Oxygen + WordPress: The Best Way To Create Landing Pages

By James LePage
 on December 4, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

Oxygen + WordPress: The Best Way To Create Landing Pages

By James LePage
 on December 4, 2020
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

This article is going to cover everything that you need to know about building landing pages with the Oxygen Builder on WordPress. In our opinion, using oxygen to create landing pages is the best way to do it, even compared to dedicated platforms like Unbounce or Clickfunnels. 

If you run a company, sell a product, or are trying to build a mailing list, creating a landing page is one of the best ways to convert paid traffic into actionable leads or paying customers. Because of this, the industry surrounding landingpage builders is large and expensive. Clickfunels comes in at $97.00 per month. In comparison, the Oxygen Builder agency pack comes in at $169 as a one time payment. 

This article is going to try and show you why Oxygen is the best landing page solution out there, regardless of competition. 

Why WordPress + Oxygen = The Best Landing Page Solution 

First, let's consider the WordPress platform. It's essentially tailor made to create landing pages, especially when coupled with an easy to use page builder. 

The main selling points of many landingpage tools are the following three features: connect to a custom domain, utilizes a drag and drop builder, and integrate with hundreds of different services. That sounds very similar to a website built on WordPress using oxygen builder.  

With WordPress, you can access the hundreds of thousands of plugins dedicated to integrating with third party solutions. For example, on the majority of landing pages that we create for clients, we utilize WS forms and its robust add-ons pack. This allows us to connect directly to stripe payment processing, email marketing software, and more. 

Oxygen allows us to create lean and fast loading pages utilizing a drag and drop builder. Anybody could figure it out, even somebody who is stepping into the world of landing page creation for the first time. 

Additional benefits that come with this builder are the fact that it is a lifetime deal (buy once, with no subscription and unlimited updates), and the low bloat, which leads to quick-loading pages. 

Building A Landing Page In Oxygen 

First, here’s a video discussing the start to finish process of creating landing pages. 

The concepts outlined in this video are quite simple. Using oxygen builder, we start with a completely blank canvas. This is done by purposely not assigning any templates to this page, even if they exist within the website. By doing this, we removed the header, the footer, and any additional page structure, allowing us to build from scratch. 

On this blank page, we then utilized a collection of sections, columns, text elements, images, forms, and call to action buttons to build out our general landing page. In the video, we specifically added testimonials and pricing tables by implementing prebuilt elements, included in Oxygen.  

Whenever we create landing pages for clients, there are three specific effects that we intentionally include: sticky elements, anchor links, and overlapping sections. 

  • For the sticky elements: this effect typically applies to a div within a column. The div is sized to be shorter than the column, the custom CSS is applied, and as the user scrolls down the page, the div remains sticky within the column. this is a subtle effect that gets the user to move their attention to that aspect of the site. 
  • Overlapping sections are typically done by using negative margins and Z index. 
  • Anchor links are done by changing the ID of a section, then liking to that ID like so: /#custom-link 

We created a wireframe landing page that you can use as a base template. Simply enter your email, download the template, import it into Oxygen, and add your text/images/colors. 

Landing Page “Actions” 

Once the landing page is created, you can then choose what the end action results in. For example, if you are collecting emails, or form submissions, we would recommend sending a confirmation email to the visitor, and then redirecting them to a thank you page. 

If you are selling an individual product, you can set up a popup payment modal directly on the page to get paid immediately (we love WPSimplePay for this). 

If you are selling online courses, most LMS plugins for WordPress allow you to generate buttons which also create a pop out checkout, and instantly register the user in the system.  

If you are selling a product, you can redirect your visitor directly to WooCommerce checkout (automatically adding the product to the cart) and making your sale that way. 

Oxygen offers a drag and drop interface that we can use to create these type of pages. You just need to be creative with your sections, ensure that the page is responsive on mobile, and design with speed in mind. You can then integrate any of these ”Action” functionalities by utilizing the shortcode widget, and inserting your form, pop out, or checkout, directly into the page.  

Host All Your Landing Pages On A Single Installation 

If you're looking to get the true functionality of a landing page platform, you can do this with WordPress, oxygen builder, and Plugins. 

let's say that you manage multiple brands, are a digital agency, or simply need to create multiple landing pages and manage them from the same dashboard. This is incredibly easy to do, and best of all, adding this functionality is 100% free. 

What we want to do is map custom domains to individual WordPress pages. Each WordPress page would be a custom landing page, created specifically for a campaign or brand. The campaign or brand would then link their URL directly to this page. 

Here's how you would do that. Once you've created the custom landing page using oxygen builder and WordPress, install this plugin: 

This is an awesome tool that allows you to point a custom domain to your server's IP address, and then map that domain to a page hosted on the specific WordPress installation. If you're trying to replicate the functionality of a landing page platform like clickfunnels, this is probably as close as you're going to get. It's also 100% free. 

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