Our WordPress Speed Stack – Plugins And Tools We Use

By James LePage
 on February 1, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

Our WordPress Speed Stack – Plugins And Tools We Use

By James LePage
 on February 1, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

This article/tutorial covers all of the speed plugins, tools, and services our digital agency uses to ensure that our client's WordPress sites load as fast as possible. - 20% off for 1 year with code ISOTROPIC20

When we use this company to host our agency website, blog, and ecommerce offerings. It's the perfect mixture of an incredibly powerful hardware setup, optimized software, and a native integration to Cloudflare enterprise. Also has the best support in the game, and if you have a mission critical website that needs to load incredibly fast, this is our recommendation.


A Swedish company that has a massive emphasis on speed, these guys have built a complete network and company dedicated to offering some of the highest performance hosting on the market. We have used this for several major websites, garnering millions of views per month, and never had an issue with the reliability, speed, or support. However, you're definitely going to be paying for that speed.

Cloudways - 30% off for 1 month with code ISOTROPIC

We use this WordPress hosting company for the majority of our client websites as it offers a nice blend between low cost and high performance. It allows us to provision on one of five major cloud providers, manage it via an intuitive dashboard, and access advanced features such as package management.

Read more about our hosting choices here:

Cloudflare Enterprise

We use Cloudflare enterprise as a CDN for our website. This comes integrated with the hosting offering.

Cloudways CDN

A low cost white labeled version of the StackPath CDN, Cloudways CDN integrates with their caching plugin called breeze, and increases geographical performance due to closer end nodes. This is used on the majority of our client websites hosted on Cloudways.

StackPath CDN

An enterprise level CDN that powers many white labeled versions, Stackpath is also a very solid choice when it comes to a content delivery network.

Oxygen Builder

A complete website builder that disables the WordPress theme system and outputs incredibly low bloated code.

ImageEngine Image CDN

A next generation image content delivery network that is device aware. That means that it can understand the pixel density of a device screen, the browser, the viewport size, and then serve a custom variation of an image generated specifically for that device. Only transfer the data necessary, and load your website faster.


The best caching plugin for WordPress hands down. It offers a ton of advanced features, but an intuitive back end interface meaning anybody from a beginner to an agency can use this to speed up your WordPress website.


A plug in that allows you to offload all of your WordPress images to Google cloud hosting, instead of using your finite WordPress hosting storage.


A solid image optimization plugin that offers an unlimited plan integrates natively with WP stateless.

ShortPixel AI

Another image CDN that conditionally generates versions of images specific to the visitors setup. This is a great plugin, but can get quite costly if you have a ton of pageviews per for month.

Asset Clean Up Pro

A plugin that allows us to remove unused CSS and JavaScript from specific pages, ranges of pages, and more. It comes with a ton of additional tools as well, including a way to only load plugin assets on pages where they are used.


A tool that downloads and installs Google fonts on your local server, eliminating an extra HTTP request and speeding up a website.

Flying Analytics, Flying Scripts

A suite of free WordPress plugins that are focused on speeding up a WordPress website. Incredibly well designed and completely free, available on the repository.

Blackhole For Bad Bots

A plugin that traps bots, meaning that they won't use up your server resources. This is good because you can save these resources for actual visitors.

Disqus Conditional Load

A plugin that allows you to conditionally load the Disqus Comments, eliminating a ton of bloat from the initial pageload.

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Tim Hill
3 years ago

You've got flying pages & flying scripts plugins listed, have you tried the flying press plugin by Gijo? It's all of his plugins bundled and packaged and created for ease of use (even easier than wp rocket). It launched last year and I've been testing the water on some smaller sites. I wouldn't replace WP Rocket with it on a client site, but it's shaping up to be a contender here soon.

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