Oxygen Builder Design Sets and Templates (A List)

By James LePage
 on December 23, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

Oxygen Builder Design Sets and Templates (A List)

By James LePage
 on December 23, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

In this article, we round up the best Oxygen Builder template offerings out there.

If you're coming from a third party builder, or want to increase your workflow, you're probably on the hunt for prebuilt pages, sections, websites, and design sets that you can use in the Oxygen Builder. The tool ships with over 10 default designs, but in many cases this isn't enough for a project.

Oxygen Builder Design Sets and Templates

Because of that, a new market has grown around offering custom created Oxygen Builder templates to users of the page builder. These are created to save you time and money, by using prebuilt website components in Oxygen, all you need to do is import it, change the content, colors, and basic styling, and you have a website ready to go.

This is also what is such a major draw to competitors like Divi and Elementor.

Using templates with the Oxygen Builder is a no brainer because the tool is built around major functionality's like reusable parts, design kits, and more. All the features are there, it's just the default library that is lacking. To augment, we're going to need to look at several third party Oxygen Builder template offerings as well as Oxygen Builder framework offerings on the market.

This article is made to serve as a list of everything out there (paid). We've used several of these products as an agency, and have also built our own templates for internal use. With that introduction out of the way, let's take a look at the best Oxygen Builder templates and design sets on the market.

Oxygen Builder Templates and Third Party Offerings


Use this following table of oxygen builder templates and other third party design offerings for the builder to easily navigate through this article and load their respective websites.

Design Set/Template TitleOfficial Website
Oxytransfer Design Sets


OxyElements Is a monthly subscription to a library of over 200 individual elements created for oxygen and WooCommerce. The main selling point of this offering is the well designed WooCommerce templates, which comes with a Menu Cart. and more. There's also a design system of utility CSS classes which allows you to quickly and easily create stylistic changes.

This ships with a design guide which can be used on client projects.


As an agency, we purchased OxyCore by OxyNinja. I've had a great experience with it. This is a blend of a custom framework as well as a collection of predesigned elements created for oxygen. This company also offers a collection of parts and pieces for the WooCommerce side of things.

WooCore design set

The main offering has 160 professionally designed sections, and the WooCommerce offering has 17 full WooCommerce templates for your website.

Even if you're not interested in building a website using this company's offering, we definitely recommend checking out their website as it is really well done, and actually ended up on AWWWARDS.

We’ve also published a video review of the OxyNinja tools. Check it out!


From what we have seen, the OxyMade templates, blocks, and design kit offering is the largest out there.

It contains 1000 plus design blocks, within 25 categories.

Oxymade template example

They have a unique way of installing these kids, where you simply copy and paste them into the page , but you can also use the traditional oxygen design set. Their framework is based on the tailwind CSS, where they picked 500 utilities and optimized them for the oxygen builder. They also use CSS grid for many of their designs.

Pricing comes in at $59 per quarter, $89.00 for half a year, or $149 for a lifetime license. This gives you unlimited sites, and all future updates.

The cool thing about this offering is that you can build the oxygen page in their publicly accessible app, and then simply copy and paste the shortcodes generated into your website. This can save you a ton of time, and the app helps you filter through the 406 blocks currently available. Very unique, and this sets OxyMade apart from any other competition.

Oxymade oxygen reusable blocks builder


OxySet Is a smaller offering and doesn't have complete page templates and design kits. Instead, it offers a unique header section pack, as well as a CSS grid offering, which is now obsolete as of oxygen builder version 3.7. However, if you're looking for well designed headers, created with greensock animations and SVG Morphings, this unique offering may be for you.

UPDATE: This product is no longer available as of oxygen builder version 3.2 as it states it is out of stock. This is probably due to incompatibility. We are removing this link as there is nothing for sale on this website anymore.

Oxy Marketplace

oxy marketplace Oxygen builder templates

This company offers three major design kits. One is a general, modern website creation kit which comes in at 65 euros and is called the Nexus kit, one is the wireframe kit which is a UI kit that costs 75 euros and has 90 sections, and the final one is a restaurant kit which has over 80 sections and costs 99 euros. This company prides itself on its unlimited use license, lifetime updates, and six months of product support. It also looks like in the future they want to become a community driven marketplace of individual design kits and sets.


This is one of the larger offerings in the ecosystem, and actually consists of multiple design sets as well as a core framework. This framework is based on the tailwind CSS framework, so if you're familiar with that, you'll have an easier time learning how to use OxyMoster. there are five total design kits, and the company is looking to add a new one every single month.

Between these design kits, there are 500 total blocks, and 100 blocks added every month. An individual design kit costs $69.99, the framework plugin cost $69.99, and an unlimited license that gives you lifetime access costs $199.

For this oxygen builder template offering, the unique aspect is the framework that it ships with. You can install up to 1400 individual classes, or choose to install only the categories that you need. There are also global colors, and a CSS classes editor which gets its own back end WordPress page.

Oxytransfer Design Sets

Oxytransfer Design Sets consist of a total of 14 blocks.

  • 3 Hero Sections ( Including a block with Background Image Animation)
  • 3 Call To Action
  • 3 Content Blocks (can be used as service or about section)
  • 1 Footer
  • 1 Pricing Block
  • 1 Showcase Block
  • 1 Accordion Section

These are fairly basic sets, resulting in a price of $9.99 for lifetime access, but if you're looking for a basic landing page, this exists. These sets are not made to be their main offering, instead they work alongside the Oxytransfer addon, which we talk about in this article.


Landing Page design set for Oxygen Builder

This company offers a total of three individual design sets, and 26 blocks. Each design set is purchased individually, but comes with a lifetime license. Two design sets come with one full page template, and one design set ships with three full pages.


OxyExtras adds 31 new, flexible components to help build more of your project visually & speed up your workflow

OxyExtra components

As you can see, the majority of these oxygen builder design sets and oxygen builder template offerings follow the same mentality that the page builder uses. They offer lifetime deals, and in some cases they also offer lifetime support.

If you know of any additional premium oxygen builder templates and design sets, please leave a comment below and we will update the list accordingly.

What Are Oxygen Builder Templates

An oxygen builder template would be a single page of a website that is pre built. This page is created from various sections, which can also be considered blocks. For example, a single template could titled “restaurant homepages”. This template would have a hero, menu, hours, map, and contact block within it. These templates can easily be implemented into any oxygen builder website by using the design set functionality, a third party integration method, or by copying and pasting shortcuts. Templates can usually be made from reusable parts, allowing aspects of them to be used throughout a website.

What Are Oxygen Builder Design Sets

If you group multiple oxygen builder templates together, you get a design set. Design sets are typically the way you get individual oxygen builder templates installed on your website. You install the overarching design set, which contains a collection of individual templates. For example, consider a hypothetical restaurant design set. The restaurant designs that would contain an individual restaurant home page template, a restaurant contact page template, a restaurant menu page template, as well as many others.

When you install this design set on your oxygen builder website, each individual template is now available. Additionally, you may have reusable blocks available as well. Design sets are used by the native oxygen builder premade websites, as well as all the other third party offerings.

The Differences Between Frameworks and Templates

When looking for oxygen builder templates and frameworks, you should understand that there's actually a difference between the two. This difference is also true in the greater world of website creation and design. A framework is a package of specific styles for a website. For example, using an oxygen builder framework would give you access to a ton of helper custom CSS classes which can easily be applied to specific sections and elements. An example of greater CSS frameworks would be bootstrap and tailwind.

oxygen builder templates are a bit different than frameworks in that they are actual designs and components. They may be built by using the underlying frameworks for styling rules such as padding, shadows, borders, and more, but they are tangible designs which can be easily implemented into an oxygen builder website.

The Difference Between Design Sets and Blocks

Many oxygen builder templates, components, and design set offerings advertise their total number of blocks, as well as the number of design sets.

As mentioned above, an oxygen builder design set is a complete website. This would include a header, home page, archive page designs, various templates, additional helper pages like contact pages, a footer, and more. Basically, think of these as a replacement for WordPress themes with the oxygen builder. You can install a WooCommerce design set, which would come with styling and structures for a shop page, home page, and more.

Each design set is made out of specific blocks. For example, you could have a header block, hero block, services block, related products block, and more. Each of these would contain specific elements and widgets that have overall styling applied to them from the design set. So for example, a hero block would be considered a single block within a design set.

Many offerings have several design sets. for example, you may have a restaurant design set, a corporate design set, and more. These offerings then take the total number of blocks within each design set, and to advertise that number as well. For example, a single design set could have 100 individual blocks that it is made up out of. You can mix and match these blocks to make new pages without needing to build from scratch, or you could use the standard design set pages as they are.

This terminology is unique to the oxygen builder, but the overall concept is used throughout the WooCommerce, WordPress, and general web design communities. For example, there are Gutenberg blocks, Elementor design sets, divi prebuilt pages…

Why Should I Use Oxygen Builder Templates and Components?

The Oxygen Builder is a unique tool in that it completely disables any themes used in WordPress. This sets it apart from any other offering on the market, and is both good and bad period the good is that there's a blank canvas mentality, allowing you to design and build virtually anything that is technically possible with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

On the negative end of things, you have no premade styling and components, which you would get with a theme. Because of that, you're made to start completely from scratch on every project. For us, this is actually a great thing because we build all of our websites in a completely custom manner. However, using starter templates is a great way to build out repetitive page structures and save time period even on custom websites, using these structural starter templates can be a great jumping off point.

For example, instead of starting from scratch, you can have a simple five page website pre installed for you, which you then would add additional sections, styling, and content too. If you're not offering a completely custom website, using pre built websites, and simply changing the content within them could save you a ton of time period these time savings would be passed on to you, your employees, and your clients in the form of additional profit.

Again, that's what makes using pre built sections, design libraries, and website templates so appealing. Why do you think that Elementor and Divi have such large native design libraries, and even larger third party offerings around them (ie Envato Elements)?

Oxygen has the same thing, as you saw on the list of Oxygen Builder templates and other design library offerings mentioned above. They're just a little bit smaller due to their smaller userbase.

Where the plug-in can step up its game, however, is by offering more native design sets out of the gate. There are under 20 pre built websites that you can choose from when installing Oxygen Builder on your website, and many of them don't have incredibly practical uses. That's why a ton of people are looking for Oxygen Builder templates, design sets, and 3rd party frameworks.

Basically, what it boils down to, is the fact that you will save a ton of time if you use prebuilt sections and templates when building websites with the Oxygen Builder. You're already set behind by not having access to theme styling, and by using these templates and frameworks, you can make up this time and still build out very impressive websites for yourself and for your clients.


We hope that this list of 3rd party Oxygen Builder templates, design sets, pre built websites, and frameworks was helpful to you. We definitely recommend using one of these, or building out your own library of Oxygen Builder templates as you'll save a ton of time in the long run, especially because of Oxygen's pre built design kit integrations, reusable parts libraries, and easy to add custom CSS classes. Basically, the tool is built to use pre built sections and templates, but the native offering is just lacking in that regard.

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Unfortunately, Oxy Elements is out of business...

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oxygen has an important lock-in effect:(

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Pixelshrink Digital Impact
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Looks like Ukuwi site is pretty broken (demos and product pages in shop).

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