11+ WordPress Plugins That Use AI and Machine Learning (2024)

By James LePage
 on January 16, 2023

11+ WordPress Plugins That Use AI and Machine Learning (2024)

By James LePage
 on January 16, 2023

AI is quickly being implemented in all aspects of digital life, including WordPress. In this article, we're going to round up the leading WordPress plugins that use artificial intelligence and machine learning in 2024.

Block Diffusion

A simple and well built WordPress plugin, Block Diffusion uses Stable Diffusion to automatically generate artificial images directly in the Gutenberg editor.


It's a really interesting way to get completely unique images inserted directly into your blog posts created with WordPress.

WSForm GPT Addon

WSForm's new GPT addon gives you a direct route into the OpenAI APIs. You don't need to know code to use them any longer!


There are prebuilt settings, but you can also leverage the exact controls that the API endpoint offers, including switching models, temperature, and other parameters to get the best generations and completions possible. You can also use this to generate images.

If you're looking to add AI into a WordPress form, this is your best option.

CodeWP (notable mention)

While this isn't a plugin, we wanted to include CodeWP in this round up article. This platform leverage is AI to generate WordPress code snippets. It's oriented directly to the WordPress community, trained on the cold bases of many popular plug-ins, and (more importantly) works perfectly!


For example, say I wanted to send a Slack notification every time a new WordPress post was published. Of course, I can go and buy a premium plugin to do this or I can use CodeWP to generate a snippet that also does the same thing.

The platform mentions that it's plugin agnostic, meaning that it can be used with any snippet tool, or even your functions.php file. It also comes with a Chrome and Firefox extension, bringing the code generation directly into your WordPress dashboard.

GPT AI Power


This is an all in one toolbelt where you can write content using the GPT AI offered by Open AI in WordPress. It's integrated using native meta boxes.

There are several used cases here, including creating product, descriptions, content for blogs, image, generation, and more. It's also a free plugin, and probably one of the more popular AI offerings available on the repository.

It also offers an interface for you to fine-tune the models, essentially training them to do exactly what you want.



If you're interested in leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize your search engine ranking placements, this is the plugin for you. It's freely available on the WordPress repository, but connect to a page service called WordLift.

It does several things which can be seen in the image below:


Essentially, it uses artificial intelligence to offer suggestions, facts, contextually, relevant information, data sets, and more.

AI Engine

Another GTP Open AI wrapper, this will also create content and images.


Additionally, it offers shortcodes to add AI-powered chat functionality to your frontend, like ChatGPT.


There are several well integrated AI assisted features, such as generating headlines, headings, and more. All in all, a very interesting integration of artificial intelligence directly into the WordPress dashboard.


ContentBot is a third-party service that uses AI to write content. This plugin brings that service directly into WordPress


You'll need an account to use it.


It's very well integrated, and looks native. Something else that's really interesting is that the creator of this product build it in public, so you can see it reach milestones, understand the revenue it generates, and have a clear picture of the future roadmap.

Bertha AI

This is one of the first AI plugins and assistants that were released for WordPress. Now, in 2024, this type of integrations are everywhere, but it's worth noting that this was the first.


Because it's been around for a pretty long time, it's very well integrated into WordPress, and also supports popular page builders, form plugins, and more. Essentially, it's just much more mature than the other offerings on the market. With that said, it still requires a paid third-party subscription to access many of the more popular features, modes, and integrations.

Rankmath Content AI

Built into Rankmath is ContentAI, which will analyze your articles using artificial intelligence and offer suggestions and recommendations to help it rank better.

It's a bit like SurferSEO, just built directly into one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. You can try it for free, but will need to buy credit packs or RankMath pro to make the most of it.


This is a paid WordPress plug-in that uses artificial intelligence and NLP to create high-quality human voice overs that can read the content in your blog. According to its product listing page, "It applies groundbreaking research in speech synthesis (WaveNet) and Google’s robust neural networks to deliver high-fidelity audio."


You'll notice that many popular high traffic websites, use text to speech Solutions to offer a human sounding voiceover that will read the contact for the user. Not only does is offer visitors another way to ingest your content, it also is much more accessible to a wider audience.

The tool can also do on the fly translations, so you can offer voiceover's in multiple languages. It leverage is the Google Cloud APIs to do this.

The audio that it produces does sound very high-quality. It's not 100% realistic, but very close, and something that a user could easily pass as human.


Another AI assisted WordPress SEO plugin, this one focuses exclusively on linking your content with other internal articles. This is a well documented way to increase your SEO, content visibility, while reducing bounce rate.


We wrote a full length review on this plugin that you may like to read here: LinkWhisper Review 2023 - Best Internal Link SEO Plugin For WordPress. It comes with many features, and genuinely helps you rank your content higher by adding value using internal links.


We hope that this article helped you find several WordPress plugins that use AI. If you have any additional suggestions or recommendations, feel free to leave them below. We're sure that this list will only grow as we move into the future, and AI becomes more common place in every aspect of the web.

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