Leadpages Review (2024) - Is this the best landing page builder?

By James LePage
 on August 8, 2022

Leadpages Review (2024) - Is this the best landing page builder?

By James LePage
 on August 8, 2022

Leadpages is a landing page builder popular with bloggers and businesses alike. Having used this landing page builder for several years, I can say that it is one of the few good tools out there for creating landing pages quickly.

In this Leadpages review, we will talk about different aspects of this landing pages software- features, ease of use, pricing, pros & cons, and more.

Why do you need a landing page builder?

A landing page builder is software that allows a user with little to no experience in coding and design to create beautiful landing pages.

With landing page software, you can, therefore, design high-converting landing pages.

Rewind a few years, and you will recall the challenges one had to face to create landing pages. First, there was no code-free way to do so. Second, the solutions that existed required a steep learning curve for creating landing pages. 

As a result, only web developers and designers were able to create landing pages.

Fast forward to today, and the situation is completely different.

Leadpages main features

With the help of a landing page builder like Leadpages, you can create professional landing pages in minutes.

Leadpages Review: Company & History

Two US entrepreneurs joined hands with a Czech businessman to start Leadpages in 2012.

Lead pages founder
Clay Collins, LeadPages Co-Founder

In January of next year (2013), they released the landing pages software into the market.

The 2013 version of Leadpages had just 20-24 templates. 

And it was integrated with third-party solutions such as AWeber, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, and GoToWebinar.

In the last quarter of the same year, Leadpages acquired Series A funding. And they soon released Leadboxes- timer and action-based pop-up opt-in forms.

In October 2014, the Company launched Lead Notifications, an email notification feature.

Leadpages launched Leaddigits, aka, SMS text-enabled opt-in campaigns, in 2015.

With this feature, users could join an email list, and opt-in for webinars and lead magnets using their smartphones. 2015 was an important year for Leadpages as they also introduced their most famous product- the drag-and-drop landing page builder.

In 2016, Lead Pages acquired Drip email marketing, and in 2017, the Company launched its Facebook Ads Builder.

As you can see, Leadpages has come a long way in these years.

Leadpages Review: Features Overview

Let’s talk a little about the core features of Leadpages before we dissect each one later.

The most important part of Leadpages is its landing page builder or landing page creator.

As I wrote earlier, the Company redesigned its editor and launches its intuitive drag-and-drop editor in 2016.

Landing Page Builder

The revamped landing page builder has over 130 free templates.

A ton of templates

On top of that, you get access to a huge marketplace of templates of premium or paid landing pages.

Marketing integration is key to having a versatile landing page creator.

In this regard, Leadpages offers seamless connectivity or integration with a ton of email marketing platforms, webinar software, CEM tools, and payment gateways.

Another cool aspect of Leadpages is that it offers hosted landing pages.

This means that you can host all your landing pages on Leadpages (without having to worry about server issues), while still owning your domain name.

Leadpages understands that different people use different website platforms- WordPress, Squarespace, Joomla, and more.

Hence, it offers a wide array of website integrations with leading CMS and website platforms.

WordPress integration

For instance, you can avail of their dedicated WP plugin for your WordPress website.

Digital marketing is incomplete without A/B testing.

You should be able to create a new split test quickly and assess which versions of your landing pages are performing best.

Leadpages allows you to do A/B testing on your landing pages without any complications.

With Leadpages, you get in-dashboard analytics.

built in analytics
Leadpages Analytics features are robust and well designed

What is even useful here is that Leadpages integrates with Google Analytics, Facebook (Meta) Pixel, and other analytics tools.

Until now, we talked about the landing-page features of Leadpages.

Let’s talk about some of the other cool features this platform has to offer.


You can avoid bounce rate and exit rate on your landing pages using pop-up forms that automatically trigger based on time delay or specific user action.

Thanks to Leadboxes, you can easily set up custom pop-up forms on your website and landing pages.


You want your existing subscribers to become repeat buyers.

This is where Leadlinks comes into play.

With this feature, you can allow your subscribers to sign up for a new offer on your landing pages.

For instance, you can direct them to a new webinar with just one click.


If you want your leads to opt-in to your email list or webinar through their phones and automated text messages, Leadpages Leaddigits is a slick solution. 

As you can see, Leadpages is much more than a landing page builder.

While landing page creation is its bread and butter, other features like the ones mentioned above can help you go more granular with marketing.

Leadpages Review: Features Deep-dive

Design & Templates

Leadpages offers more than 100 prebuilt sections to create beautiful landing pages.

A template

With just one click, you can drag and drop these to your website or landing page.

You can use Shutterstock premium images within your Leadpages account.

Please note that you would have to purchase those images.

The Drag & Drop Builder allows you to easily use premium images anywhere on your website or landing page.

Leadpages has an impressive built-in icon library.

Leadpages Icons

Using this, you can add and customize icons and graphics to your landing pages.

You can choose one of the several conversion-optimized landing page templates from the library, and tailor it to your needs without having to code.

Alternatively, you can create a landing page or design from scratch.

I also like that Leadpages allows you to customize every web page and popup to match your brand’s identity- logo, look & feel, and more.

You can even use your brand colors to create a consistent user experience.

All the landing page templates on Leadpages are mobile-responsive and optimized for all popular screen sizes.

Ease of Use

Leadpages is easy to navigate and use.

The software does not have a steep learning curve.

Leadpages also offers several keyboard shortcuts that can help you save time.

easy to use UI
Simple and easy to understand UI

Another cool thing about this software is that it offers global page style settings that allow you to easily customize and change the entire look of your page.

While you have the freedom to go codeless, you can also add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the header, body, and footer of your landing page for advanced customization.

Landing Page Builder

Speed & Reliability

While uptime is important, page load is no less important.

Leadpages landing pages offer fast page load times.

Your visitors will not exit the site because of a slow-loading web page!

Leadpages promises 99.9% uptime for its landing pages, thanks to Google’s App Engine.

99.9% uptime promise

While this might sound like a secondary feature, I can assure you this could make or break a business, especially websites that are selling a product or service.

With Leadpages Builder, you do not have to worry about saving your work.

It auto-saves it for you every time you edit something.

You can also change back to the last published version of your page in case you are not happy with the current working one.

The Builder offers pre-populated hidden form fields to track and send data to email marketing or CRM.

While editing or working with the Page Builder, you can preview the page across desktop, tablet, and mobile. This is great for cross-device optimization in real-time. 

mobile column breakdown

All websites, landing pages templates, pop-ups, and alert bars on Leadpages are mobile-responsive.

Sometimes, it can be annoying to redo your favorite designs.

The Page Builder lets you copy and customize existing content.

No more wasting time building a clone of a page from scratch.

The easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface of Leadpages Builder allows you to tweak websites, landing pages, and opt-in forms quickly and efficiently.

Landing pages are incomplete without visuals.

Leadpages offers an image library so you can stock and manage all your graphics in one place.

easy to use media library
Super easy to use media library

Lead Generation

Leadpages offers a built-in Lead Magnet Delivery System for your new subscribers.

You can use this feature to email digital files and offers to new subscribers.

The lead gen form builder isanother component of the landing page builder from Leadpages.

Using the lead gen form builder, you can drag and drop a form anywhere you like- landing pages, alert bars, and pop-ups.

leadpages email form

What if you do not have an email marketing service set up?

Worry not. With Leadpages, you can set up automated notifications to get new subscriber data in your inbox.

Leadpages allows you to connect your opt-in forms to third-party tools.

Moreover, you can route your leads to different tools such as a CRM or email platform.

Conversion Tools

Leadpages offers a comprehensive performance overview for your campaigns for better diagnosis and analysis of campaigns.

Real-time analytics allows you to quickly and instantly assess page performance.

Leadmeter AI tips

With real-time optimization tips, you can build a high-performing landing page quickly.

Thanks to unlimited pop-ups and unlimited alert bars, you can capture your audience’s attention on any page.

You can use click, exit intent, and timed display triggers on your pop-ups.

Widgets & Page Grouping

It is quite common to find it challenging to locate landing pages especially if you are running multiple campaigns.

Leadpages allows you to organize your landing pages by campaign/client. You can add color-code labels to create content groups.

Leadpages publishing options

With widgets such as countdown timers, video, text, images, Calendly, and OpenTable, you can add advanced functionality to your web pages, landing pages, and pop-ups.

For instance, the OpenTable embed widget allows you to help your users search available reservation times and book a table right from your webpage, landing page, or pop-up.

You can use a countdown timer on your landing page to add a sense of urgency for the visitor.

This functionality allows you to automatically redirect the visitor to a different page or hide the page section when the clock runs out.

With Leadpages’ Calendly embed widget, you can show your appointment calendar and allow visitors to self-schedule a call or consultation right from your webpages, landing pages, or pop-ups.

Leadpages + calendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can easily work on on-page SEO using Leadpages landing page creator. It offers easy-to-edit metadata fields.

Leadpages also has a large number of SEO-friendly templates.

Site Publishing

You can easily connect and publish your website or landing pages on a third-party domain. Leadpages offers a powerful WordPress plugin as well.

With Leadpages, you get free hosting on a Leadpages domain.

Measurement & Analytics

Leadpages offers built-in analytics not just for all the web pages, but also for pop-ups and alert bars.

Moreover, you can use third-party analytics or tracking codes such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more.


With Leadpages, you will not have to worry about site security.

All pages on their servers are secured with SSL and HTTPS protocols. 

You can also avail yourself of sub-accounts to get individual secure login credentials.

All data collected through Leadpages is GDPR-compliant.

Leadpages gdpr

Leadpages Review: Pricing

Leadpages offers two packages or tiers- Standard and Pro.

Leadpages pricing table

Leadpages Standard

The Standard plan costs $37 per month when billed yearly, and $49 per month when billed monthly.

This plan supports one website.

You get features such as landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, free custom domain, free hosting, mobile-Responsive templates, lead notifications, unlimited traffic & leads, tech support (chat and email), and over 40 standard integrations.

Leadpages Pro

The Pro plan costs $74/per month when billed yearly, and $99 per month when billed monthly.

This plan supports 3 websites.

On top of the features available in the standard plan, the Pro plan offers phone support, online sales & payment, and unlimited A/B testing.

If you want advanced integrations and more subaccounts, you might want to contact Leadpages for a custom plan.

Leadpages Review: Pros & Cons


The biggest benefit of using Leadpages is that it has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

The software offers more than 200 free templates and several paid templates.

It had a wide selection of widgets.

A/B testing is easy to work with using Leadpages.

With built-in analytics and two-step opt-ins, Leadpages offers a complete solution for building landing pages.

It integrates with most solutions such as email marketing, CRM, and webinar.


Cost is one of the biggest downsides of Leadpages.

Its cheapest plan does not offer advanced features such as A/B testing.

Leadpages Review: Conclusion

Leadpages is one of the most popular landing page builders out there. 

It offers a wide range of beginner-friendly features.

Overall, it is a robust landing page builder with decent features.

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