JetWoobuilder Review: The Best Way To Build WooCommerce With Elementor

By James LePage
 on January 25, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

JetWoobuilder Review: The Best Way To Build WooCommerce With Elementor

By James LePage
 on January 25, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

In pretty much all of our Elementor articles discussing WooCommerce, we include our thoughts on the JetWooBuilder plug in. This is essentially an add-on pack that extends Elementor by adding tons of additional widgets specific to ecommerce functionality. In this article, we are going to take an in depth look at the features, pricing, design, usability, and competing products with the JetWooBuilder offering. this review should help you make an informed purchasing decision.


JetWooBuilder is a plugin created by Crocoblock which is primarily designed to extend the functionality of your WooCommerce website built with Elementor, by adding 66 widgets to your Elementor back end. This in itself is a major accomplishment, but when we take a look at the features, design, and especially the price, you'll probably be (pleasantly) surprised at what this plugin has to offer.


As we just stated, this add-on plugin installs 66 WooCommerce specific widgets to your Elementor backend, and allows you to easily build out complex product pages, individual listings, and more.

Here we can see that all of the elements are designed to work together, allowing you to build out complete templates like checkout, my account, thank you, and cart pages.

This is a major selling point of this JetWooBuilder plugin in our opinion, because creating custom checkout pages in Elementor is difficult to do. This plugin allows you to do just that in a very easy to use manner. You can also create shop specific pages, layout switchers, carousel types, and category cards. Everything is designed to be as easy as possible to use, so you don't even need to know any code.

When you get the JetWooBuilder plug in, you can build out your own pages, or precreated pages to speed up your workflow in terms of building out a WooCommerce website with the Elementor plugin.

In terms of the custom account, cart, shop out, review, and additional templates that you can now create with Elementor and JetWooBuilder, there are four additional features that you should be aware of:

You have your primary page specific widgets, totaling 66. You have the editable WooCommerce pages, allowing you could to completely style the ecommerce platform to your brand, you have manageable reviews, custom behavior conditions (this is primarily related to the reviews feature that come with the JetWooBuilder plugin), and you have role based conditions as well. If you combine all of these together, this plug-in in itself is very powerful, but when you consider the entire Crocoblock ecosystem, something that we will discuss in a later paragraph of this review, the JetWooBuilder plug-in goes to a whole new level.

We can't cover all 66 widgets that come with JetWooBuilder, but in this review let's take a look at the most notable ones to us:

Here we can see that there is an easy way to add add to cart buttons, single images, product tabs, sale badges, and more. Essentially, the JetWooBuilder plugin breaks WooCommerce down into its smallest elements, allowing you to place them on any position, in any page, in your WooCommerce website built with Elementor.

If you want to build out powerful product archive pages with JetWooBuilder, these switches allow you to do just that. You can display the results, the pack nation, the title, the ordering of the products, and various notices. Again, we're going to discuss this more in depth later, but when you combine this tool with additional plugins created by Crocoblock, you can create the most dynamic website thinkable.

Again, you can create completely specific and customized account, cart, and checkout pages in WooCommerce. Previously, even with the Elementor page builder, much of this styling was restricted to custom themes period now, all you need to do is drag and drop various elements onto your Elementor canvas using the JetWooBuilder plugin, such as the my account log out button, my account details section, my account download section, and more . Again, all of this can be styled from the Elementor background as you are still using the native builder to do everything with the JetWooBuilder plug-in.

This complete integration with Elementor that comes with JetWooBuilder, and all Crocoblock products (notably SmartFilers and Reviews) is something to be noted here, as you don't need to know any code, and can visually style using the familiar functions that come with Elementor.


After reading through those features, and what you can actually build with the JetWooBuilder plug-in, you may be thinking that it is going to cost you a hefty fee to access a license. Instead, it's the complete opposite with a single site license coming in a 24 dollars. That's crazy considering the 66 widgets and unlimited combinations and functionality that comes with JetWooBuilder.

You can install it on unlimited websites for $49.00 per year, and it becomes even more valuable when included in the JetPlugins set, which begins at $80.00 per year. We will discuss this in more detail when talking about the Crocoblock ecosystem that surrounds this plug-in, and all other ones created by that development company.


There are other competing WooCommerce addon packs that you can read about here, but the only major competition is Dynamic Addons For Elementor. and even this plug-in is created to do a different thing than JetWooBuilder, meaning that this is probably one of the best WooCommerce add-ons for Elementor on the market. When you factor in the pricing, ecosystem that comes with it, and features that are included with this individual offering, then competition is left far behind period of course, there are other add-on packs that add WooCommerce specific elements, but none integrate as elegantly as JetWooBuilder does with Elementor.

The Crocoblock Ecosystem

The Crocoblock company, the developer behind the JetWooBuilder plug-in, also has roughly 18 additional offerings out there. This in itself is impressive, but something that's even more impressive is the fact that all of them are designed to work together.

Similarly to how Apple iPhones and iMacs communicate, these plugins mesh together and increase their functionality and power when coupled on a single installation. That's why the bundle coming in at $80.00 is incredibly impressive, and can seriously boost the power of your Elementor page builder.

We always like mentioning this when talking about plugins that are created by Crocoblock, as the ecosystem that surrounds them is really impressive, and also super helpful to somebody trying to build an actual WooCommerce website using Elementor.

Combining JetWooBuilder with plugins like Jet Compare & Wishlist and JetReviews seriously increases what you can do with it, and this is actually what the tool is designed for. Integration with existing products created by Crocoblock.

Should You Buy?

This is one of the best designed Elementor addons hands down, and definitely top two when it comes to WooCommerce specific functionality. With it, you get a product created by a very reputable, Elementor specific development company, 66 individual widgets, and unlimited combinations, especially when considering the ecosystem that surrounds it.

The craziest thing is, if you're only going to purchase the JetWooBuilder plug-in, it will cost you $24.00. The time that you save in terms of searching for additional free solutions, or paid alike, will make this purchase pay itself back in mere seconds after acquisition.

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