OxyNinja Review: Must Have Time Saver For Oxygen Builder

By James LePage
 on June 4, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

OxyNinja Review: Must Have Time Saver For Oxygen Builder

By James LePage
 on June 4, 2021
Last modified on January 7th, 2022

This article is going to review the OxyNinja collection of tools and design templates for Oxygen Builder. We've used these products in almost every Oxygen WordPress project our agency has done (and is doing), and they save us hours upon hours of work.

There are three offerings when it comes to OxyNinja. The first is the Core pack, the second is the WooCore pack, and the third is a bundle. Buy the bundle, and you save money. Each comes with a collection of tools and Oxygen design templates created to improve the workflow of somebody creating multiple (or large) websites with the builder.

This is a product that is marketed directly to freelancers and web design agencies that use Oxygen to build client projects. However, if you are a personal user looking to save time on a larger website project, this may also be of interest to you.

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Let's take a look at what the two products bring to the table.


First and foremost, Core is a user interface kit for the Oxygen Builder. It comes with two main features, the Core Framework and over 160 individual sections (view live demos here) that you can easily insert into your project.

For us, the main selling point and feature that we use daily is the framework. This is a collection of CSS grid and utility classes created specifically for Oxygen. Once you purchase the product, you install a plugin on your website which then imports all classes directly into the editor. You then apply these classes as you would normally, except that all of these settings are predefined into universal style sheets and/or prestyled in the editor.

These utility classes allow you to easily create CSS grid columns, cards, typography settings, sizing, spacing, colors, and various effects. We love the Core framework because it allows us to easily create consistent and global settings throughout the website. For example, we use the predefined padding and margins to space elements out without having to completely generate a style guide for the website. All classes are already responsive at the four main breakpoints that come with Oxygen, meaning one more thing off our "todo" list.

The consistency that the Core framework allows us to achieve not only makes our workflow more efficient and quick, but makes the website look much more professional on the front end, offering a better user experience and higher conversion rate because of that.

We will discuss the Core framework in more detail in a later section of this article.

The other main part of the Core product by OxyNinja is the massive library of predesigned sections (using the framework that we just talked about) they can easily be inserted directly into a website. This includes but isn't limited to headers and footers, mega menus, heroes, various page sections, forms, content layouts, and more. If you are working on a website for a client, you can save yourself hours of time by inserting these prebuilt sections Instead of building them yourself.

For lower budget websites, we may even design our mockups around these sections, knowing that we will use them for the underlying structure of the website when developing.

These use native Oxygen Components (sections, divs, images) coupled with the Core framework, meaning that they're a great way to quickly generate the structure of a website, and can then be customized to match the design guidelines of the project. They can be inserted by browsing on the live demos, and copying/pasting into your site, or via the native Design Set feature that comes with Oxygen. See 11:09 in our video review for an example of this.


WooCore is the 2nd offering that OxyNinja has for sale, and includes a WooCommerce focused design set alongside the Core framework.

The main goal of this product is to offer you a collection of elements and templates that make it easy to create a professional looking WooCommerce store. In my opinion, while this is great for professional freelancers and agencies, this should be very attractive to somebody using oxygen to build their own store -- Saving you a ton of time and money, and allowing you to quickly create an incredibly professional looking and functioning shop that reaps all the benefits that oxygen has to offer.

With it comes 17 templates and five specific elements which include an image flipper, megamenu, mini cart, percentage sale badges, and product carousels. These are also inserted using the native Oxygen Builder design sets and pages feature.


Pricing for Core comes in at €99, and pricing for WooCore comes in at €109. Both include the CSS framework. The difference is that Core is created for those who build standard sites with Oxygen, and WooCore is directed specifically at ecommerce setups.

Any purchase from OxyNinja is lifetime, with the ability to install on unlimited websites and access to lifetime updates and support.

This is a great deal because the product is constantly evolving, the library of prebuilt oxygen builder templates is growing, and you'll have access to it for the lifetime of the product.

The Bundle Discount

What's really nice is that you can purchase a bundle that saves you a bunch of money up front, or access a €30 discount if you already own the Core product and want to pick up WooCore. We were pleasantly surprised when going to grab WooCore for a project, and had the discount automatically applied.

Our Favorite Part About OxyNinja Products: Core Framework

Core selling points

We introduced the Core framework (included in both of the products) when discussing the OxyNinja Core offering, but wanted to revisit this topic.

Our agency uses this framework every single day when creating websites for clients. It is tied with hydrogen pack for the “biggest time saver” award. It's incredibly easy to insert it into the oxygen builder, and because it is using the standard class system, creating consistent spacing and components is a breeze.

An example of some of the Framework classes. View all here.

There's a reason that CSS frameworks are so popular with front end web developers. Think tailwind, bootstrap, and more. The Core framework brings this directly to Oxygen, in a very lightweight package that offers every class you'll ever need, but nothing more.

Learn more about why Core is great by watching from 01:24 in our video review.

Without this product, we would have most likely created our own framework for client projects, but Core has already done this for us. No need to waste time when you can pick it up, install it on your site, and begin using in in a matter of minutes.

Is OxyNinja Core Worth It?

Without a doubt, this is one of the best products out there for Oxygen Builder if you're looking to build multiple sites at scale, or embarking on a larger project. First, the Core framework saves you hours of time. Instead of having to manually enter and create utility classes, they are already there for you, offering you a consistent design language which you can then apply to whatever site you're working on.

The consistency that comes with this well built utility framework results in a professional looking website, even if you didn't drop $10,000 on a designer.

The 160 elements that the Core framework ships with is a massive time saver, and utilizes the standard Oxygen Elements meaning that you can easily style them to match your brand (or even leave them as is). Using and inserting these elements is as easy as it could be, as they use the native Oxygen Design Set system and are inserted from the back end editor.

And what about WooCore? This too is the perfect addition to anybody looking to create eCommerce experiences with WooCommerce and Oxygen. The various templates such as account pages, single products, archives and more are professional looking, and can quickly be styled to match your brand guidelines in the editor.

Instead of redesigning the wheel, simply buy the wheel and repaint it. This product gets a 10/10 in our book.

Interested in learning about other design sets for the Oxygen ecosystem? Read this list article.


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