JetFormBuilder Review: Is this the best form builder for Gutenberg?

By James LePage
 on March 13, 2022

JetFormBuilder Review: Is this the best form builder for Gutenberg?

By James LePage
 on March 13, 2022

JetFormBuilder is a powerful and easy-to-use form builder that lets you create custom forms with ease. With its drag and drop interface, you can easily add or remove form fields, change field types, or even add custom HTML to your forms.


It's quickly emerging as the premiere form building plugin for Gutenberg. As Gutenberg quickly gains popularity, JetFormBuilder is sure to follow.

We've been using this tool by CrocoBlock to create forms with conditional logic, basic and complex calculations, payment methods integration and more in Gutenberg and WordPress websites.

With that, let's jump into this JetFormBuilder Review.

JetFormBuilder Features

There are dozens of WordPress form plugins. What makes JetFormBuilder so special?

As you'll see from the robust features, this isn't just a run of the mill contact form plugin. Of course, it has all the basics – you can create forms with multiple fields, add custom labels and messages, choose from pre-built form types or create your own.

But it goes much further. You can create multi step forms, booking forms, post submissions, subscriptions forms, surveys, and more.


19+ Fields

This builder comes with 18+ form fields, including input field, textarea, checkbox, radio button, select field, etc. You can also add custom HTML to your forms.

Here's the complete list:

Select, Radio, Checkboxes, Text, Text are ,Hidden, Calculated, Number, Date, DateTime, Time, Media, WYSIWYG, Range, Heading, Repeater, Group, Form break, Submit, and Advanced Color Picker.


As you can see, this is a comprehensive list of form field types, and more than enough for most use cases.

In addition to these form fields, there are a few other fields like input masks, style settings built in, capabilities for multi step forms, and more.

There's also the ability to add custom CSS classes to any field, making it easy to style the entire form without guessing what each input will look like on the frontend.

Multi-Column Layouts

Another impressive feature of JetFormBuilder is the ability to create multi-column layouts. This can be handy when you want to add a lot of information in a small space or make your form more visually appealing.

Conditional Fields / Conditional Logic

You can also add conditional fields to your forms. This means that certain fields will only appear if certain conditions are met.

For example, you might want a field to only appear if the user selects 'Yes' to a previous question. Or, you might want a field to be required if another field is filled out.

This feature is extremely powerful and can be used to create complex forms with ease.

Calculated Content

You can also add basic and complex calculations to your forms. This is useful for adding totals, percentages, or other calculations to your form.


Repeaters allow you to duplicate form fields. This can be handy when you need to create a list of items, such as a list of products or services.


For example, say you have a field group of name, number and email. Repeaters would allow you to add a button saying "add another individual", and repeat these fields as many times as the user needs.

This is a great way to create large, complex forms without having to manually add each field.

Dynamic Values

Dynamic values will populate from information from the wordpress database like user email, or calculated fields. This eliminates the need for users to fill out repetitive information.

Post Submission Actions

Entering data is just the beginning. Once users have filled out your form, you can do all sorts of things with the data they've entered. You can send them an email, save it to a database, or even create a PDF.

Here's a list of the main things you can do: Subscribe to Mailing Lists, Accept Payments & Donations, link to Third-Party Webhooks, Redirect To Any Page, Register a User, and Update / Add A New Post.

Ease Of Use

With all of these features, you would think the JetFormBuilder would be difficult to use. But you would be wrong. It's actually quite easy to use, with a drag and drop interface that makes adding fields and configuring them a breeze.

We were able to build complex forms with ease, without any coding required.

JetFormBuilder Pricing

Here's what's wild... Most of the features mentioned above are completely FREE. That's right, you can use all of these features without paying a dime.


There ARE pro addons that make it even more powerful, and relative to the cost, they pack a lot of value. To access all pro add ons for unlimited websites, it'll cost $79/yr. If you only need it for 1 site, it'll cost $39/yr.


JetFormBuilder is also included with CrocoBlock's all access All-Inclusive plan, which gives you access to all themes, plugins, widgets, and JetFormBuilder for a subscription or a Lifetime Deal.

Pro Addons


If you're looking for a simple way to sell things through WooCommerce, offer Stripe Subscriptions, connect with Hubspot, save form progress, add address autocomplete, you'll need to pick up Pro Addons.

Are they worth it?

If you're looking for a powerful, yet easy to use form builder, JetFormBuilder is definitely worth checking out. The pro add ons are reasonably priced and add a lot of value, making it one of the best form builders on the market.

Can I Use With Other Page Builders Like Elementor?

You can use JetFormBuilder with any page builder you want. In fact, they even have a few pre-built integrations with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder.


You can also use the shortcode to add your forms anywhere you want, including inside of posts and pages.

However, this is intended for Gutenberg, and really shines with it's native-like integration.

JetFormBuilder Vs Competitors

Before we look at some other competing plugins, it's worth noting that this is similar to another CrocoBlock addon, JetEngine Forms. In fact, here's what CrocoBlock has to say about this:

JetFormBuilder itself is a JetEnginge Forms, but with re-factored code, a new editor based on blocks builder. JetFormBuilder is a fully-fledged form plugin with more functionalities.

The closest competition is Piotnet Forms. JetFormBuilder has a lot more features, is much easier to use, and is much more affordable. The biggest downside with Piotnet is that they have almost no documentation and poor support.

Comparatively, JetFormBuilder has great support and documentation for both the free version and the pro version.

Compared to the built in Elementor Forms, this is also a better solution. It's more powerful, easier to use, and simpler in our opinion. And, if you're using it to its fullest extent, having a stand alone form plugin allows for much more expansion and no vendor lock in.

In reality, if you're a pro developer looking to build in "application like" features, you'll want to look at more robust solitons like Gravity Forms, Formidable forms, or (our favorite plugin) WSForm.

But if you're looking for a rock solid form tool that is built for Gutenberg, and works with Elementor and other page builders, you really can't go wrong with JetFormBuilder.

Further Reading: The Best Form Plugins For Elementor

Is JetFormBuilder Worth It?

When considering this form plugin, we need to look at it's value in terms of pricing, but also in terms of the time investment it'll take to learn this tool. Is it worth it?

In our opinion, JetFormBuilder is definitely worth it.

Form building is not about guesswork. Build the backend structure and style every form component at once. A layout you create in the editor will be the end result you get on the frontend. JetFormBuilder makes creating complex forms a breeze, without any coding required.

The best part is that most of the features mentioned in this review are completely free. And, if you're looking for more features like Stripe payments, Hubspot integration, or autocomplete address fields, the pro add ons are reasonably priced and add a lot of value.

So if you're looking for an easy to use, yet powerful form builder, JetFormBuilder is definitely worth checking out.

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