph into Spanish.

Original Italian Content Generation

For this, we prompt Jasper and Boss Mode to "write a paragraph about Italian cars".

Prompt for Jarvis AI in Italian

The output is just that!

AI writing in a language other than English

From my basic understanding of Italian, everything looks to be grammatically correct. The actual content is Elementor, but discusses the quality and competitive nature of Italian car manufacturing.

Real World Example Of Content Generated By Jasper.AI

Let's check out a real world example of what Jasper can output from the following prompt:

First, we write the following.

Prompt for Jarvis AI

We're going to make the output length "long" to let Jasper really show us what he can create.

Output length

Finally we click the compose button, and this is what we get. Note, the following is the raw output, with no formatting from us.

Blog post generated by AI

That's 151 words of text that isn't only readable... but it's all correct! With a bit of formatting, this could make up a complete section of a blog post or a page.

We are able to generate unlimited content with this tool. If you would like to give us a prompt, comment it, and we'll reply with the raw return the Jasper create.
Leave your prompt here!x

Originality Of Content Generated

When we first started using this tool, we were pretty skeptical regarding the originality of the content. It was so high-quality, correct, and well written, it was difficult to believe that it wasn't just ripping it from a webpage (or merging two or three individual posts together, which is still plagiarism in our book).

For all content generated by this machine, we've run it through the Quetext Plagiarism checker, a free but very accurate way to determine if contact is original. Here's a screenshot of the text from above copied and pasted into the utility:

Similarity rating for contact generated by GPT3 AI

Funnily enough, the only thing it returned was the sentence that I used to manually prompt Jasper (which was something off the top of my head 😆)

And make sure that this tool actually works, we also ripped an article from Wikipedia:

Similarity reading for plagiarized content

As expected, 100% plagiarism.

For some more information and a downloadable file of several outlets created by Jasper, check out this blog post. In it, we run through several different scenarios and analyze via Copyscape premium as well as Quetext. We give you the content in a Microsoft Word document so you can run through your own plagiarism checkers and see for yourself.

Boss Mode

The content above was generated by the AI expanding upon previous input. That's perfect if you have a blog post outline or statement that you want to generate more copy for, but what if you want to create a completely original contact from specific prompt? Kind of like asking Siri or Google assistant for something?

That's where the recently introduced boss mode comes in to play. Instead of just expanding upon existing sentences, this allows the Jasper AI to do it's own thing. It's completely open ended and there aren't many guidelines here because of that, but you essentially give it a command, and it will produce what is asked for.

So instead of using one of the prebuilt templates, or manually creating a blog post outline and then using Jasper to build out full paragraphs, you can commanded to do specific things. From the lens of somebody who creates a ton of blog content, let's command the Jasper AI to first create a blog post outline about a specific topic, and then generate the paragraphs from that outline. We will essentially be combining the boss mode and traditional content generation method.

Boss mode keyboard shortcuts for Jarvis AI

First, we make a command. "Make 5 headings about glasses frame types". Then, instead of hitting control+J which will generate words traditionally, we hit control+enter. The AI will then read the command, and produce output based on what you're asking for.

We'll also do a second command: "write a paragraph about how to prevent glasses frames from fogging up".

See the output in real time by playing the video below ⬇️

Real time, two Jasper Boss Mode commands.

Who This Tool Is Built For

If you're somebody who writes several thousand words per month, this tool is built for you. It will definitely save you time and money in the long run. We think that there are several categories that could be perfect for. Digital marketing agencies, search engine optimization firms, blog/content website owners, and small business owners are just a few of the groups of people that come to mind.

If you're somebody who publishes a bunch of content on blogs, you can use this tool to create a content in your minutes.

 If you're a small business owner who takes hours to create your own Facebook ad copy, you can use this tool to do that an actual seconds.

A digital marketing agency building a website and find yourself lost when it comes to copy writing, this tool will write copy and part with professional copy writing quality.


A recent development is that is now integrating with third-party services to make the content creation process even easier. It's worth noting that we have not used any of these integrations yet, so there's no primary experience in this section of our review on


Surfer Jarvis AI integration

Surfer.seo is a great tool for a search engine optimization. If you are looking to optimize your content -- like knowing where to place specific keywords, when to have a heading, and more, Surfer.seo tell you just that. With this integration, all of those benefits from that platform are available to you in the editor.

surfer and conversion ai integration

While we haven't used this integration yet, we have used Surfer as a standalone product, and having it completely integrated into the / platform should be a massive timesaver for those looking to create content specifically to rank on Google.


Pricing is reasonable for the benefits that we get. The starter plan comes in at $29 per month and gives you the ability to create 20,000 words per month. The pro plan gives you unlimited words for $109 per month and unlocks the longform contact features. Finally, the pro + boss mode plan comes in at $119 per month, giving you unlimited words as well as the boss mode features discussed in this article.

Jarvis pricing starting at $29 per month

If you compare what you can do with this tool to either paying an author (good authors typically cost eight dollars per 100 words), paying a marketing agency, contracting and SEO agency, or anything along those lines, the cost benefit analysis is clear: this tool will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

Jarvis reviews


As an agency we have been using on personal and client projects for around three months now. It has become an invaluable part of our agency workflow and seriously improved our productivity while allowing us to cut costs and pay less for content.

The quality of the words produced is second to none, and this tool seriously proves that we are living in the future where robots can create content better than human beings. If you have any questions, comments or thoughts about, feel free to reach out in the comments section below and we will do our best to answer any and all of them.

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2 years ago
We are able to generate unlimited content with this tool. If you would like to give us a prompt, comment…" Read more »

Are you ready to use social media to grow your business as an author?

2 years ago

Hello. I'm just a beginner here. I'm starting a personal finance/savings blog and just starting to write content. It takes so long to come up with content for one blog post. I came across Jarvis ai on YouTube, and thought it just might help me speed up this process a bit. One of my biggest concerns with this software is its accuracy.

I've come across some users who've said the software "lies" or does not produce accurate content. To me, this is concerning. And I'm thinking, if I have to completely fact check Jarvis, then what's the point? That in itself, would be time consuming. I mean, I may as well spend the time necessary and do my own research and write the article myself, right? Any tips on how to help Jarvis produce accurate content?

Also, can it produce content for longer articles (2000+ words)?


2 years ago
We are able to generate unlimited content with this tool. If you would like to give us a prompt, comment…" Read more »

How to bow hunt in Arkansas

2 years ago

Jarvis helped us a lot with marketing titles and improving the copy of non-marketing content we publish on our site. In English, Jarvis is working very well but I cannot say the same for French content. Never mind, we got the base in English and use Deepl or Google to translate and it works fine. To find new content ideas for Jarvis, we often search ideas in or For the price and its benefices, Jarvis is a must-have for SEO or a Marketing team. I do recommend it as well !

david driver
david driver
2 years ago
We are able to generate unlimited content with this tool. If you would like to give us a prompt, comment…" Read more »

Gold Prices in 2022

2 years ago

Great article, but I'm italian and no... the Italian translation was not grammatically correct, nor had much sense.

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