The Best Jira Alternatives in 2024

By James LePage
 on April 2, 2022

The Best Jira Alternatives in 2024

By James LePage
 on April 2, 2022

Your needs can change over time. So you may need to switch the software you currently use for managing your agile process if it no longer serves your current needs. Whatever your needs are for project management, you must organize your multiple projects as efficiently as possible.

One of the most popular project management tools is Jira. Dev teams can track and discuss bug reports while a creative team can collect client feedback on one centralized platform. However, Jira alternatives may work best for some companies resource management.

Among the many complaints people have about Jira is that it is not for every business. While Jira may be a good option for large agencies and small teams that might require additional functionality, if you are a sole proprietor or freelancer, the tool may be too much for you.

Jira is A Complicated Project Management Tool

Jira Interface

Over the years, Jira has certainly become an invaluable option when it comes to agile project management software. It will help you communicate effectively and efficiently, using a variety of basic channels.

It is a versatile project management system for various types of companies.

You could even leverage some of Jira's more advanced features, enabling management to create highly customized systems that work according to their unique needs.

It's also advisable that people try alternatives to Jira in several areas.

Here's the TLDR list of the best Jira Alternatives (free and paid):

Jira AlternativeShort Description
TrelloTrello helps teams move work forward. ... Collaborate, manage projects, and reach new productivity peaks. 
NtasknTask is a free task management platform smart teams use to do more. The only online project management software that provides every tool you need.
Remember The MilkGet things done, together. Share your lists and give tasks to others to get things done faster. Everywhere you go.
ZiflowSimplify content review and approval with the leading online proofing software for marketing and creative teams.
Monday.comRun All Your Work on a Shared Platform. Create Scalable Workflows For Your Team.
AsanaFrom the small stuff to the big picture, Asana organizes work so teams know what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done. 
TodoistRegain clarity and calmness by getting all those tasks out of your head and onto your to-do list (no matter where you are or what device you use).
AssemblaAssembla is the only multi-repository platform in the world offering SecureGitTM, NextGen SVN® and Perforce, all in the Cloud. 
BonfireBinfire helps you plan and coordinate work effortlessly. All-In-one work management software powered by AI.
RedmineRedmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.
Pivotal TrackerWith a shared view of team priorities, a process that fosters collaboration, and dynamic tools to analyze progress, your team will deliver more frequently and consistently.

Why you need a Jira Alternative?

Unfortunately, Jira does not have the easiest learning curve. One would have to spend quite a bit of timing actually learning how the interface workflow automation works in the tool.

You can't use multiple assignees. This is a hard point with so much team collaboration going remote.

At up to $12,000 annually, it is not a cheap tool to use and simply not good for freelancers and non-developers.

If Jira is not right for you, there are other tools to manage multiple projects that software development teams must handle.

Currently, Agile teams need support with plans, builds, track progress, logging problems, time tracking and releases, and more.

As companies continue to be made up of remote teams, a centralized project management tool that one can use for task management is a must.

With that said, there are a huge number of software companies that have JIRA alternatives in place.

Regardless of why you want to seek alternative versions of JIRA, you have several other project management tools to choose from.



Trello is a great tool with a simple user interface. It may not be the first option for a robust project management tool.

However, it has way more flexibility than other tools if you want to create your own unique system.

Some highlights of using Trello include the use of easy drag and drop cards to organize tasks, time tracking integrations, enables teams to leave comments, and you can use invoicing integrations with it as well.

The drag and drop cards are the building blocks for you to create larger lists. Each list makes up a board.

You can organize your workflow automation any way you wish. An entire team can have its own board or use as many boards as they like.

More Features

As mentioned, Trello is made up of an intuitive interface that has a nifty drag and drop system.

This project management platform allows you to have unlimited users, checklists, boards, attachments, and more.

Opt for a calendar view to track progress. Project planning can utilize email notifications that also allow for direct relies to comments on the board.



Start out with the free plan, use the business plan for $9.99 per user per month, or pay $20.83 per user month on the Enterprise plan option.

When it comes to Jira alternatives, Trello provides extreme flexibility that allows you to use a tool that can work around your pre-existing workflow management methodology.



Unlike Jira, a range of users can comfortably use this tool. NTask is handy for small teams, enterprise companies, project managers, and students.


Some of the key features of NTask involve time tracking, risk manage projects, sharing checklists and other info with clients with a simple link.

Project management features also include Gantt charts for their risk management matrix projection.

Unfortunately, users don't have any project templates available to get them off the ground and there are few integration possibilities.


The basic plan will always be at your disposal for free. However you have three other plan options based on your needs.

Get the Premium plan for $3.99 per user a month or a Business plan for $11.99 per user per month. If you are an Enterprise software platform, call for custom quotes.


When it comes to free jira alternatives, this tool provides great accessibility for many types of users in addition to cost-affordable paid plans.

Remember The Milk

This free jira alternative is great for building lists. You won't forget any of your daily tasks since you can sync this app with your devices.


Add "zaps" or recipes to connect with other applications. If you are a gmail user, you are in luck since you can do task management right from your email.


This Jira alternative also works with your Google Assistant, Wunderlist, has updated Siri support, and works with your Apple Watch.

Get the hang of the keyboard shortcuts so you can take advantage of Smart Add. The Smart Add feature lets you add tasks very quickly from the comfort of your desktop.

If your task dependencies often involves lots of attachments, you can keep both connected. Any file attached to a task can upload seemlessly into the cloud.


In addition to the free plan, you can get unlimited sharing and attachments when you get the $39.99 annual plan.



If you manage or work in a creative environment, Ziflow may be the right fit for your team members.


Thanks to its creative content reviews and approval workflows, Ziflow is the best Jira alternative for creative teams.


Cloud-based proofs help creatives receive quick feedback and accelerate the approval process with less revision requirements.

Since Ziflow is entirely cloud-based, file dimensions do not affect its performance.

Your team of designers is able to document their approval and audit the whole project in one click.

The software helps simplify submitting creative content assets to major corporations including Amazon and AWS.

When it comes to Jira alternatives, this one is handy for supporting different media types - 1200 ones.

You can also add external users and adjust permission settings.

If you want to continue using Jira, this alternative actually integrates into the platform for your creative proofing needs.

In all honesty, this software is best for creative proofing as opposed to project planning. So the integration with Jira comes in handy.



Your team members can use the basic version for free or get a paid plan that starts at $18 per user a month.

Among the free Jira alternatives, is one of the best for general project management.

It provides fully extensible software, offering many integrated services and key features.

cleanshot-2022-04-02-at-09-00-072x provides an effective way to manage projects and improve cross-team developer communication.


Among the key features, there are Gantt charts for risk management, time tracking, task dependencies, and templates for optimal workflow automation.

Team members have access to bug tracking for better communication.


Team members consisting of two people have access to a free plan.


However, an enterprise class platform is available for $8 per user/month.


Asana is one of the best project management tools for time tracking. It is used as widely as Jira, and is also produced by the same company.


This is a simple to use software for projects. Projects will be color codes to allow the manager of a project to quickly determine what client needs the most help with preparing their calendar.


Asana features a simple intuitive interface that is beneficial for those who need non-agile project management tools.

Among the key features users have include task automation, Kanban boards, and checklists, for robust project tracking.

As a result, your team members don't have to spend time doing intensive configurations to get up an running - unlike Jira.


It is another one of the free Jira alternatives that also has affordable paid options.


Use advanced features, beginning at $10.00 per user/month.


If you want a project management tool with robust workflow methodology similar to Jira, Todoist should be one of your top picks.



When comes to task management features, the tool is able to schedule, delegate, postpone and move each task into its own box.

Team collaboration is better organized since you can use Todoist in teams.

Just because if works well for team members does not mean solo freelancers should feel left out.

One of the key features includes the ability to sort items into individual projects.

Project managers and others can do tons of sub-organizing with their tasks, reminders, projects and more.


If the free plan is not enough for your typical project progress, there is a Premium plan for $3 monthly and a Business one for $5 monthly.


Use the premium plan if you need to backup or use attachments for your document management.


The key value of Assembla is the security feature of its software products.


The system has many controls and permission settings, automated code analysis and data protection.

It also has Git hosting and time tracking.


Your development team has access to bug tracking, user stories, shifts in priorities, and collaboration features.

Feel safe that your entire project with have hourly backups.

Each team member can create a personal filter as well.

Nothing can mess up complex projects faster than messy code. Luckily, project managers dealing with big remote teams can easily audit code that keep the project schedule running smoothly.


While Assembla does not remain a free option for the entire cycle of your plan, the paid options give you economical access to a useful project management tool.

The starter plan only costs $12 per month and allows integrations with Jira and Slack.


If your team collaboration needs unlimited users, the Enterprise option costs $19 monthly.


Binfire is a complete toolkit for your project management needs.


It offers task management capabilities, Kanban board interactive Gantt Chart,... etc.


The software likewise contains all of the collaboration capabilities necessary to run large and small tasks.

Binfire provides a virtual office for teams that are capable of working remotely and working efficiently in a team environment.

This program allows project collaboration by way of agile, waterfall or hybrid. You can switch between these various work methods anytime in the software development cycle.

Binfire has communication due to third party apps integration such as Slack.

Project managers can easily keep up with status of any particular project.


Organizing projects on small teams can be done on the free plan. The free plan has many unlimited options such as projects, tasks, milestones, and boards.

For only $6.50 per user a month, get the Premium plan. In addition to many unlimited key features found on the free plan, this option also comes with Gantt charts views.



Redmine has the advantage of guiding people in different positions towards one common goal. It is based on Ruby on Rails with cross-platform capability.

Redmine is one of the best collaboration tools to assist your group with the completion of a project.


Use this tool for multiple projects, flexible roles, Gantt charts, document management software needs, time tracking, issue creation by way of email and more.

There is no contractual arrangement with the vendor. Once you register, you can begin building projects.


Costs are no longer calculated based upon users, allowing you the opportunity for everyone to participate if needed.


Redmine is a completely free and open source multiple project management tool.

We also cover Redmine in our The Top 7 Best Open Source Ticketing Systems (2022) article!

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management application for project managers.


It helps your team decide on what tasks to do next. Pivotal Tracker is a key competitor on Jira that provides lists of back-log features, fixes, and features to help you choose and decide which projects to work on next.


You can also observe how rapidly your agile developers work. PIVOTAL Tracker even assists you in the planning and execution of iterations by providing an easy-to-use tracking tool.


There are several packages available for this tool. If you only plan to have up to three team members, use the free plan.

Other options range from $12.50 monthly with the Startup plan to $250.00 monthly with Pro 3.


Does Google Have a Project Management Software I Can Use As a Jira alternative?

Google Workspace Suite is an app from Google that provides tools that help workers communicate and has collaboration features. However, it's not a fully featured project management (PM) tool, like Jira and the alternatives outlined here are.

Does Jira Have a Free Plan?

Yes there is a free option for Jira. However, many robust features will be limited or not available.

Is Jira good for WordPress?

Depending on your team, yes. Though you may want to check out ProjectHuddle:

There Are Many Options For Agile Project Management Software

In conclusion, agile project management tools are readily available. While Jira has proven to be useful for many companies, it is not for everyone. Luckily, there are many alternatives at your disposal.

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