Jet Compare & Wishlist Review: Best Functionality Enabler For Elementor

Published: 8 months ago

The Jet Compare & Wishlist plugin created by Crocoblock is one of the best in the industry if you're looking to add the compare an wishlist functionality to your WordPress store created with Elementor. In this article, we're going to take a look at the features, back end design, pricing, and more.


Jet Compare & Wishlist was created specifically to add 2 unique functionalities to a WordPress website that uses Elementor. First, comparison: easily take 2 or more content pieces, and compare various aspects of them like the pricing, the ratings, the names, and other data attached to them. Second, wish list: it's a known fact that having a wishlist attached to your WooCommerce website increases your overall revenue. People can save products, be reminded that there on the wishlist, and purchase when they have the cash to do so.

The introduction of these two features, enabled by the Jet Compare & Wishlist plug-in created by Crocoblock, specific for the Elementor page builder is great. Let's take a look at the actual quality of this plug-in, the ease of use on the back end, the features that it has to offer, and the pricing that it comes in at.


Jet Compare & Wishlist comes in with four main features:

It allows you to easily compare different products by any data that is attached to them. You can create well organized wishlists, styling the structure with the Elementor builder and walloway prompting customers to make future purchases.

crocoblock compare

You can also add compare and wishlist buttons anywhere you want on the Elementor website. Finally, you can show the associated count with how many wish lists a specific product is on, which offers social proof to your shoppers.

Jet Compare & Wishlist offers 6 widgets that integrate directly into the back end of Elementor.

Wishlist widget

Other than that, nothing more is really offered. Let's take a look at the back end, how it's integrated into your Elementor website, and how it actually works and looks on the front end , which should give you a good understanding of the total offering. Then, we’ll take a look at the pricing to figure out the value of Jet Compare & Wishlist.

Wishlist general view


Jet Compare & Wishlist comes in at $15 per year for a single site license, $29.00 per year for an unlimited website license, and can also be purchased in the bundles. Bundles offer the most value. We will discuss this in much more depth during hours should you buy this section, but for $15 a year, considering the features it offers in the time it will save you in the implementation, this is a solid and valuable price point.

The Crocoblock Ecosystem

Whenever reviewing a plug-in created by the Crocoblock company, we have to bring up the ecosystem that they offer. Crocoblock sells their plugins as individual offerings, but you can get even more value when you purchase the bundle, as we discussed in the pricing section.

When purchasing a bundle, you get access to a ton of Crocoblock plugins that are all created to add specific functionalities to elementor, but also work together in that end goal of increasing the functionality and flexibility of the page builder.

Just like Apple's devices work together, the Crocoblock plugins work together seamlessly, offering a great end to end experience for specific features on the Elementor page builder. This ecosystem in itself is a major selling point, and when you compare it to the individual features of this plug-in, the other plugins, and the company behind the offering, the value becomes apparent here.

Should You Buy?

From the perspective of an agency that consistently develops solutions like this for custom coded PHP WordPress websites, this is a easy yes, you definitely should buy it. Watch the reason behind this is that setting up a comparison feature and a wish list feature using hard coding methods or even off the shelf plugins that you can find on the repository becomes incredibly complex as you need to manage the users, the associated values, products, and attached data, and then actually create the comparison in wish list output.

This Jet Compare & Wishlist plugin simplifies that process, offering everything that you need in terms of comparison and wishlist features for the Elementor page builder in a single installation. It's also very affordable at $15, and even better when you get it as part of the bigger Crocoblock pack. So, from our opinion, this is a definite purchase if you're looking to add this functionality to your WooCommerce website.


To conclude, the Jet Compare & Wishlist plugin, one that we have used in many WooCommerce projects created with Elementor, is a must purchase if you are looking to add the ability for your customers to compare and add specific products to a wish list. For $15, you will add 2 features that are known to increase the conversions of any ecommerce setup, the integration is almost seamless with the Elementor builder, and the company behind the product is reputable and helpful.

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