LinkWhisper Review 2024 - Best Internal Link SEO Plugin For WordPress

By James LePage
 on September 21, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

LinkWhisper Review 2024 - Best Internal Link SEO Plugin For WordPress

By James LePage
 on September 21, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

One of the most time-consuming aspects of writing a blog involves the research and production for adding proper links. This process often involves a lot of copying and pasting, and switching between different pages, as well as reviewing link relevance. We must go beyond only linking our sites to the overall web. For ideal SEO optimization, we must connect our posts to other relevant content within the same website. 

However, this process can be extremely time-consuming. Unlike other aspects of web building, adding internal links has always been a manual task. Luckily, there is a new tool in town to help writers and website owners streamline this process  - thereby saving time. 

This tool is called Link Whisper. We looked into various aspects of this new SEO tool to see how it can benefit content creators. Hopefully, this will be a tool that you will also find helpful for your website.

What is Link Whisper?

Do you want your site to rank better in SEO search? Are you tired of spending hours upon hours of searching and manually adding links, particularly internal ones, to each article? Well, Link Whisper is a tool that will help solve this problem. Link whisper automatically suggests relevant internal links that you can add to your pages.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, this plugin suggests relevant links for both new and old content.  You can use Link Whisper to search through all of your old content and apply relevant internal links. If this is a blog or website that you plan to have for many years, repeatedly search this old content and keep your links updated.

Moving forward, use Link Whisper as you type content. This will easily streamline your editing process by having the suggested links come in as you write. 

Don't worry about the tool automatically adding links that you are not satisfied with. Remember, Link Whisper initially makes suggestions. But you must actually approve the links before the plugin adds them to any of your content. Content owners can also make other adjustments which we will cover in this review.

Why SEO Matters

Even if you don't work in online marketing,  writers and other content producers have at least heard of or practiced some form of SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The SEO industry is an 80 billion dollar industry.

Why is this industry so lucrative? This industry is so valuable because it can literally save good content from sinking. 

Modern design switch or button with the word SEO - Search Engine Optimizationon - on top surrounded by with the words website, content, engine, analysis and ranking with a black blurred backgorund.

To be blunt, the web can be compared to an iceberg.  When you see an iceberg, you are merely viewing the top part. The majority of an iceberg lies beneath the surface and is often the most important part. Most content on the web is like an iceberg beneath the surface. SEO helps great content be the part that we see above the surface.

Web surfers cannot view your content if they can't see it or if it is very difficult to find. Most users often utilize the first few links they see on a page. A good SEO strategy will ensure that your content won't be buried on page 150.

If your content appears on the first few pages, obviously you have a better chance of obtaining more overall web traffic. Backlinks, internal links, and external links all bring traffic to your site. Increasing your web traffic helps create income for your website. 

Advertisers are always on the lookout for popular websites and blogs. Even if your content is amazing, it won't attract advertisers by quality alone - it must actually attract viewers. Advertisers prefer to post content on a blog with good traffic because they also want people to see their advertisements. This is a common way for many bloggers to create passive income.

When you have a relationship with a sponsor, the company will pay you to create and post content that is relative to their business. Like advertisers, a company will only sponsor a site that produces content that is clearly being seen. 

Good web traffic makes it easier to make direct sales to customers. If you are trying to build a brand name,  people must be able to find and see your content.

Why Do I Need Internal Linking?

Hate to break this to you, but your content will not rank in Google without links. Your internal links show the structure of your website and properly connect your content.  The site hierarchy is established based on how well you link your content.  These links are not only important for users to view a relevant page you created months before - search engines also use them for navigation.

This differs from external links. External links connect your pages to other websites. Your internal links ONLY connect the content within your website. For example, if you have a travel blog and you have created five posts about travel to Thailand, you should use internal links to connect them somehow.

Link building for seo banner. Two pages are connected by a chain. Vector flat illustration

Believe it or not, Google places high value on pages that have a high number of links. Those high-value links include internal links. Googlebot crawls websites and figures out the relationship between different pages. 

Structure links within a web page also have value, with the greatest value belonging to the Homepage. When you link content from the homepage, it will be found much faster on Google. This is why it is effective to have your latest blog post on your homepage.

Link Whisper Features

Let's break down some of the features of this plugin.

LinkWhisper on the Gutenberg Editor for this post.

Repair Broken Links

The last thing you want is a site filled with 404 pages. When viewers come to a site with too many 404 Pages, they may not come back. Link Whisper allows you to see all your broken links, so you can edit or remove them very quickly.

Enhance Old Posts

This plug-in can quickly find pages that have very few or no existing internal links. Then you can add internal links.

Traffic data

Pull traffic from the Google search console.This allows you to see your most effective keywords and organic traffic. 

Target Keywords

Do you have certain keywords that you want to focus on for better ranking? Link Whisper can find the most relevant links to match. Other keyword plugins such as All in One SEO or Rank Math are compatible with Link Whisper.

Create A Bridge To Your Other Sites

Do you own multiple sites? You can easily bridge your different websites together using this tool. Depending on your package, you can have Link Whisper provide internal linking suggestions between these different sites. If you own or manage three travel sites, there is nothing to stop you from connecting all your posts about beach vacations between all three of them.

Ease of use

While SEO may sound complex to some, Link Whisper makes your internal optimization very simple. First, download the plug-in and then activate it. That is all! Once you have installed the plugin, you will instantly begin to have several internal link suggestions.

As the suggestions pop up,  you will clearly see which page the links correspond to. If you agree to use a link, just click the check mark. It will automatically continue to suggest links as you type or as you create more content pages. 

Pricing structure

When you sign on to use Link Whisper, you have four different pricing packages to choose from.  All packages include all the features listed above and are billed annually until you decide to cancel them. 

If you have one site, your license will cost $77. This package includes Smart internal links and full internal link reporting.

For three sites, you will pay $117. This also includes smart internal links and full link reporting. 

If you need to manage 10 websites, you will pay $167 for your package. Like the previous packages, you will receive smart internal links and full link reporting. 

For $347, you can use Link whisper to internally optimize as many as 50 websites. 

Pros and cons


This plugin takes one of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of managing a website and atomizes it. When you have years or pages of old content to sort back through, the idea of adding or reviewing all those  internal links can be mind-blowing. A project of that size may need outsourcing. Luckily, with this plugin, this could be a one-person job.

One of the main pros of this plug-in is simplicity. Installation is quick and easy. You have instant and relevant link suggestions. You even have reporting features which are especially useful for broken links. Pages of 404s can bring down an otherwise quality site.

This plug-in is also compatible with other keyword plugins. While the process is automatic, you do have control over it. In other words, the tool won't automatically place a link without your permission.


To be honest, this tool doesn't have many cons. It does quite a good job of what it sets out to do - placing internal links. It has many extra features that I did not expect. 

It would be nice to have external linking suggestions. Providing outside sources for an article is also very time-consuming. So an external link feature would really change the game.

Some people may be thrown off by the price if they have never managed a website before. 

Based on my experience with web production and quality assurance, I understand how much time goes into crawling a website and making updates to pages. Paying $77 to $347 for this additional service to your website(s) is worth the money. However, some people will see this as a  con.

Final thoughts

Overall,I must say this is a revolutionary tool. I hope people are not thrown off by the price. I think the price is actually pretty decent for what it does. I must say I am impressed by features such as link reporting and the ability to connect to different websites that have the same owner. 

As I mentioned before, I think the tool should expand by enabling external link searching as well. But for now, what it does with internal link searches will certainly save time and money. A good internal link structure can help a site’s SEO ranking, which in turn brings traffic, money, advertisement possibilities,.... you name it. 

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Amit Gupta
Amit Gupta
1 year ago

this plugin is not working with ACF fields data.

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