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January 18, 2021

Must Have Plugins for Elementor Pro Users

… Dynamic Content for Elementor is in a class of its own, offering incredibly complex functionalites with a super easy to use graphical user interface. Designer Powerup for Elementor is a workflow specific plug-in, something that many developers do not focus on. But combining these three must have plugins for Elementor, you can seriously speed
By James LePage
December 4, 2020

The Best Cache Plugin For Elementor

… and makes your visitors happier. Of course, implementing caching is only one thing of many that you can do if you are looking to speed up your Elementor website. We recommend watching this hour and a half video that our founder made that discuss is everything that you can possibly do to speed up a …
By James LePage
July 30, 2020

CSSHero And Elementor: Powerful Custom CSS

… queries, code commenting, and versioning. All CSS is exported to a single stylesheet, meaning that this is one of the best ways to add custom CSS without negatively impacting the performance and speed of your Elementor website. If you're in agency looking for a good way to manage custom CSS on Elementor, this is
By James LePage
November 4, 2020

Should you use Gutenberg or Elementor To Build Blog Posts?

… local so I can't really show you the speed test, but, uh, Elementor sites that use Gutenberg to do their posts are a lot quicker than Elementor sites that use Elementor to do their posts simply because you're already loading Gutenberg.[07:26]And if you do Elementor, you're just adding additional …
By James LePage
July 9, 2020

Everything In The Elementor v3.0 Beta Release (Phase 1)

… Page are Logos, Favicons, and more. You can also globally manage the styling for your page layout and Elementor lightbox. The continuity means that your workflow will speed up and become more efficient. Performance Changes Unfortunately, this version is not focused on increasing the performance of Elementor and decreasing front end page load times. This …
By James LePage
June 15, 2022

The Fastest WordPress Themes in 2022 - Foundation for A Quick Website

… lightweight with minimal styling to help with increasing overall loading speeds. Hello was designed with Elementor in mind, which is ideal for those who are already using Elementor for their WordPress site or for those who are familiar with working with Elementor.  Features Already compatible with ElementorLoading speed of up to 1/4 of a …
By James LePage

Elementor vs Oxygen - Who Wins?

… both of them, install them on local installations, test them out, and returned the one that you don't like. Conclusion When it comes to Oxygen VS Elementor, there's no clear winner. If you're looking for simplicity, Elementor wins. If you're looking for speed and flexibility, Oxygen wins. Both are incredibly well …
By James LePage
May 31, 2020

How To Preload Elementor Fonts

… report. The preload key requests audit should now not show as you have resolved the issue. If you're interested in learning how to optimize your websites speed further, feel free to check out our blog what about performance optimization. If you have a slow Elementor website and need a professional speed optimization service, we …
By James LePage
June 10, 2022

Why Elementor's Strattic Acquisition Is Really Smart

… why this aquirstion is great for those that create websites with Elementor and Elementor Pro. Here's the launch announcement: This comes only a few months after Elementor publicly launched Elementor Cloud, their own integrated hosting service built on Google Cloud infrastructure. What Is Strattic By Elementor? Strattic, now by Elementor, is a company that …
By James LePage
November 5, 2021

Elementor Vs Zion Builder - Which Builder Is Best?

… continue to work after your license expires. Pages will load fast with Zion Builder due to its lightweight code. Speed is key in 2022! Read: Our WordPress Speed Stack – Plugins And Tools We Use Elementor comes with a ton of widgets to create a very enhanced website. While Elementor may be more expensive than Zion …
By James LePage
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