The Best Oxygen Builder Courses in 2024

By James LePage
 on January 11, 2022

The Best Oxygen Builder Courses in 2024

By James LePage
 on January 11, 2022

This article will list all Oxygen Builder courses available in 2024. The page builder is an incredibly powerful tool, and many creators can unlock its complete potential by watching and completing digital courses. These courses will teach you all the advanced concepts that the builder has to offer such as the powerful conditions manager, class system, and other features that set this tool apart from competition.

There's a stigma that you need to be a developer, know how to code, or otherwise be an "advanced WordPress user" to build incredible websites with the oxygen builder. However, this couldn't be further from the truth; instead, you can create incredible websites as a beginner and grow into the advanced features that Oxygen has to offer.

There's a whole host of information out there from the Facebook group to official tutorial videos to third-party blogs such as Isotropic. However, if you feel that you need some more formalized & structured education, check out this list of Oxygen Builder Courses. Many feel that they do, because of the powerful features along side the unorthodox method of completely disabling the WordPress theme system.

This is intended to be the most complete list available, so if you find any new courses that have been released, feel free to leave them in the comment section below, and we will add them to our line up here.

Oxygen Builder Courses

We've ordered this list in popularity - the most popular course is the first listed. Of course, we don't have hard statistics to back this up, but the topic of courses on Oxygen come up in the community every so often, so there's some qualitative reasoning here.

Ultimate Oxygen Course

The Ultimate Oxygen Course is published by a well respected member of the community, Jonathan Jernigan over at Permaslug, who also runs a digital agency that uses the tool.


This is perhaps the most popular and complete course available if you're looking to learn oxygen builder from scratch. It covers everything from installing the builder to advanced topics such as ACF and WooCommerce.

Learn Oxygen Builder Course

Another popular course, this one by Corey Dodd takes the approach of education by doing. In this course, the instructor walks you through everything, and then builds a complete website with you. During these sessions, you'll learn tips and tricks by watching a professional create a legitimate website using the page builder.


How To Create A Professional Website Without Coding


This is a 10 hour course dedicated to teaching you how to create a professional website using Oxygen Builder without any code. It's a great resource for beginners as it walks you through all aspects of the builder, familiarizing yourself with best practices.

6 Days of Learning Oxygen

If you are looking for a free Oxygen Builder course, this one is for you. It is structured as a six video Boot Camp intended to help you become proficient in Oxygen Builder in only six days.


All of these videos are available on YouTube, but are also listed in order on the official website.

Design & Build a Gardening Website in Designer and Oxygen


This is a relatively quick course that will teach you how to design a gardening website in Affinity Designer, and then duplicate that design using Oxygen Builder. Compared to other offerings on this list it is relatively quick, but you'll learn some tips and tricks via the "live-build" style of the recording.

The instructor is the same as the one from "How To Create A Professional Website Without Coding", Dawid Tuminski.


If you're looking to elevate the work that you create with Oxygen Builder, completing a formalized educational course may be a great choice for you.

When we adopted this tool as an agency, we first made use of the extensive official tutorials created by the oxygen builder developers, and then learned by doing. We strongly recommend joining the Facebook community where you can ask questions and search topics they go back years. Then, when you have a handle on how do use the tool, it may be time to look into purchasing a third-party course such as the ones listed above.

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